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Hide details for Client UIClient UI
MMGO86U6A4Fixed an issue where a blue line is displayed in the view when trying to adjust the width of columns
Hide details for ContactsContacts
ASCR8M4JLNFixed an issue where Recent Contacts were not generated for names in a Chat Session that was saved to the Mail File
Hide details for MailMail
LMAN8JJK35 Fixed an issue where the user would click Tools - Quota Info, and the result would be multiple instances of "Quota Information" added to Tools...
ALAS7PRVBHProvide a ini setting for Java typeahead, to provide server address first in typeahead
MNAA8TV5YDFixed an issue where the amgibuous name dialog box was not displaying when only the Mail domain was different
Hide details for Mail ServerMail Server
TPON8GYCM8This fix configures the address parser to compensate for the way some third party applications send invalid rfc822 addresses where names are...
Hide details for TypeaheadTypeahead
XQCO855A43fixed an issue where Type-ahead searched the user's secondary address book first, instead of the Primary address book
Hide details for  8.5.3 FP6 8.5.3 FP6
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
XHBJ99B86YFixes issue with IE10 on Windows 7 or Windows 8, when running in non-compatibility mode, where a Script error dialog pops up when chair acts on the...
XHBJ99WCFGFixes issue with IE10 on Windows 7 or Windows 8 where when no running commpatibility mode, a Script error dialog pops up when invitee acts on the...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
ACHG8STC6TFixes intermittent Notes Client crash when the user hits "send" on a large email (also, the email is lost ).
SNIR92YEZ5Fixes Notes client crash occuring when user logs off operating system and cancels out of the Notes log off action to discard or save the unsaved...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
KHAN87ZUTSPrevents excessive InsertPermutations recursion that can lead to a Domino Server crash. The new notes.ini variable MAX_PERMUTE_RECURSE=<number>,...
KMUR7HNKAHFixes Domino Server crash on imap task with PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (7B0000) when there are a large set of documents to...
BBSZ98UKRVCopy-style-compact creates a new NSF and populates it. If an NSF is created after the DIT is repopulated, while the secondary DOI is being created,...
JPAI94HR3NFixes potential deadlock on process startup between LkMgr locker and semaphore locker(Directory manager queue semaphore).
WWHN972KZRFixes Domino Server crash with Panic: Semaphore Invalid Or Not Allocated After Recovery Manager: Log File Is Full.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
AJMO8NVM8FPrevent Directory Assistance on Domino 64-bit servers from doing unnecessary search references and referrals which were leading to "81" LDAP timeout...
HOKA92M4WTFixes issue where group changes in a remote LDAP server, configured through Directory Assiatnce, are not reflected on the Domino...
CAHT959LQG Fixes issue where complex LDAP search filter returns no results. The fix for this issue could introduce a performance degradation when there are...
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