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Access for SAP SolutionsDMLI6PNGY9 SPR# DMLI6PNGY9 - After clicking the "Update from SAP" button, the company name field was not updated.
Access for SAP SolutionsDMLI6QR7RW SPR# DMLI6QR7RW - Fixed a problem where an error dialog was not displayed after only entering the Variant and leaving the Report Name field empty, in the Request SAP Report dialog.
Access for SAP SolutionsHYYG6PG7VW SPR# HYYG6PG7VW - SAP employee search was often resulting in blank lines in the results list in the dialog, because SAP returns empy rows. The blank results are now filtered out, and they should no longer appear in the dialog box.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6P6NCU SPR# JLLE6P6NCU - Error message "Overflow (err:6, line: 19)" was displayed after trying to update an SAP contact, when the form was in Read or Edit mode.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6PGQ8M SPR# JLLE6PGQ8M - After refreshing, a workitem in a completed state could not be deleted from a user's mail file.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6PGR93 SPR# JLLE6PGR93 - UI changes to the dialog appearing after clicking on "Enable scheduled refresh".
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6PLJCC SPR# JLLE6PLJCC - Added sorted Priority column (with sort-on-the-fly).
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6QRCES SPR# JLLE6QRCES - Fixed a problem where simplified Chinese characters in the Subject field were changed to a question mark after reporting the time in the Report Time Wizard.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6QZHJQ SPR# JLLE6QZHJQ - Fixed a problem in the German language release where the field title could not be updated from SAP.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6R7GL4 SPR# JLLE6R7GL4 - Fixed a problem where only a change in the "Subject" field was made to the original entry. The fields Company Code, Cost Center, and Activity Type were turned to blank.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6R89RJ SPR# JLLE6R89RJ - Prior to this fix, a SAP work item status change could not be updated successfully.
Access for SAP SolutionsJLLE6RTET8 SPR# JLLE6RTET8 - The "SAP Workitems" view is now sorted by priority, in ascending order. Accent sensitive sorting is also enabled, by default.
Access for SAP SolutionsKHOD6QWLXT SPR# KHOD6QWLXT - Fixed truncated error message displayed when the SAP connection doesn't work and after clicking the "Submit" button in the SAP Pending Submissions.
Access for SAP SolutionsKHOD6QWMAQ SPR# KHOD6QWMAQ - Fixed a problem where the Quick Time Entry did not display the correct date.
Access for SAP SolutionsKHOD6QWNZE SPR# KHOD6QWNZE - With this fix, seconds were removed from the Time column on the Pending Submissions form.
Access for SAP SolutionsKHOD6QWPV6 SPR# KHOD6QWPV6 - When an approver received a cancel notice, the info message appeared when Closing, not when Opening the notice. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Access for SAP SolutionsKHOD6QWREM SPR# KHOD6QWREM - Prior to this fix, when adding a contact from the SAP Directory, a connectivity failed error was displayed. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2. - a connectivity check is now performed.
Access for SAP SolutionsROLR6PM4D6 SPR# ROLR6PM4D6 - Time Report no longer displays a type mismatch error if the end time is before the start time.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6PK5SU SPR# YFWI6PK5SU - Error (Unable to submit report request to SAP: Internal problem...) displayed in the SAP Report Request window after entering a random report name. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6PKG9U SPR# YFWI6PKG9U - Updated text displayed when the approver reopened an approved leave request.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6PMGSD SPR# YFWI6PMGSD - Prior to this fix, if you set the Start Date past the End Date, or the End Date before the Start Date the End Date will be set to the day after the Start Date. A workaround would be to set the End Date to the same day as the Start Date and continue filling out your leave request. The End Date is only reset when it preceeds the Start Date. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1. See Technote No. 1237784 for more information.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6PMGY6 SPR# YFWI6PMGY6 - Inputting an invalid Approver name causes the Leave document not be to edited again. A workaround to this problem is to Press the F9 key to refresh the document. If the name is not found, you can choose a new name or cancel the dialog and enter a name manually. See Technote No. 1237783 for more information.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6QR5JV SPR# YFWI6QR5JV - Error "Notes Error - field didn't pass validation formula" displayed after running an SAP Report Request and leaving the Name field black.
Access for SAP SolutionsYFWI6QZD9N SPR# YFWI6QZD9N - Fixed a problem where a scheduled report is generated but not released when using the German language version.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6P8CYC SPR# YJIO6P8CYC - Fixed a problem where users were unable to select more contacts simultaneously.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6PM9XP SPR# YJIO6PM9XP - Fixed a problem where Quick Time Entry would not appear in the Report Time wizard. A workaround to this problem is as follows. After you use the Quick Entry dialog you can click the Back button (taking you back to Step 1) and then click the Next button (returning you to Step 2). If you do this, the new Time Entry is displayed in the table. See Technote No. 1237788 for more information.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6QQH9T SPR# YJIO6QQH9T - With this fix, Manager is changed to "Approver" when the Approver reopens the approved leave request.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6QR9TQ SPR# YJIO6QR9TQ - After entering an invalid time format for Start and End times, then clicking on the Clock button, users are now unable to select the time from the Time Picker. a "Type Mismatch" error is displayed.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6RUBHB SPR# YJIO6RUBHB - Error "Unable to find view: center codes" was displayed after creating a Quick Time Entry and choosing sort by Company/Cost center codes. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6RUC7T SPR# YJIO6RUC7T - Fixed a problem where the "Enable Scheduled Refresh" button would not change to "Disable Scheduled Refresh" button.
Access for SAP SolutionsYJIO6S3G4C SPR# YJIO6S3G4C - Error message "01/01/2006" was displayed after clicking on a New, Leave Request in the Calendar view. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ACLNEN6KZTNC SPR# NEN6KZTNC - The AM/PM part of the date and time in the ACL Log was displayed in the Actions column. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
ActiveSyncMSER6MFLMZ SPR# MSER6MFLMZ - This fix prevents ActiveSync from prompting the password dialog multiple times, and prevents a crash in ActiveSync.
AddressNRBY69TKX9 SPR# NRBY69TKX9 - Fixed a problem where the Briefcase field would not replicate to DAMO (contacts).
AddressNRBY6L5MU7 SPR# NRBY6L5MU7 - ABP objects were being referenced but no reference was added, resulting in seemingly random crashes. This problem has been fixed.
AddressNRBY6MFLFJ SPR# NRBY6MFLFJ - Fixed problems with address book failover.
AddressNRBY6NLNLY SPR# NRBY6NLNLY - Fixed problems with garbled addresses and addresses being displayed as distribution lists. Also, a special build number will be added to the console log so we will know which builds we are getting when customers send us console output for troubleshooting.
AdministrationDTEI6MYESX SPR# DTEI6MYESX - Administration Process requests to modify names in Reader and Author fields may loop forever
if a database contains a document which has duplicate item names. This problem has been fixed.
AdministrationETHU6MQU9Y SPR# ETHU6MQU9Y - There is a possibility that during a move user to another server, the
"Push changes to new mail server" request will stall and never complete.
In addition, any other acl related updates to this same mailfile will also stall. This problem will be corrected with the
inclusion of this fix. The problem only occurs if the administration server of the mail file does not match the one stored as the user's home server as represented in the user's person document.
AdministrationGRCE6ADT4R SPR# GRCE6ADT4R - During a mail file move, the AdminP failed with the errors: "Error: Unable to obtain mail archive settings for mailfile" and "Error: Signer does not have the required access rights to the source database." In most cases this error can be resolved by having the mail file owner access the archive profile in the mailfile, and accept the current settings. This should resign the profile with the appropriate name and allow the operations to complete. The administrator can then restart the request which failed. Most likely either "Create New Mailfile Replica" or "Push Changes to New Mail Server" will need to be restarted from the admin4 database.
AdministrationJCIK6LTSU8 SPR# JCIK6LTSU8 - Fixed an HTTP 500 error when being redirected to a remote mail server if the redirection type was set to MailServer but TCP/IP domain was blank.
AdministrationJEDS6METXJ SPR# JEDS6METXJ - Fixed a problem where a user was not able to read an encrypted message after beginning the Notes name change process. In DWA, performing some action which causes the user's notes id to be loaded (such as reading an encrypted message), is the (implicit) way to accept the new name specified in the name change request.
AdministrationJLJE6HGHWR SPR# JLJE6HGHWR - With this fix, Domino Web Access set the registry entries HKLM as well as HKCU, when user sets DWA as default mail client.
AdministrationRAGG6JP5HE SPR# RAGG6JP5HE - This fix set the correct redirect URL when DWALoginForm was used and set the correct port number when SSL was off in redirection.
AdministrationRAGG6L4S28 SPR# RAGG6L4S28 - After clicking on a new calendar entry, the Preferences page was displayed. A workaround to this problem is to change a setting and then hit "save" when the Preferences dialog is displayed.
AdministrationSTER5PCBBR SPR# STER5PCBBR - Made extensive changes to unsupported browser and logout code to better accomodate many browsers. Also moved up blocks so that we now block for anything before IE5.1 or Mozilla 1.3. We offer a Try option for IE5 or better or Mozilla 1.0 or better.
AdministrationXMXL6JN5TX SPR# XMXL6JN5TX - The 'restore' and 'restore and delete' menus were not displayed in the local archive if the server archive was disabled in the server configuration.
AdminpETHU6MULUP SPR# ETHU6MULUP - When Extended Administration servers are enabled, there is the possibility that one of the extended administration servers will leak note handles nightly. This fix corrects that problem.
AdminpMNAA6M4BT5 SPR# MNAA6M4BT5 - Problems may occur with the state of read marks in local databases when only the alternate name of a user has been changed. After reading a document, subsequent accesses to the database may show documents previously read as "unread". This problem has been solved.
AdminpTBOD6PPLE2 SPR# TBOD6PPLE2 - If there is a secondary NAB, AdminP may in some cases not create "Delete obsolete..." requests.
AdminpWPAS6FTDRX SPR# WPAS6FTDRX - Only up to 64K used to be allocated to display a CA list, which is not enough. Going from HANDLE to MEMHANDLE extended memory to be allocated so we can display the whole CA list.
AgentsCJAS6N4Q5K SPR# CJAS6N4Q5K - Agents using "selection documents", and running under Agent Manager were leaking memory. This mostly affected Dom.doc and was a regression introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.
AgentsDPOL6LMEBW SPR# DPOL6LMEBW - A scheduled agent running on AS400, which entered an infinite loop, would not terminate when the "Max LotusScript/Java execution time" limit was reached. The agent would continue to run indefinitely. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
AgentsLPEE6DMQWJ SPR# LPEE6DMQWJ - Fixed an Agent Manager crash "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range" which occurred when the Out Of Office agent processed a malformed message.
APIAELE6K3Q3B SPR# AELE6K3Q3B - Fixed problems in the SECMoveComplete API command that was causing it to ignore the input name arguments.
APIDDEL6NYRZ3 SPR# DDEL6NYRZ3 - After installing the DB2 feature for Domino (Access View), the installation breaks NotesSQL. The only workaround would be to not install DB2 Access Views and NotesSQL on the same machine. Also, use other methods to get information such as create a view with need information and invoke a ?ReadViewEntries on the view to get XML information and then use the XML information in an application.
APIHWAG6HSQDE SPR# HWAG6HSQDE - The public API SECGetSignerInfoFromMail was missing from the iSeries LIBNOTES stub SRVPGM. Trying to create a program that uses this API would fail with "Definition not found for symbol 'SECGetSignerInfoFromMail'. This API has now been added to the LIBNOTES stub.
APIJCHN6MX5A5 SPR# JCHN6MX5A5 - Added two new C APIs to the SDK: NSFDbModifiedTimeByName and NSFGetChangedDBs.
APIJZHU6JN5Q3 SPR# JZHU6JN5Q3 - Added the Notes.ini variable "DisableUnicodeAPIforWin2k". When the Notes.ini variable is set to "1", the unicode api is used on win2k and winxp, otherwise native api will be used.
APILJWG6J93X9 SPR# LJWG6J93X9 - Fixed a server crash when using NSFDB2ReconnectNotesDatabase().
APILJWG6KCA7X SPR# LJWG6KCA7X - Fixed a problem where the sample program Samples/misc/extmngr/extmngr.h could not be built successfully.
APIMMII6M39HD SPR# MMII6M39HD - This fix prevents the EM_GETPASSWORD extension manager callback from not being called in certain situations when transaction logging is enabled.

NOTE: No NSF calls should be made by the callback that registers for EM_GETPASSWORD as this will have unwanted effects during transaction logging restart.
APIRBRE6LLJPE SPR# RBRE6LLJPE - Add missing public APIs NSFGetAllFolderChanges and NSFDbGetNotes to stub.
APIRPAI6LRQ3V SPR# RPAI6LRQ3V - Fixed the API command, SECRefreshIDFile, from not accepting renames.
APISHUR6LZS4N SPR# SHUR6LZS4N - Fixed the C API Extension Manager callback, EM_NSFNOTEEXTRACTWITHCALLBACK, to correctly pass the wFlags argument.
Applet componentMKIN6KHQCP SPR# MKIN6KHQCP - Fixed the view applet to allow it to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, using JVM 1.1.8. Prior to this fix, the error message "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError....." was diplayed on the console. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.
Applet componentMKIN6KHUNT SPR# MKIN6KHUNT - Fixed a problem that prevented applets from working with Microsoft's Internet Explorer using the default Microsoft JVM.
Applet componentMKIN6KRQDZ SPR# MKIN6KRQDZ - The view applet now honors the PanelStyle=NO_BORDER parameter.
ArchiveKMOA6LKCPR SPR# KMOA6LKCPR - This fix sets the correct ArchiveLocation item to the archive profile when the archive location was changed from the Notes Client and Domino Web Access.
ArchiveLMAN687M6L SPR# LMAN687M6L - The first new folder added to a mailfile was included in an archive, but subsequent folders were not. This problem has been fixed.
ArchiveLMAN6C8P2D SPR# LMAN6C8P2D - When this ini is set: Disable_Archive_Default_Mod = 1, Default for Modified criteria will not be created in a new mailfile. This is useful, if an Admin wants to enforce policies with < 365 days of max retention settings. Since the default criteria uses 365 days, it was creating a "loop hole" for users, because default criteria were always being created.
ArchiveRSTN6JUE7U SPR# RSTN6JUE7U - An error message received when a user, who has had archiving disabled by an admin, might not make sense to them since they are not able to run archiving. The error message was changed to be more general because of the scope of users who might hit the error message.
AttachmentsDWHR6PQCT4 SPR# DWHR6PQCT4 - When choosing not to install the DWA 7 Control (ActiveX), the user was constantly presented with a warning of this. This change of behavior occurred due to the new ActiveX block support in IE 6 SP2. Without offering a way to continue to use the ActiveX on a subsequent page, there is now no way to ever install the ActiveX. Answering affirmatively that you want to continue to try to use the ActiveX allowed the user to then click the blocked ActiveX bar and install the ActiveX (which refreshes the page).

A new Notes.ini, iNotes_WA_ConfirmBlockedActiveX=0, has been added in 7.0.2 to disable this confirmation box. This setting results in the inability to install the DWA Control from normal DWA view and document pages. However, the DWA control may now be installed from the DWA Preferences page, within the Basics panel.
AttachmentsFMWI6MBM6M SPR# FMWI6MBM6M - Fixed a problem where an attachment could not be downloaded if it contained a backslash in its name.
AttachmentsFSIZ6NMPKM SPR# FSIZ6NMPKM - Fixed a crash which occurred with certain file attachments.
AttachmentsFSIZ6PNHJC SPR# FSIZ6PNHJC - Fixed an Address Book crash on UI find.
Multiple attachments were displayed in Notes on messages sent from Outlook. The $Body field was removed.
AttachmentsJKEY6MGLHK SPR# JKEY6MGLHK - Corrected the order for attachment names to handle if opened forwarded/replied mail with attachments. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
AttachmentsJKEY6NMFVR SPR# JKEY6NMFVR - Error: Unable to download file "xxxx.doc" received when trying to open an attachment in Domino Web Access. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
AttachmentsKWAE6NYC3F SPR# KWAE6NYC3F - Fixed a problem where the content type became "application/octet-stream" when downloading an attachment created on MacOS.
AttachmentsKYOE6K9BXC SPR# KYOE6K9BXC - Fixed a problem where an "Invalid POST Exception" occurred and failed to upload a particular file.
AttachmentsKYOE6M37ES SPR# KYOE6M37ES - Fixed a Microsoft Internet Explorer freeze when trying to download an attachment which contained '?' in the file name.
AttachmentsMHAC6M9SGP SPR# MHAC6M9SGP - Error "Not enough disk space to download file..." was displayed when a user accessed 7.0.1 for the first time using Windows2000. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1
AttachmentsMLEY6KSJUB SPR# MLEY6KSJUB - Fixed a problem where the attachment file name was not displayed correctly on the browser's dialog when downloading and not using the DWA Upload control. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
AttachmentsMSER6K2Q22 SPR# MSER6K2Q22 - Unreferenced attachments in MIME messages are not rendered. A MIME inline attachment typically is referenced by a content ID (reference to a file) or by a URL. Some messages may contain inline attachments that are not referenced -- they are separate from the body. This fix makes sure that inline attachments are rendered as file attachments if they do not have a content ID or a URL.
AttachmentsRDUK6PTHZE SPR# RDUK6PTHZE - This fix provides a warning when a user attempts to "cut" an attachment that has been edited but not been saved back to the Notes doc.
AttachmentsRHAN6HCK3G SPR# RHAN6HCK3G - Fixed a problem of not being able to download an attachment whose file name contains a pound sign "#".
AttachmentsSDOY6MPHP3 SPR# SDOY6MPHP3 - Fixed a problem where an attachment failed to download if the attachment name contained a slash.
AttachmentsSDOY6MPJ92 SPR# SDOY6MPJ92 - Fixed a problem trying to download a particular attachment. The problem occurred in the following conditions. (1) GZIP compression is enabled. (2) The attachment is an image file created on MacOS. (3) The mail contains both the data fork and other part (resource fork) as MIME parts of an image attachment.
AttachmentsSDOY6Q9BLE SPR# SDOY6Q9BLE - An attachment with accented characters no longer crashes Internet Explorer.
AttachmentsSOSI67UNVU SPR# SOSI67UNVU - Fixed a problem where attachments with a semicolon in the filename could not be opened in iNotes/DWA.
AttachmentsTITH6GQDK9 SPR# TITH6GQDK9 - Fixed a DWA hang which occurred when a user tried to save an attachment in a mail message received from Yahoo! mail Japan ( in case the attachment file name is including both double byte characters and single byte characters.
AttachmentsTMDS6JLTD8 SPR# TMDS6JLTD8 - Fixed a problem in the handling of the attachment file length. Error "Unable to download file" when DWA 7.0 users attemptted to open .DOC attachments from the Macintosh Notes Client.
AttachmentsYHAI6JWGXF SPR# YHAI6JWGXF - Fixed a problem where users were unable to download an attachment whose file name was the combination of SBCS and DBCS. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
BiDiDSLL6LZ449 SPR# DSLL6LZ449 - This fix sets the correct position of RichText menu popups for Bidi.
BiDiEECC6KSDFY SPR# EECC6KSDFY - Fixed LiteList view warning problem for bi-directional UI.
CalendarBRON6KSLFY SPR# BRON6KSLFY - Fix to support an invalid ApptUNID field sent from the Microsoft Exchange connector.
CalendarDJAG66ZJ2Q SPR# DJAG66ZJ2Q - HTTP crash when deleting calendar entry in iNotes.
CalendarIKIO6KX4MX SPR# IKIO6KX4MX - Fixed a problem in time control where we disallowed empty fields.
CalendarJCAL63ZPDZ SPR# JCAL63ZPDZ - Delegates who had calendar only access were unable to process meetings on the managed calendar because they couldn't send mail invitations, acceptances, etc.
This fix is to allow the delegates with write access to the calendar to send these calendar/task related notices while still blocking them from sending regular memos on behalf of the mailfile owner. Also, delegates with read access to the calendar (or inbox) are prevented from sending calendar/task notices.
CalendarJCIK6HWNWC SPR# JCIK6HWNWC - Reduced memory consumption on Appointment and Preference forms by fixing JavaScript/DOM object leaks.
CalendarJXBI6QKA4S SPR# JXBI6QKA4S - Fixed a problem where redirect was not using hte host name from the original URL.
CalendarMLEY6NEG6H SPR# MLEY6NEG6H - This fix disabled the "Open calendar" context menu for the room/resource entry in the group calendar.
CalendarRAGG6LSKXA SPR# RAGG6LSKXA - Fixed a Domino Web Access warning on the calendar view when IE7 beta2 is in use.
CalendarRAGG6SRQM3 SPR# RAGG6SRQM3 - iNotes warning appeared as "Illegal Arguments Exception." when sending invitation. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
CalendarSDOY6J8KDE SPR# SDOY6J8KDE - Added the assign button so users can create a new To Do with an attachment.
CalendarSTER5SA9TE SPR# STER5SA9TE - Error "invalid arguments" no longer received after saving a repeat entry in the All Documents view.
CalendarTTAN6PFTE7 SPR# TTAN6PFTE7 - Fix for meetings cancelled in Notes not updating DAMO calendar. Also a fix for custom all-day-events and anniversaries replicated from Notes to DAMO.
CalendarWCHG6F58TE SPR# WCHG6F58TE - Appointment name includes "> char will display/append unnecessary string on Week/Month view. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingAPAI65CRVH SPR# APAI65CRVH - Added a semicolon as a valid separator in Preferences Time schedule. This fixes the issue of an invalid time range stored in the calendar profile.
Calendaring & SchedulingASUH6L8HY5 SPR# ASUH6L8HY5 - Added continuous a click navigation arrow on datepicker, when using Firefox.
Calendaring & SchedulingATHS5K5PT4 SPR# ATHS5K5PT4 - Invalid RTF data on the clipboard when pasting a table. Enabled options to include Links, Attachments, and Graphics also to the Notes RichTextLite field.
Calendaring & SchedulingBKAN5LFJJ4 SPR# BKAN5LFJJ4 - When a user added another user to a meeting, extra domain information was added to the invitee's name so the busytime routing would not complete and the invitee would show no information for their freetime. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingBKAN6DCN7F SPR# BKAN6DCN7F - Fixed a problem where auto-reminders contained doclinks for declined reservation requests.
Calendaring & SchedulingBKAN6H5KZU SPR# BKAN6H5KZU - Fixed view selection formuls for My Reservation view so reservations approved by owner are not shown in owner's My Reservations view.
Calendaring & SchedulingBLEE6DBTYX SPR# BLEE6DBTYX - Fixed a problem where the Repeat field was blank coming from Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.
Calendaring & SchedulingBLEE6HXTA7 SPR# BLEE6HXTA7 - Fixed field in Alarm dialog box, so that it shows correct description when using Inspect (for accessibility).
Calendaring & SchedulingBLEE6HZQ2F SPR# BLEE6HZQ2F - Fixed two fields in the Calendar Cleanup form to show the correct description in the Inspec tool (for accessibility).
Calendaring & SchedulingBLEE6J2VF2 SPR# BLEE6J2VF2 - Tab sequence goes out of order on delegated notice. Changed the tab sequence for the specifc fields in the Notice form.
Calendaring & SchedulingBRON6EHLD8 SPR# BRON6EHLD8 - When delegate sends Ical, the invitee gets a Delivery failure on reply. Notes to Notes may send through MIME header principal information in canonical format that is not valid for a target system.
Calendaring & SchedulingCXDI6HRBL7 SPR# CXDI6HRBL7 - The icon from "check name" was not displayed on the add/remove invitee tab. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 7.0.1.
Calendaring & SchedulingDMLI6EEANA SPR# DMLI6EEANA - In an Invitee's inbox, the meeting invitation doesn’t change to a meeting entry when opened. With this fix, the $REF and $RefOption fields will be removed from a single invite.
Calendaring & SchedulingDWHR6PWJR3 SPR# DWHR6PWJR3 - Fixed a problem where schedule lookup might fail when reverse proxy server is in use. This is caused by a bad URL generated.
Calendaring & SchedulingFLFL6HHBFK SPR# FLFL6HHBFK - The calendar entry could not update for Time/Date values when the user reopened and changed the form.
Calendaring & SchedulingFLFL6HLCEX SPR# FLFL6HLCEX - If chair cancel a rescheduled meeting instance, all instances were removed from the invitee's calendar. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingFLFL6KL9SW SPR# FLFL6KL9SW - Fixed a signature problem when chair reschedule/confirm/cancel without comments in a signed meeting and Group todo.
Calendaring & SchedulingFLUU6GUKMF SPR# FLUU6GUKMF - This fix makes the code consistent in regards to bcc attendees. There is no absolute fix for this problem when the server SMTP flag is set, since the router can receive mail where the internet address does not match the stated internet address in a server address book.
Calendaring & SchedulingFSIZ6J9KN5 SPR# FSIZ6J9KN5 - Fixed a problem where meetings are displayed on the calendar with the invitee as the chairperson. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingFSIZ6JTQQJ SPR# FSIZ6JTQQJ - Fixed a problem where an all day event with reminder displayed the wrong day.
Calendaring & SchedulingFSIZ6KYN3M SPR# FSIZ6KYN3M - Calendar entries replied to using the Notes client do not replicate the body. This fix ensures that a calendar response from Notes, an acceptance notice, copies the body instead of the StatusUpdate item.
Calendaring & SchedulingGRCE6J2RHV SPR# GRCE6J2RHV - Responses to an iCal invitation from Microsoft Outlook may result in a server crash due to an invalid data type on a date item. This fix has 2 parts: (1) The calendar responses are fixed so that the EndDateTime item always contains a valid value. (2) all invalid data types are rejected and not written to the document.
Calendaring & SchedulingHTAA63WBV8 SPR# HTAA63WBV8 - This fix sets the correct start/end Date/Time for entries which cross over scope of group calendar.
Calendaring & SchedulingICCN6E533M SPR# ICCN6E533M - Fixed problems parsing and replying to iCalendar if the internet address is the same the common name.
Calendaring & SchedulingJCAO6N5RSK SPR# JCAO6N5RSK - Fixed an Outlook crash which occurred when viewing free or busy-time of a calendar entry created with the Notes client.
Calendaring & SchedulingJFEN6HDJE8 SPR# JFEN6HDJE8 - This fix is only for iCalendar reschedule of a repeat instance where Notes is not the sender. Notes has the concept of Original Start Date and Original End Date. This information is not part of the iCalendar spec, so it must be retrieved from existing data. The code to retrieve this information was corrected to fix this bug. When Notes is the sender, the sender passes this information through as an X-property item.
Calendaring & SchedulingKMUR6NKM6Q SPR# KMUR6NKM6Q - Fixed problems when moving a Declined reservation into the Declined Reservations folder and moving the reservation to the Trash folder for multilingual templates.
Calendaring & SchedulingMBOK6KVSRV SPR# MBOK6KVSRV - Fixed a misleading message box when the "Update My Meeting" button was clicked more then once on a rename reservation notice sent to the chair.
Calendaring & SchedulingMHOL6QHHAX SPR# MHOL6QHHAX - Fix for all day events created from personal address book/contacts.
Calendaring & SchedulingMROE6JTM4B SPR# MROE6JTM4B - When an all day event was created in Notes without an alarm set, when replicated to Outlook, that same event had the alarm enabled. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingMROE6Q2KMW SPR# MROE6Q2KMW - Fixed a problem where meeting responses moved in DAMO were not synching with Notes.
Calendaring & SchedulingMROE6QGLPJ SPR# MROE6QGLPJ - Fixed problem with custom holiday/all-day-events with various timezones. Certain holidays were among those defined on the server and imported by the Notes client and synchronized to DAMO. The local cache displayed these docs correctly however when synched to DAMO, some dates did not come in as "All day events" and as a result spanned 2 days because the start time was 11 PM the first day until 11 PM the next day.
Calendaring & SchedulingMSER6MHKD5 SPR# MSER6MHKD5 - Fixed a problem where duplicate calendar entries were displayed when rescheduling meetings.
Calendaring & SchedulingMSER6N4KZP SPR# MSER6N4KZP - When sending an invitation from Notes to a DAMO user, the MAIL Domain of the current
user (recipient) was appended to the sender's email address. This had a side effect of creating
the wrong sender's email address in the recipient's calendar entry. When the user examined
the calendar entry with the Notes client, the Chair and the Sent by fields showed the same
user. Notes thinks that they are different because one of these contains the domain name.
Calendaring & SchedulingMSTR5Z6JDS SPR# MSTR5Z6JDS - Fixed a problem where the Repeat dialog box did not show the correct duration of the repeating meeting. If the user chose to repeat Weekly, the dialog box showed "Monthly" in some cases. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Calendaring & SchedulingMSTR6GFLJ4 SPR# MSTR6GFLJ4 - Fix to ignore ReplyNotices in the participant table when a Chair does a C&S workflow action with comments. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Calendaring & SchedulingMSTR6HYULA SPR# MSTR6HYULA - Added a description to AccesName to the tmpKeepPosted Field.
Calendaring & SchedulingNRBY6BCQLJ SPR# NRBY6BCQLJ - Task requests sent to user's with e-mail addresses containing extended characters could not be accepted or declined.
This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Calendaring & SchedulingPALT5NDLZE SPR# PALT5NDLZE - PDA users were not seeing the alarms field set correctly, this fix should solve that problem.
Calendaring & SchedulingPJON6HYQB4 SPR# PJON6HYQB4 - Fixed hide-when formulas for the ReservedBy and ReservedFor column to appear properly in multi-language IE browsers.
Calendaring & SchedulingPJON6NMJA8 SPR# PJON6NMJA8 - Fixed problems when moving a Declined reservation into the Declined Reservations folder and moving the reservation to the Trash folder for multilingual templates.
Calendaring & SchedulingPPAL6KYFXC SPR# PPAL6KYFXC - Fixed a Notes client crash which occurred when opening a meeting.
Calendaring & SchedulingSGOY6HWQFT SPR# SGOY6HWQFT - Site names cannot be less than one and more then 64 characters.
Calendaring & SchedulingSGOY6JMRW2 SPR# SGOY6JMRW2 - When a user sets a limit on a future reservation for a given resource, a blocker document was created. Fixed the problem where a reservation autoreminder was sent to administrator for a blocker document.
Calendaring & SchedulingTBAE6PNND3 SPR# TBAE6PNND3 - Fixed a problem in which the "Find room and resource" function did not work when the directory was changed on the dialog.
Calendaring & SchedulingXMXL6J69YS SPR# XMXL6J69YS - Fixed the display of an online meeting. Prior to this fix, the field width would stretch outside the width of the background area.
Calendaring & SchedulingYFEG6FMW3Y SPR# YFEG6FMW3Y - Fix for the ServerTranSchRetrieve() busytime transaction to properly handle cases where a failure could result in a server crash when an invalid memory handle gets reused.
Calendaring & SchedulingYHAI6AV8UR SPR# YHAI6AV8UR - Fixed an error when a user with Read only access closed a group calendar document. The error message was "Document command not available". The fix was to execute code for users with appropriate access.
Calendaring & SchedulingYHAO6KWAC9 SPR# YHAO6KWAC9 - Fixed a problem where the content in the body was lost if an accepted/declined notice was forwarded.
CD to MIME ConversionJCHN5DHL6X SPR# JCHN5DHL6X - Fixed a router crash when converting CD to MIME.
CD to MIME ConversionSKAI6LJGTG SPR# SKAI6LJGTG - If a string is encoded that consists of multiple words without a blank, and the first word contains only ASCII characters while a following word contains DBCS characters, we do not add the space between ASCII and DBCS words. A change was made to eliminate the need to switch between encoded and non-encoded data, thus eliminating the space problem.
ClientAANE6HBPPP SPR# AANE6HBPPP - Fixed a problem where a senders address was truncated after downloading to DAMO.
ClientCXDI6HL95N SPR# CXDI6HL95N - When a user creates a new E-Mail group, if some members have alternate names and others do not, the new group cannot be saved. There is a message shown on the browser's status bar which indicates that it is waiting for a response from the server ("Waiting for") but there is no response. This is a Firefox and Mozilla only problem.
ClientDSCK65QLXS SPR# DSCK65QLXS - Added the ability to obtain machine name from Mac OS X. Will help Smart Upgrade and other applications that need to obtain client information.
ClientFSIZ67JMV9 SPR# FSIZ67JMV9 - Prior to this fix, folders moved on the server mailfile did not show in their new location on a DAMO client.
ClientFSIZ6HCQHM SPR# FSIZ6HCQHM - HTML signatures created in Notes do not display correctly in Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ClientFSIZ6NMJGL SPR# FSIZ6NMJGL - Added an example to the "Address book not in list" option of the Domino Local Directory dialog.
ClientHNAA7379QH SPR# HNAA7379QH - Unexpected value is appended in hyperlink. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2 FP1.
ClientJFEA67GMK8 SPR# JFEA67GMK8 - Fixed problems with some document movements in DAMO not being recognized in the server mailfile, this happened if no new mail was received since last DAMO startup.
ClientLLGO6HG4TH SPR# LLGO6HG4TH - When using Firefox on the Macintosh platform, an unnecessary scroll bar is no longer displayed in Find Room Window.
ClientLLGO6HH9Q4 SPR# LLGO6HH9Q4 - Removed needless focus operation for opening color picker to avoid a problem where users were unable to add text after changing the text color in an RTF field.
ClientMKIN6CZQB4 SPR# MKIN6CZQB4 - Fixed the spelling for "Mid-Atlantic" timezone.
ClientMROE68ENM8 SPR# MROE68ENM8 - Fixed a problem where a name with an extended character could not be found within a list. Depending on the address book and number of accented characters at the beginning of the search key, this was a problem.
ClientMROE68YNLL SPR# MROE68YNLL - Delegation access is now consistent with the Notes Client, and in order of access.
ClientMROE6JEP6V SPR# MROE6JEP6V - With DAMO, sending an attachment whose file name includes extended characters generates an Undeliverable messsage when using SMTP.
ClientMROE6JMKTE SPR# MROE6JMKTE - Fixed a problem where the error "You must be online to configure local directories" was displayed when users are online connected.
ClientMROE6MYPUU SPR# MROE6MYPUU - Mailfile/profile comparisons were failing when the 'Mail file'
value in the person doc was proper cased, eg, mail\JDoe, and the mailfile was actually mail\jdoe.nsf. This was only happening in the managed calendar situation; not for a user's own mailfile.
ClientMSER64DNN7 SPR# MSER64DNN7 - During the grace period of password expiration, user is prompted to change their period and has local access only. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
ClientMSER6GUKE6 SPR# MSER6GUKE6 - Fixed a problem where reminders were displayed on the wrong day.
ClientMSER6J7PYR SPR# MSER6J7PYR - Prior to this fix, the first person on an invitation list was also added to the end of the TO field.
ClientNRBY69WPJM SPR# NRBY69WPJM - Links are not active in the preview pane or calendar entries, only in Word. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ClientNRBY6G9L2U SPR# NRBY6G9L2U - DAMO now checks to see if address books have rooms and resources at every startup, although this check is not startup dependant, and thus will not update until the FOLLOWING run of outlook.
ClientPPAL6NQHVQ SPR# PPAL6NQHVQ - Fixed an error displayed during login, on the Danish language client.
ClientRAGG6HGQ97 SPR# RAGG6HGQ97 - Fixed scroll bars in mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
ClientRAGG6HGQJM SPR# RAGG6HGQJM - Fixed a problem where the scroll bar remained after selecting time from drop down menu.
ClientRAGG6KPS5V SPR# RAGG6KPS5V - Drop down menus in Firefox no longer have a dotted line around them.
ClientRAGG6KPS8Z SPR# RAGG6KPS8Z - Fixed a browser hang which occurred after creating a new Mail, Todo or Notebook entry.
ClientRAGG6KPSG7 SPR# RAGG6KPSG7 - Switching the type of calendar entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
ClientRAGG6KPSNX SPR# RAGG6KPSNX - Closing a Calendar, Mail, Todo or Notepad entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
ClientSBOR66ZNVJ SPR# SBOR66ZNVJ - Last name, First name ordering can be obtained by adding the Notes.ini parameter ABSORT=0. There are still SPRs open that this parameter introduces. When these are closed, we will expose the feature through the UI.
ClientTIWI5DMG8P SPR# TIWI5DMG8P - Cannot create a new document when "Maximum lines per view page" is set to 0. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ClientXMXL6HZBN9 SPR# XMXL6HZBN9 - Allowed to show modal dialog for ambigous name by loading signed script on delegatee's window.
ClientXMXL6KX3YC SPR# XMXL6KX3YC - With this fix, the Current/Total number of the page will be displayed correctly. Prior to this fix, the page navigator appeared unexpectedly and displayed abnormally.
ClientXQCO6FJ49G SPR# XQCO6FJ49G - Fixed a crash opening a newsletter. Added a Notes.ini variable that will make the memo look good (NO_DIV_WIDTH=0).
Client AccessibilityJSTN6LYTZE SPR# JSTN6LYTZE - Added terminology for each mood stamp, for accessibility.
Client AccessibilityMROE6QZLDX SPR# MROE6QZLDX - An invalid character was found in text content. Added field level help to meet accessibility requirements.
Client AccessibilityMSTR6HYSTQ SPR# MSTR6HYSTQ - Fixed the Online Place field in the meeting form to show the correct description in Inspect (for accessibility).
Client AccessibilityMSTR6JCRCE SPR# MSTR6JCRCE - Fixed two fields (dspOtherUsers and dspIndividualAccess) in the Mail Delegation section of Mail Preferences, so that they show correct description when using Inspect (for accessibility).
Client AccessibilitySGHH5EHLLJ SPR# SGHH5EHLLJ - The W character for workspace accessibility is now in the correct direction. It is displayed on the same sade as the workspace tab.
Client UIAKNX6C2PA8 SPR# AKNX6C2PA8 - Specifying the frame name od "_parent" from within a Notes "form launched" frameset now

correctly targets the true root of the frameset. Formerly, _parent targeted one frame nesting

short of the true root although the screen did not display a problem.
Client UIBCOE6NTN7G SPR# BCOE6NTN7G - Thumb bar on scroll bar will be located in the correct position (top of inbox) before exiting.
Client UIEECC6KS9ZY SPR# EECC6KS9ZY - Prior to this fix, the calculation logic of absolute position returned the wrong results for bidirectional UI.
Client UIFBAY5GXMNB SPR# FBAY5GXMNB - This problem is due to the incorrect computation of the abscissa of the "For user:" prompt. With this fix, we take the direction information into account.
Client UIFLFL6M8C58 SPR# FLFL6M8C58 - There is no longer a large empty space at the bottom of the "Change Notes ID Password" panel. This problem occurred only when using Firefox 1.5.
Client UIGLAS6P9KK6 SPR# GLAS6P9KK6 - Fixed a problem where launching Notes from an external application, using ole, will break if you have IM or autosave on. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Client UIIDEA6KWU3R SPR# IDEA6KWU3R - The unread mail count by folder was off even after setting all documents to read. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Client UIJBIE63SMT7 SPR# JBIE63SMT7 - Fixed a problem where "41222" was displayed in calendar reservations after selecting an event, filtering by room and then selecting the date picker.
Client UIJCAO6R8SYY SPR# JCAO6R8SYY - The visible text of notes links are now retrieved from resource ('Notes Link' in the English version). It is now rendered blue.
Client UIJSTN6GXHXQ SPR# JSTN6GXHXQ - Duplicate "File" menu titles no longer appear after selecting undo and closing a doc without saving.
Client UIKHIA6HX6ZA SPR# KHIA6HX6ZA - Fixed a problem opening a 1-day view if a 2-day wasn't allowed.
Client UIKKOO6CZDFC SPR# KKOO6CZDFC - A user’s personal folders and views (private folder/views) in a shared database such as “Team” database were not displayed after a desktop shortcut icon of the database was removed from Workspace. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 and 7.0.2. Now a user’s personal views and folders are displayed properly.
Client UIKKOO6HY8DQ SPR# KKOO6HY8DQ - This fix avoids a crash when the user doesn't have correct permission's to load the OLE object from the form.
Client UILLGO6HDAHY SPR# LLGO6HDAHY - Removed a ghost scroll bar on the Firefox Logout screen, on the Mac OS X.
Client UILLGO6HG9FA SPR# LLGO6HG9FA - Fixed scroll bars in the mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
Client UILLGO6HJB2M SPR# LLGO6HJB2M - Added support for ctrl-click to display the right mouse menu on a selected entry in a mail view.
Client UILLGO6HLA9Y SPR# LLGO6HLA9Y - Fixed scroll bars in the mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
Client UILLGO6HPA9Y SPR# LLGO6HPA9Y - Unnecessary scroll bars are no longer displayed in the blank area of the Schedule tab when using Firefox or IE.
Client UILLGO6HPCBE SPR# LLGO6HPCBE - Fixed scroll bars in mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
Client UILLGO6HQA6P SPR# LLGO6HQA6P - The cache deletion dialog isn't displayed. After 5 minutes, a Script warning pops up. If you click the Cancel button in it, the dialog does not close.
Client UILMEF6MXLXZ SPR# LMEF6MXLXZ - Fixed a problem where an open collection always read from the server. It did not make use of cache.ndk.
Client UIMCMA6LTR2K SPR# MCMA6LTR2K - A database opened at the OS level was not maintaining focus when the ND7 client launched the Workspace set as a Home Page. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Client UIMLAT6KSVTH SPR# MLAT6KSVTH - Fixed a memory leak when opening views asynchronously.
Client UIPBIT6C9EUD SPR# PBIT6C9EUD - Fixed a problem where the Notes client spiked to 100% CPU while closing down if names.nsf was not available anymore to update the location doc as the final step.
Client UIRAGG6PG4Z5 SPR# RAGG6PG4Z5 - Forward menu will be hidden on edit scene.
Client UIRCFE5JQPB5 SPR# RCFE5JQPB5 - On Notes client launch, unnecessarily checks for existence of "designer" no longer occur.
Client UIRDUK6LV46T SPR# RDUK6LV46T - Archiving documents is causing the unread count in the database to be incorrect. The problem was that as the unread table was being updated to reflect the pruned notes, it is not getting information about the deleted ghost notes -- and as a result wasn't updating the unread table to remove the deleted ghosts. Deleted notes are created by deleting a parent note -- causing it to become a ghost, then when all response documents are deleted, the ghost becomes a deleted ghost. The deleted ghosts must be removed from the unread table.
Client UIRHEY4RPQZQ SPR# RHEY4RPQZQ - Searching for Admin and Designer for bookmark hide-when's should only look in the Notes program directory.
Client UISRED6HTPZ6 SPR# SRED6HTPZ6 - When opening notes using DWA - if another user has the database open, the note will stay unread
even after the user reads it. When the DWA user refreshes the view, the note will go back to unread. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Client UISVRO6NXR8Z SPR# SVRO6NXR8Z - OSLoadString() was made 15x slower by the error text override enhancements made in 6.55. This fixes the performance issue by skipping the new code if there are no error overrides defined. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1.
Client UITKIE5LQ8G2 SPR# TKIE5LQ8G2 - With this fix, a flag is set to "prohibit the design refresh or replace to modify" on a newly created image resource, so that the upgrade will not remove the image. This regression was introduced in 6.0.1.
Client UIXQCO6FT2YE SPR# XQCO6FT2YE - Fixed a problem where simplified Chinese characters were displayed as "-" if the font was a non unicode font. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
Client UIYGLU6PWAE3 SPR# YGLU6PWAE3 - Disabled dragging gesture for jump button.
Client UIYHAO6LTAUT SPR# YHAO6LTAUT - A warning message will repeatedly appear when clicking refresh after deleting a document.
Client UIYHAO6MB63K SPR# YHAO6MB63K - Fixed an unnecessary line appearing in some of the drop down lists when using Firefox.
Client UIYYSN6K5EWY SPR# YYSN6K5EWY - Fixed a problem where Notes was launched after selecting Replication - Welcome, from in the Favorite Bookmark option.
ClustersASCR6HZKEF SPR# ASCR6HZKEF - Fixed a synchronization problem between the cluster cache in the server and the cluster cache used by the NSF subsystem. In clustered servers, this problem can possibly cause a crash.
ClustersBHAL6P3NLK SPR# BHAL6P3NLK - This fix prevents a server crash that can occur when a client session has to be re-established to a server.
ClustersTKIE3ZA457 SPR# TKIE3ZA457 - Fixed a problem which occurred if the sender of an email message included themselves on a memo sent/saved from a mail file replica which was not on their home server. Before this fix, the saved message would appear in the inbox instead of the sent message.
CompactANIA6NL47L SPR# ANIA6NL47L - This fix allows for soft-deleted non-data notes when compacting. Prior to this fix, the error "02:41" was displayed when executing "Compact -C" after deleting an agent of the database with Soft Deletions enabled. A workaround would be to try Execute Compact -C -i. Copy-style compaction is executed regardless of the error.
CompactANIA6NL47L SPR# ANIA6NL47L - This fix allows for soft-deleted non-data notes when compacting. Prior to this fix, the error "02:41" was displayed when executing "Compact -C" after deleting an agent of the database with Soft Deletions enabled. A workaround would be to try Execute Compact -C -i. Copy-style compaction is executed regardless of the error.
CompactSPRT6HHKBZ SPR# SPRT6HHKBZ - This fix removes a redundant PrivateModified check.
CompactTGUZ6M2KWK SPR# TGUZ6M2KWK - Prior to this fix, the server would display "2) Inserting note: 000000xxx" messages to the console when compacting a database. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
ContactsDJAG6LSQAM SPR# DJAG6LSQAM - Prior to this fix, a user could not parse an RFC822 formatted sender address correctly, to construct a fullname for searching duplicate entries in contacts. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ContactsJPIK6C3NXP SPR# JPIK6C3NXP - Fixed a problem where entries in the "Other E-mail" fields did not display in DWA after synchronizing the address book.
ContactsKZHU6H655W SPR# KZHU6H655W - The string resource "Contacts" has been moved to the table for translation.
ContactsMCHZ6PQULD SPR# MCHZ6PQULD - Saving or saving and closing a contact doc in DWA caused multiple entries in the Full Name field. Prior to this fix, the code was comparing non lower-cased name (from last, first name) with lower cased name in fullname field. Changed it to compare lower-cased names. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
ContactsMSER6L8QPZ SPR# MSER6L8QPZ - Using the synchronize contacts option in Notes resulted in duplicate contacts - this is fixed
ContactsNRBY6CBKH3 SPR# NRBY6CBKH3 - Fixed a problem where the Comments field was not replicated.
ConversionMROE6JLJF4 SPR# MROE6JLJF4 - Fixed a problem where the body of a message was missing when received using Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook.
ConversionNRBY6P2KKC SPR# NRBY6P2KKC - DAMO didn't convert doclinks to inline links. Instead, the links were put at the end of messages. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2
CustomizationCIME6K9GZM SPR# CIME6K9GZM - Added comment tag to not send contents in it to the client for performance issue.
DatabaseAISL6KGFDX SPR# AISL6KGFDX - Fixed server crash in the function NSFSearchInitFormSkimList.
DatabaseASCR6L4J92 SPR# ASCR6L4J92 - Inadvertently typing the fixup -S can render a server useless. The fixup -S switch is a very special case to recover from a compact
problem when ODSR4 databases were upgraded to ODSR5. An ini variable "DEBUG_ALLOW_FIXUP_SET_OBJSTORE=1" needs to be set now to use this switch.
DatabaseASHH6GE2E8 SPR# ASHH6GE2E8 - An ODS20 database would become corrupt if restored using a backup application that calls NSFBackupEndApplyChangeInfo. This function API would write data to the NSF that was not supposed to be there until a later ODS revision. If possible, the database could be updated via compact to a new ODS version to avoid the issue; however, that would have to be done before doing a backup.
DatabaseATHS648LHN SPR# ATHS648LHN - With this fix, the server name will be correctly entered into User Activity when the database is opened.
DatabaseBSPR6K8LQB SPR# BSPR6K8LQB - With this fix, a message will be logged if a user deletes temp files, and tries to rebuild dbdir indexes.
DatabaseBSPR6KQJLR SPR# BSPR6KQJLR - A corrupt database could not be fixed by Fixup. The error displayed was "Database is corrupt - cannot allocate
space". This problem did not perform the search
for space correctly after extending the database.
DatabaseBSPR6MHMYV SPR# BSPR6MHMYV - Fixed a problem where dump.nsf would output an incorrect warning about the database header length.
DatabaseCBRN6H4SHW SPR# CBRN6H4SHW - When using the Notes.ini parameter "TRANSLOG_MaxSize=65536", a crash occured in NSD -nserver.exe on server startup.
DatabaseCCAY5UBN2B SPR# CCAY5UBN2B - Fixed a Server panic with the following error, "Panic: Assert(IsNullBBLOCK(dbdir->UpdateLinks.prev))". This was a problem with dbdirman not protecting the update queue. This is a subtle timing condition where 2 dbdirman queue entries collided and one overwrote the other, and has been fixed.
DatabaseDDAN6D7RD3 SPR# DDAN6D7RD3 - Server crashed PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (FFFFFFFF) due to bad RTRUNIDTableIdx count. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2, 6.5.6 and 6.5.5 FP2.
DatabaseDROO6MYQRW SPR# DROO6MYQRW - Fixed a crash in ConsolidateBIBs while backing up a database. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
DatabaseDSLL6M79B2 SPR# DSLL6M79B2 - With this fix, the Date object width in a "week" view is calculated from the window width.
DatabaseEPOD6J9SVK SPR# EPOD6J9SVK - AdminP move user corrupted a mailfile when moving from Windows to AIX. A problem was uncovered where cross platform copied databases resulted in the folder directory structure not sorting properly. A workaround is to run fixup -v on the target platform until this fix is applied.
DatabaseHZHG6DV367 SPR# HZHG6DV367 - Fixed a server crash because of a Windows Access Violation.
DatabaseJBLG6HHJRU SPR# JBLG6HHJRU - Fixed an SMTP crash that could would occur when receiving a large multipart message. This regression was introduced in 6.0.4 and 6.5.2.
DatabaseJCHN5YXJ8Q SPR# JCHN5YXJ8Q - Fixed LkMgr crashes. There were some problems in the usage of the database locking mechanism that resulted in many code paths not properly handling error conditions. The number of code paths and the conditions to hit them are many and the timing and error conditions fairly subtle that it really can not be described very easily into exact reproducible scenarios.
DatabaseJCHN65NLH6 SPR# JCHN65NLH6 - This fix prevents a server crash after note update termination. This problem happens when the network session is interrupted before an item is fully initialized. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
DatabaseJCHN6K4TV6 SPR# JCHN6K4TV6 - Fixed a crash when running updall on a corrupt note.
DatabaseJCHN6MX5WW SPR# JCHN6MX5WW - This fix prevents situations where the logger could not flush transactions to a database because the database reference in DbDirMan had been nulled out. If the databases were not reopened, this could lead to a log full situation.
DatabaseJKEY5DULA2 SPR# JKEY5DULA2 - This fix prevents a crash from a corrupted note resulting in "PANIC: Range List or Range Entry count in TIME_RANGE is invalid".
DatabaseJMAN6GUN9U SPR# JMAN6GUN9U - This fix prevents a server slowdown if flushing does not succeed.
DatabaseJWAE6K5PJG SPR# JWAE6K5PJG - Fixed a deadlock when running inplace compaction. The problem was that compact would set a bit in the database structure when it starts to compact. Another thread when trying to do a bucket skim sees the bit set, and goes into a loop waiting for compact to be finished. Compact will try to lock the Db write sem, but the thread doing the bucket skimming would already have the database sem locked, thus the deadlock.
DatabaseKGUT6KTFV6 SPR# KGUT6KTFV6 - Changed error message "Exceeded maximum folder count in database." to "Superblock has exceeded its maximum allowable size".
DatabaseLDEY6A2S9N SPR# LDEY6A2S9N - Fixed a 525 error which occurred when a custom application opened a database with scan lock.
DatabaseLVAE69UHAZ SPR# LVAE69UHAZ - Fixed a Semaphore deadlock involving SEM_RM_TRAN "Recovery Manager:Transaction list synchronization semaphore" and a database semaphore.
DatabaseLVAE6HJJ6S SPR# LVAE6HJJ6S - Fixed a PANIC called by OSBBlockAddr when passed nullhandle from WriteCollection.
DatabaseMESR6BVKNP SPR# MESR6BVKNP - If a bad page number is encountered when writing a container, a panic will occur and the container will be marked corrupt and an error returned. This fix will cause the container to get rebuilt, and the server will continue on without a panic.
DatabaseMKIN6LEUQU SPR# MKIN6LEUQU - Fixed a crash in EnumCompositeBufferWithIgnore.
DatabaseMSAN6LFF3G SPR# MSAN6LFF3G - Fixed a potential server crash when the Notes.ini variable NSF_DOCCACHE_THREAD is set.
DatabaseRBEO6KPJ8J SPR# RBEO6KPJ8J - Server crashed with "Panic: Varray index too large". Added a check to head off the Panic().
DatabaseRBRE6H2HMN SPR# RBRE6H2HMN - Fixed an intermittent hang during database compact.
DatabaseRBRE6J6LCW SPR# RBRE6J6LCW - Fixed a deadlock between nif and fixup.
DatabaseRRYN6MHKL6 SPR# RRYN6MHKL6 - This fixes a problem where if the lifetime number of NoteID's in a database grows beyond about 30 million, the database becomes corrupt and cannot be fixed up. The on a heavy mail server would be the likely database that this would hit. The problem is that a field in the database structure, which counts the number of NoteID Buckets, is only short making it overflow at around 30 million RRVs.
DatabaseSPRT6GPHWM SPR# SPRT6GPHWM - Fixed a problem where the conversion from LMBCS to UNICODE to UTF8 did not handle undefined
characters consistently with LMBCS to UTF8 direct, and DB2 wouldn't accept strings with these
characters. This fix now always uses the LMBCS to UNICODE to UTF8 sequence and truncates if the result is too long.
DatabaseSPRT6KVVQF SPR# SPRT6KVVQF - A potential string overflow in DB2 was not properly corrected for a specific string of data. The algorithm was changed for all incoming strings, no matter what illegal
characters they might contain.
DatabaseVOHL6F6QZ3 SPR# VOHL6F6QZ3 - This fix prevents a potential server crash with "PANIC: OSAddressInVARRAY: VARRAY element index is too large".
DB2MMEF6J6Q9N SPR# MMEF6J6Q9N - DB2 insert errors no longer occur when using DAVPOP.
DDMAHOE6PVT42 SPR# AHOE6PVT42 - Using the DDM probes to rename a user will crash an iSeries Domino server. There is no workaround except to disable the probes. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
DDMGGRD6JPLGB SPR# GGRD6JPLGB - The "My Events" view now includes all available event states.
DDMGGRD6MQU33 SPR# GGRD6MQU33 - Fixed unreadable diagnostic event logging.
DDMGGRD6NBT8V SPR# GGRD6NBT8V - Changed Alarms to not send clearing events to DDM only.
DDMHPES6QWL3F SPR# HPES6QWL3F - This fix suppresses the display of certain DDM diagnostic messages from the server console.
DDMKLME6JNJA6 SPR# KLME6JNJA6 - Fixed a problem where the DDM OS probes were showing up under the Server category instead of the OS category.
DECSKWEL6M2P8A SPR# KWEL6M2P8A - If DECS was enabled on a form, and a conflict document was deleted, that document was only removed from the view instead of deleted. This fix is to delete the document. A workaround would be to turn off DECS to delete the replication conflict.
DECSTDEY6MFPQD SPR# TDEY6MFPQD - With this fix, the LEI process will wait longer for leicsm process to startup in the DB2NSF env.
DesignBARA6HQJWD SPR# BARA6HQJWD - The option to 'Refresh design on admin server only' is no longer cleared by the Design task.
DesignBARA6JQ4AU SPR# BARA6JQ4AU - Fixed a problem where error messages from the design task were displayed after setting the database property "refresh design on admin server only".
DesignGFLY5WGLZY SPR# GFLY5WGLZY - Profile documents copied as needed when creating a database or replacing the design.
DesignGPKS63AGBN SPR# GPKS63AGBN - Fixed a problem where performing a Design Replace, always disabled the Out of Office Agent. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
DesignHNAA6LF8ZG SPR# HNAA6LF8ZG - In some situations pressing PageDn or PageUp when the keyboard focus is in a date or time control within a layout region will cause the control to apparently disappear. This problem was a regression introduced in 6.5.5 and fixed in 6.5.6.
DesignJKAH6NTQNK SPR# JKAH6NTQNK - Fixed a potential security issue.
DesignJPKR69TRTC SPR# JPKR69TRTC - When removing resort columns from a view, the system was failing to remove all $Collation items, resulting in
unnecessary collations being stored and maintained. The problem was displayed as a crash when deleting a role from the database ACL.
DesignMCHG6CHACG SPR# MCHG6CHACG - For a RTL date field in a form, the date format is from Right to left format. For a RTL date column in a view, the date format is from Left to right format. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
DesignMIAS6R8HR3 SPR# MIAS6R8HR3 - This problem occurs in a low memory condition running HTTP. The code was trying to check a design element of a database, but the database was not open and its handle was null. This fix checks that the handle is valid before using it.
DesignMNAA6FZ9CR SPR# MNAA6FZ9CR - The flag regarding not adding a database icon was not taken into account if the Catalog.nsf was seen on the server. This fix makes the behavior consistent, and work as expected.
DesignMNAA6HZEQQ SPR# MNAA6HZEQQ - Before this fix, if a formula, when compiled, generated more than 64K of compiled code, the compiled formula was corrupt and couldn't be used. Now, if the generated compiled formula code would be longer than 64K an error is generated.
DesignRLBC6CNRTN SPR# RLBC6CNRTN - Fixed a Domino Server crash which occurred when using the @ismember function with large concatenated lists in a view selection formula or column formula.
DesignTHTO6BTQPE SPR# THTO6BTQPE - Provides a performance fix for Abstract, which can improve rules performance when searching the body of a message in the Router for certain types of messages.
DIIOP ServerFTMN6A5KHC SPR# FTMN6A5KHC - Fixed an intermittent crash in the DIIOP task which could occur if CItem object is invalid. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
DIIOP ServerKHAN6KHUJE SPR# KHAN6KHUJE - This fix alleviates a performance issue when calling the database class's getView method via DIIOP.
Directory ServicesCPRE6M4MRU SPR# CPRE6M4MRU - NAMELookup hits for Active Directory group entries, through Directory Assistance, returned the name of the entries in FullName (used in Person design) rather than ListName (used in Group design). Applications, like Quickplace 7.0, that rely on ListName to distinguish between users and groups therefore mistakenly think the return group entries are users.
Directory ServicesFTMN6J5EW5 SPR# FTMN6J5EW5 - Fixed a DirCat crash when using DirCat.exe's "-d" command line switch to delete the HighestSortedName (last listed entry) in a CDC.
Directory ServicesJGRP6QLLH5 SPR# JGRP6QLLH5 - Fixed a memory handle leak in the NAMELookup LDAP gateway when binary items (such as pictures or x509 certificates) are requested.
Directory ServicesKHAN6Q5SKN SPR# KHAN6Q5SKN - Fixed Directory Assistance-related memory leaks resulting in 'LDAP BPool Full' errors, particularly related to the "ldap_search returned DN is NOT followed by trusted rules!" message appearing on the server console.
Directory ServicesKLIN6E7J3K SPR# KLIN6E7J3K - Added LDAP.Search.Longest statistics to detect slowest LDAP search patterns.

The maximum number (default 20) of statistics and minimum time threshold (100 milliseconds) for searches that entered into these statistics can be set by the LDAPMaxLongestSearchCount and LDAPMinLongestSearchTime Notes.INI varibles. Their settings can be displayed via the server console command TELL LDAP SHOW DEBUG.
Directory ServicesKLIN6LRTHJ SPR# KLIN6LRTHJ - In an LDAP search operation if the target object cannot be found and the search base can be located in the directory but does not match the search filter, success, with no resultant object should be returned instead of noSuchObject. This fix corrects 6.5.5 and 7.0.1, which incorrectly returned noSuchObject under these circumstances. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1.
Directory ServicesLORN6CHU2K SPR# LORN6CHU2K - Fixed an improper size limit exceeded error returned when the size limit and result set size are the same, and the result cache is used.
Directory ServicesMPAL6QYQX7 SPR# MPAL6QYQX7 - Fixed a crash in Domino LDAP server which will only happen on out of memory situations. This crash occurred in CLDAPProtocol::InitForSearch.
Directory ServicesNORK6MPL99 SPR# NORK6MPL99 - Fixed an issue where LDAP did not allow anonymous queries if "anonymous" was in the "Not Access Server" field on the server document. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
Directory ServicesNRBY6BCQFY SPR# NRBY6BCQFY - When multiple matches of a name are found in a mobile directory, Outlook will now present a dialog to choose the correct name.
Directory ServicesPFOI6GEG36 SPR# PFOI6GEG36 - Fixed an issue where internet passwords containing non-ASCII characters would not get hashed correctly when being modified via LDAP.
Directory ServicesPPET6METPF SPR# PPET6METPF - Fixed an LDAP server problem which caused search operations to return no matches when the attribute value in a filter contains a '.' character. For example, ldapsearch -h myhost "(street=1 S.*)". This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
Directory ServicesSMDN6NCSP6 SPR# SMDN6NCSP6 - If Directory Assistance is configured with an LDAP directory and that entry is trusted for authentication, then there is a small chance of a crash
occuring on bind requests to the LDAP service. This will only occur if delays occur, which cause it to send an abandon request.
Directory ServicesSMDN6QATDE SPR# SMDN6QATDE - Fixed an LDAP server performance problem on one-level scope searches. It can take many seconds or even a couple minutes to qualify searches which have thousands or more entries under that one hierarchy of the directory. One level searches will now try to take advantage of the $user view or FT index rather than the $ldaprdnhier view, which typically can be resolved in a few tenths of a second.
Directory ServicesTBOO6PUHFA SPR# TBOO6PUHFA - Updated sequence numbers to ensure proper design.
Directory ServicesTCAL6N5SXF SPR# TCAL6N5SXF - Mail recipients in admin Org in an xSP environment received errors "User not listed in Domino Directory" for their inbound SMTP mail messages. This problem has been fixed.
Directory ServicesTSAO6K3HYG SPR# TSAO6K3HYG - An unexpected backslash was inserted in the LDAP search result if the Distinguished Name had a DBCS character whose second byte was 5C. For example, a LMBCS encoding of 10 8F AC 10 93 87 10 8C 5C 10 8E 71. The search result had an extra 5C (backslash) inserted. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
Directory ServicesVSEN6QXL8Q SPR# VSEN6QXL8Q - Cumulative fixes to reduce the number of updates to the NAB.
Directory ServicesWRAY6P3KXU SPR# WRAY6P3KXU - Fixed an LDAP server performance problem on one-level scooped searches. It can take many seconds or even a couple minutes to qualify searches which have thousands or more entries under that one hierarchy of the directory. One level searches will now try to take advantage of the $user view or FT index rather than the $ldaprdnhier view, which typically can be resolved in a few tenths of a second.
DOLSAGRM5QEGXA SPR# AGRM5QEGXA - Fixed a problem where single sign-in was not translated. If an invalid username or password was entered, the text was untranslated.
DOLSDYHG6CMG3P SPR# DYHG6CMG3P - Fixed a problem where Firefox browser was closed after installing an off-line subscription, going off-line and selecting the "Schedule synchronization" dialog.
DOLSIKIO6HZDFT SPR# IKIO6HZDFT - Scheduled sync was always enabled for Domino Web Access offline. This has been changed to refer to DOLS setting from DWA.
DOLSKWAE6MHAXB SPR# KWAE6MHAXB - Added ability to upgrade local archive UI and runtime version
DOLSMCHG6JGC57 SPR# MCHG6JGC57 - Added Catalan support in Domino Off-Line service.
DOLSMCHG6JGDLE SPR# MCHG6JGDLE - Added support for Catalan in Domino Web Access.
DOLSMZMZ6JCBCS SPR# MZMZ6JCBCS - Fixed a problem where the Anniversary icon could not be displayed when offline.
DOLSYHAI67P5F2 SPR# YHAI67P5F2 - When 'Download documents saved within the last [number] days' in the Subscription Properties box was enabled, "Docs Sent" was always displayed as 0 (zero). This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
DOLSYHAO6F5DCY SPR# YHAO6F5DCY - S/MIME Encrypted reschedule with comments including attachments could not be synchronized. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
DOLSYHAO6K2BSY SPR# YHAO6K2BSY - Prevented a Domino Web Access warning when opening offline mail file if instant messaging is enabled in Preferences.
DSAPIJSHY6GDRGW SPR# JSHY6GDRGW - Fixed a Bad BBlock Panic due to an overwritten DBU block. The problem appears to occur only when one network path is utilized to access DWA through the Portal app first, then switched to another network path - in this test, as a result of URL manipulation.
DSAPINORK6LYTEQ SPR# NORK6LYTEQ - Fixed an issue where a DSAPI filter could block POST data from the Domino web server. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4 FP2.
EditorBHIR6GENND SPR# BHIR6GENND - With this fix, Notes will not try to relock the document if it is already locked by the same user. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
EditorBLED69XLAQ SPR# BLED69XLAQ - If the Notes.ini variable "ScriptRTFVisualCaretMovement=1" is used, the code will try to access a null pointer and crash. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
EditorBLED6Q4HYB SPR# BLED6Q4HYB - Added support for Hungarian and German Reform to spell check.
EditorCPON6GTBVK SPR# CPON6GTBVK - Fixed a crash which occurred when opening documents that contain a $Sig_xxx field. That field appears when one or more sections in the document has been signed with a Notes R5x release. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
EditorCSTR67JNCH SPR# CSTR67JNCH - Fixed a crash in the Editor while opening a calendar table, specifically the "Click to see Invitee Status" button. This problem was caused by some null point access when the calendar was empty.
EditorDCOE6D5NH8 SPR# DCOE6D5NH8 - In the client code, we attempt to get a lock on a document when saving the document if it is part of an open collection. This fix is to get a lock regardless.
EditorDDUE6EEGKA SPR# DDUE6EEGKA - With this fix, the reading order was changed before attaching the view into the dialog. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
EditorDJOE6BSGYG SPR# DJOE6BSGYG - Added the option to send "Windows-friendly" attachments, which do not include the resource fork. This prevents the server from sending two MIME blocks for each Mac file, which could confuse mail clients (like hotmail).
EditorDYHG6K4AA7 SPR# DYHG6K4AA7 - Fixed a problem where "plain text" was still checked in the format menu, even after switching from plain to "rich text". This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
EditorFLFL6HPBU6 SPR# FLFL6HPBU6 - After merging two cells, the content of the cell changed to two lines. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 7.0.1.
EditorGFLY5LXK82 SPR# GFLY5LXK82 - Text with German umlaut in a multi-value field was cut off in a multiple row view. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
EditorHCHU6P2TFJ SPR# HCHU6P2TFJ - Fixed a memory leak related to document/database links in subforms. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1.
EditorHKAI6LJA8N SPR# HKAI6LJA8N - Notes draws a black borderline of thickness around all cells. If a Notes.ini variable 'DisableRTFDefaultBorder' exists and is set to a non-zero value, the functionality above is suppressed, and Notes draws no borderline. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
EditorHNAA6NX4G5 SPR# HNAA6NX4G5 - Prior to this fix, the attachment icon information for some executables was lost. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.
EditorIERN6EJK7Q SPR# KBRT6ELL78 - Unable to copy and paste from PDF into a Notes RTF field. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
EditorJFRA6HJDYT SPR# JFRA6HJDYT - This fix strips out invliad characters before the dialog box.
EditorJGAO4X2V6M SPR# JGAO4X2V6M - Added the Notes.ini variable "FixMimeDuplicateFiles=1" to fix a problem where two attachments appeared when "Store contents as HTML and MIME" was selected.
EditorJLJE6KQMSY SPR# JLJE6KQMSY - This fix sets the focus to the "SendTo" field at first when Plain text is set as default.
EditorJSHN6KPP8G SPR# JSHN6KPP8G - Fixed problems which prevent link corruption. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
EditorKMAO5634LP SPR# KMAO5634LP - With this fix nested tables are no longer left aligned by default.
EditorKYOE6DSB6L SPR# KYOE6DSB6L - This fix will lock the document when deleting an attachment. Prior to this fix, when trying to delete an attachment by using the right mouse button, the document would not be locked.
EditorKYOE6JZ7TK SPR# KYOE6JZ7TK - Display problems after clicking navigation buttons (next, previous, next unread, etc) when the focus was in the preview pane. There are different types of preview panes: view preview and parent preview. This adds a fix that if a document in a preview pane is selected when these buttons are hit the focus is moved to the "main" window and then the action is performed.
EditorKYOE6JZ7TK SPR# KYOE6JZ7TK - Display problems after clicking navigation buttons (next, previous, next unread, etc) when the focus was in the preview pane. There are different types of preview panes: view preview and parent preview. This adds a fix that if a document in a preview pane is selected when these buttons are hit the focus is moved to the "main" window and then the action is performed.
EditorLDAS5NZGRC SPR# LDAS5NZGRC - Fixed a problem where the paragraph LTR attribute was replaced by a doclink that was previously pasted to an empty line. With this fix, we now detect the paste data LTR attribute and avoid this replace.
EditorLPEE6N4L79 SPR# LPEE6N4L79 - With this fix, the CID will not be changed at all when parsing MIME. Prior to this fix, we were changing the backslashes to forward slashes.
EditorLYEW6549DF SPR# LYEW6549DF - Fixed a problem scrolling the folder view while dragging a document to a folder. With this fix, the scroll rect has been computed differently in RTL and LTR context.
EditorMLAT68DRDD SPR# MLAT68DRDD - Mixing Hebrew, Number and colon characters displayed incorrectly in Release 6.
EditorMREY5HZFJ2 SPR# MREY5HZFJ2 - Fixed a problem where some Arabic pubnames were opening off center. The position of the form now takes RTL into account.
EditorMYAG66YRXU SPR# MYAG66YRXU - Modifying a received document triggered the client to display the send/send and save/discard/cancel dialog. A save warning is now displayed. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
EditorPBAO6GEE4E SPR# PBAO6GEE4E - The "Select an application" dialog always appeared on a form enabled with the "Auto Launch - First attachment " option. We now only show the "open with" dialog when it is needed because there is no program associated with the file type.
EditorPHEE6JUS2E SPR# PHEE6JUS2E - Domino HTML filter (invoked by ";html" symbol) has a mechanism to handle contents within square brackets as pass-thru HTML. Enabled HTML signature using "". This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
EditorRHAN6HUJK4 SPR# RHAN6HUJK4 - Prior to this fix, the Spell Checker looked for other language dictionaries when the English Client was not setup for other languages. The default behavior is now to check only once per session for any given dictionary. Furthermore, there is now a Notes.ini variable SPELL_MINIMUM=1 that will minimized checking for a dictionary all together during document spell check to only the default language and any languages used in the document.
EditorRHEA5W2MY4 SPR# RHEA5W2MY4 - Fixed a problem in time control where we disallowed empty fields and omitted offensive words from the spell checker suggestions.
EditorSHEZ6G3FYV SPR# SHEZ6G3FYV - This fix allows a new German reform dictionary to be used.
EditorSHEZ6KZGYW SPR# SHEZ6KZGYW - Fixed a crash opening a document with lots of tables with merged cells. Added the Notes.ini variable No_Div_Width=1 to prevent large areas from being incorrectly displayed black.
EditorVDES6H9JA9 SPR# VDES6H9JA9 - Under some situations $Writers replicates to replica servers, but never gets removed when the note is unlocked.
EditorYHAI6B99FK SPR# YHAI6B99FK - With this fix, a folder name will be saved correctly when browsing for a folder.
EditorYHNN5DUMA7 SPR# YHNN5DUMA7 - This fix moves the caret to the beginning/end of the cells when there is a complex selection.
EditorYSAH6JC4RN SPR# YSAH6JC4RN - This fix allows listboxes in forms to handle PageUp/PageDown keystrokes.
Embedded ApplicationsKTOT6JLT5F SPR# KTOT6JLT5F - Fixed an ole crash when you double click on a Notes link in Word twice and then try to close the Notes tab that was opened.
EventsATHS6L6U2B SPR# ATHS6L6U2B - Changes made to the severity of Message documents were not reflected in events or in DDM.nsf.
Full-text indexingLVAE6JMP2P SPR# LVAE6JMP2P - If the FTGIndex fails to initialize properly, i.e. due to limited resources (memory) a crash may result because of an uninitialized local variable.
Full-text indexingMIAS6HHN6K SPR# MIAS6HHN6K - Running updall on very large databases with large indexes can take a long time. This fix adds Notes.ini variable: Ftg_Use_Fast_Binary_Sort. Setting this to 1 will use a more efficient binary sort to merge some of the index information. Not setting the variable or setting it to 0 will use the existing sort. This has no effect on the creation of new indexes and will only show an improvement where there a large number of keys added to an existing index.
Full-text indexingWMUY6HJPLW SPR# WMUY6HJPLW - Fixed a crash cycling through paragraph styles and another crash opening a mime newsletter that had an open anchor tag followed by tables.
Full-text searchAISL6CWJU3 SPR# AISL6CWJU3 - Fixed a problem where a search was highlighting incorrect terms. The problem was caused by embedded paragraph identifiers. The client knows about these -- but highlighting does not. Highlighting treated the next encountered as a paragraph, but the client\editor really treated these as false paragraph identifiers. The false paragraph identifier was inserted to chop a big paragraph into two (or more) pieces. But, the real\eventual paragraph does not contain such paragraphs -- when the paragraph is
fully constituted.
Full-text searchMKIA6JWA4K SPR# MKIA6JWA4K - This fix prevents a server only crash that may occur when there is an "Out of Private Handles" error during a full text search.
Full-text searchOABA6DZBM8 SPR# OABA6DZBM8 - Fixed an Update task crash which occurred during Full-text Update by a corrupted message.
Full-text searchTYAA6E8AN3 SPR# TYAA6E8AN3 - Fixed an issue where search results may not display correctly when a database was not full text indexed and there are categories in the view.
Help FacilityJYMA6HBC6L SPR# JYMA6HBC6L - Added a help document dialog when using the multi-version installation.
Help FacilityLGBS5LP2S5 SPR# LGBS5LP2S5 - The "ORGANIZATION" field help will now say that the maximum length of this field is 63 characters, instead of 64.
Help FacilityLLGO6DF5R5 SPR# LLGO6DF5R5 - Removed help button from non delivery report window.
Help FacilitySOSI6JCNQJ SPR# SOSI6JCNQJ - Fixed the "Feedback on help?" link from displaying the error "HTTP Web Server: Invalid URL Exception".
HTMLJBAR6E2P6R SPR# JBAR6E2P6R - HTML table functionality has been improved in 7.0.2.
HTTPAMIA6LYJR2 SPR# AMIA6LYJR2 - Fixed a problem where HTTP password sync was not working with an extended administration server configuration.
HTTPNORK6QJV5X SPR# NORK6QJV5X - Fixed a memory leak in the HTTP task when using SSL.
IMAP ClientDMYG5PPPKP SPR# DMYG5PPPKP - Error "invalid or nonexistent document" was returned when the IMAP client opened new mail messages. With this fix, if the error is returned, a collection list update will be performed and the command retried.
IMAP ServerKTIS6QTK3C SPR# KTIS6QTK3C - This IMAP Server fix avoids a potential double free of the same memory in a seldom encountered error path which could cause an IMAP crash.
Install/ HOHI6KAE82 SPR# HOHI6KAE82 - Changed the Server Language Pack (SLP) to check Domino installation result, also changed SLP to check disk space before starting to install SLP after installing Domino.
Install/Setup/RegistrationADEE6KVBGY SPR# ADEE6KVBGY - Error "1926. Could not set file security for file x:\xx\Lotus|Notes..." displayed during networking installation. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
Install/Setup/RegistrationANIA6K2ESY SPR# ANIA6K2ESY - Fixed a problem where the installer could detect data directories of partitioned Domino R5.x servers on Win32.
Install/Setup/RegistrationBFAG665CNG SPR# BFAG665CNG - Added the disk size check process for replace install.
Install/Setup/RegistrationBHAL6MUSSS SPR# BHAL6MUSSS - Fixed a bad comparison in the startup script which resulted in 2 files being erroneously created (a 4, and a 1). This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Install/Setup/RegistrationBLEE62EUGS SPR# BLEE62EUGS - Fixed a minor type-o in the license text. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Install/Setup/RegistrationCSCT6JZSUT SPR# CSCT6JZSUT - Added new keys to LPsilent.ini for template selection in add/remove silent install. This will make LangPack.dat, which is a binary file and is created after LanguagePack installation, not required for add/remove silent install.
Install/Setup/RegistrationCYAO6L8THY SPR# CYAO6L8THY - Installer updates to enable install for new LEI release.
Install/Setup/RegistrationDCHR6J2VW2 SPR# DCHR6J2VW2 - User Internet address is stored only once in the MAPI profile, subsequent changes of the user's internet address do not become into effect unless the user reinstalls DAMO. This fix ensures that the internet address is updated every time the user authenticates with the server.
Install/Setup/RegistrationDYHG6KA348 SPR# DYHG6KA348 - When using the user registration API and specifying a mail file manager, the ACL entry is not automatically canonicalized resulting in a bad ACL entry. The manager name will now be canonicalized.
Install/Setup/RegistrationELIN6MG23G SPR# ELIN6MG23G - This fix adds the following BiDi Notes.ini variable to the Hebrew Notes client: EnableBiDiNotes = 1, KEYBBOARD_SETS_LANGUAGE = 1, and DisplayBidiRun = 1.
Install/Setup/RegistrationFSIZ6KVRZL SPR# FSIZ6KVRZL - The DAMO install was crashing on profile creation if the system hadn't been restarted since previous profile setup.
Install/Setup/RegistrationGHAN6J5HZS SPR# GHAN6J5HZS - All language Notes client installers do not install correctly from a system that is running Active Directory. The workaround for this install issue is to set MSAD_SUPPORT=Yes. This regression was introduced in 6.5.3.
Install/Setup/RegistrationHOHI6JS7MP SPR# HOHI6JS7MP - Changed installer cannot change focus to main window while template dialog is displayed.
Install/Setup/RegistrationKEMG6ES28E SPR# KEMG6ES28E - Fixed a Lotus Notes issue with insecure default permissions.
Install/Setup/RegistrationKHIA6L46RH SPR# KHIA6L46RH - Added a new language, Catalan, to the MUI Language Pack.
Install/Setup/RegistrationKHIA6PX4GM SPR# KHIA6PX4GM - With this fix, the command line value, INTIALUILANG, will now work in both UI and silent modes.
Install/Setup/RegistrationKMOA6KXH9R SPR# KMOA6KXH9R - Updated the version number of the DOLS plugin install package.
Install/Setup/RegistrationKTOT6MHU4X SPR# KTOT6MHU4X - In Dutch version of N/D 8.5.2 only. Prior to this fix, when clicking on a ndl file on a web page the following error would occur: "Notes kan uw bestand niet verwerken. De inhoud van deze URL voldoet niet aan de ontledingsspecificaties van iCalendar." "OK".
Install/Setup/RegistrationLBLU6J6DM3 SPR# LBLU6J6DM3 - Fixed a problem in the Server Language Pack where it would read the LPSilent.ini key (INSTALL_TYPE=ADD) case-sensitively.
Install/Setup/RegistrationLBLU6NACDX SPR# LBLU6NACDX - Fixed a problem where the Server Language Pack could not detect the correct help file path in the Turkish locale.
Install/Setup/RegistrationMCHG6M499E SPR# MCHG6M499E - Added a new language, Catalan to the Multi-User Language pack.
Install/Setup/RegistrationMLUR6K2CQE SPR# MLUR6K2CQE - Installation of the hotfix/fixpack could not proceed if the ndgts.dll file is locked by another process. This problem is intermittent (depends on the 3rd party or Notes processes usage of ndgts.dll).
Install/Setup/RegistrationMROE66CQJP SPR# MROE66CQJP - The "Percent Complete" value during initialization was incorrect. This fix makes the UI clearer that things are still progressing and are not hung.
Install/Setup/RegistrationMROE6R9JBA SPR# MROE6R9JBA - Silent installation was failing if the data directory path in the user info file contained a "-". Added code to handle this case.
Install/Setup/RegistrationNRBY69DTH2 SPR# NRBY69DTH2 - With this fix, Domino Access for Outlook has it's own icon for it's start menu shortcut and it's entry in the "Add/Remove Programs" list in the control panel.
Install/Setup/RegistrationPESA6E2LRK SPR# PESA6E2LRK - When using the Administrator Client to register a person, a random error "This server is not on a supported platform. Only servers on Windows or AIX platforms support updates to DB2" might be seen in the status line. This is simply a response from an unsupported DB2 server and with this fix will no longer be displayed to the user.
Install/Setup/RegistrationPJON6HSRVS SPR# PJON6HSRVS - Fixed a problem which occurred when upgrading from Notes 6.0.1 French to 7.0 French, where the Notes.ini was overwritten improperly.
Install/Setup/RegistrationPPAL6NYBZ4 SPR# PPAL6NYBZ4 - Error: '1926 Could not Set File Security for File..." while installing on a network drive from C897FDE.exe (German).
Install/Setup/RegistrationPWHE6J68LP SPR# PWHE6J68LP - Fixed a problem where the silent installer did not work correctly,
and that the target directory for install.jar was not displayed correctly or displayed unclear.
Install/Setup/RegistrationPWHE6KJCET SPR# PWHE6KJCET - Fixed a problem where the SLP (Server Language Pack) left an unexpected Notes.ini in the program directory and caused an error during Domino setup.
Install/Setup/RegistrationQWUU6LVRBW SPR# QWUU6LVRBW - Fixed a problem where "Domino" was missing in the "Messaging server", "Enterprise server" and "Customize" options on the Setup dialog.
Install/Setup/RegistrationSTAG6FQAU5 SPR# STAG6FQAU5 - Fixed a problem where the title of the help window was not displayed correctly in some languages. SLP can retrieve text of title correctly.
Install/Setup/RegistrationSTAG6MW2NF SPR# STAG6MW2NF - Updated modem file lists.
Install/Setup/RegistrationSYWG6LGC2U SPR# SYWG6LGC2U - The message displayed in installshield wizard about 5722JV1 product was updated
with the correct info (1.4 SDK version and with option 6).
Install/Setup/RegistrationTFER632LA4 SPR# TFER632LA4 - Fixed a problem where the disk check process displayed additional required space only, not total size of required space. Also changed the messages in LPlog.txt, first disk check says required disk space to check template language only.
Install/Setup/RegistrationTHAN6FQL5C SPR# THAN6FQL5C - The uninstaller logic incorrectly determined a failover cluster to be an old style LEI cluster. With this fix, additional flag checking will be performed during uninstaller wizard to better determine uninstall type. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Install/Setup/RegistrationTSUA6D4EPW SPR# TSUA6D4EPW - Fixed the template selection dialog of the z/OS stage1 installer to show the same list as other platforms.
Install/Setup/RegistrationXLIO6DDGE9 SPR# XLIO6DDGE9 - This fix disables the help button in the Welcome and License agreement pages of the Server Language Pack.
Install/Setup/RegistrationXLIO6DEGMN SPR# XLIO6DEGMN - This fix hides the /opt/ibm/lotus link description from summary on Windows platform.
Install/Setup/RegistrationYWGG6LC8SM SPR# YWGG6LC8SM - An error message was displayed after Server Language Pack one-time command installation finished. This fix hides the error message when the directory doesn't exist.
Instant MessagingARON6MGL88 SPR# ARON6MGL88 - This problem will only appear in the 7.01 Notes client if integrated Sametime is running and the new auto-away feature is enabled. In that case, when Notes gets busy, building a view for instance, the mouse movement will get jerky. The mouse stalls, then jumps, stalls, jumps, in an irregular fashion. It moves to it's position in a series of irregular jumps, rather than in one smooth motion.

The fix submitted to 7.02 was to spawn a separate thread off of the main Notes thread to handle the monitoring of system mouse events for the Sametime auto-away feature. It is fixed on all platforms that support integrated Sametime in the Notes client. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Instant MessagingJCIK6J5HY2 SPR# JCIK6J5HY2 - Fixed icons for instant messaging which were not displayed correctly (shrinking horizontally or partially not displayed).
Instant MessagingJCIK6QQLY9 SPR# JCIK6QQLY9 - Fixed a problem where the icon for a saved chat transcript was not displaying.
Instant MessagingMHAC6NMRGR SPR# MHAC6NMRGR - Updating the Sametime server field from the entry on the Person doc is causing problems with the Sametime sign on. This fix provides a way via an ini setting (Im_Dcc_Noupdate_From_Persondoc) to have an option not to update the location doc for the Sametime server field.
Instant MessagingMLAT6SA5UG SPR# MLAT6SA5UG - Fixed a problem with Instant Messaging awareness which was not working after the LDAP server for ST was not available.
Instant MessagingMSCE6GFTA6 SPR# MSCE6GFTA6 - Fixed an intermittent Notes client crash which occurred during shutdown, immediately after disconnecting from AT&T VPN, while logged into Sametime.
Instant MessagingRAGG6NZQ4W SPR# RAGG6NZQ4W - Fixed a problem where the Sametime icon was a green square for a mobile user instead of a new icon.
Instant MessagingXMXL6HPA3Z SPR# XMXL6HPA3Z - When AN and IM is enabled, user names with AN displayed in the wrong column in the Drafts view. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Instant MessagingXMXL6MQA2Z SPR# XMXL6MQA2Z - Duplicated Sametime awareness column has been removed from Junk Mail view.
Instant MessagingZGSN6JTDK8 SPR# ZGSN6JTDK8 - Messages from the Sametime Admin would be ignored by the Notes client. Now they are properly displayed.
InternationalADEE6NQBZT SPR# ADEE6NQBZT - Fixed a translation problem with the alphabetical tabbing in the Hebrew pernames.ntf.
InternationalDSLL6ASD95 SPR# DSLL6ASD95 - This fix moves the definition of width and height of some dialog boxes to string resource for localization.
InternationalGMAA6JCKVF SPR# GMAA6JCKVF - Nomenclature corrected on the German language version.
InternationalGMAA6QJHB7 SPR# GMAA6QJHB7 - Fixed a missing letter in the Hebrew Notes client, in the "file" menu.
InternationalMHSU6MEBUT SPR# MHSU6MEBUT - Fixed a problem where the back slash was displayed on a received mail message instead of a Yen mark in the Japanese version, if UTF-8 output was enabled.
InternationalMLEY6H9JMR SPR# MLEY6H9JMR - Fixed a problem where the original message was included in a reply when sent via a "Reply\Reply action".
InternationalRREN6QKJ3K SPR# RREN6QKJ3K - Prior to this fix, text was missing in the exit dialog box, in the Finnish Notes Client.
InternationalYMIO6PVAPQ SPR# YMIO6PVAPQ - Fixed a translation problem where an Agent error message referred to "Run Once" in Japanese, instead of "None".
InternationalYYZG6Q3DWN SPR# YYZG6Q3DWN - Fixed a Font Tag problem in HTML for a message sent from the Traditional Chinese Domino Web Access client.
InteroperabilityMROE6KZPLM SPR# MROE6KZPLM - Duplicate attachments result in messages delivered from Microsoft Outlook through Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook. This fix prevents duplicate attachments.
InteroperabilityMROE6LYL8V SPR# MROE6LYL8V - Failure to create body content when the temp directory is too big results in messages with an empty body. The failure was a result of the inability of DAMO to handle UNICODE attachment file names. This fix handles UNICODE attachment strings and it also makes sure that temporary files are removed when no longer needed.
InteroperabilityMROE6N4LWC SPR# MROE6N4LWC - Prior to this fix, DAMO crashed when using "Send To" from MS Word or other mapi enabled applications.
InteroperabilityMROE6P7GJH SPR# MROE6P7GJH - Fixed folder movement problems with Notes to Mapi that was the result of out of order folder operation times.
InteroperabilityMROE6QJHLL SPR# MROE6QJHLL - In previous releases of DAMO, when documents which contained doclinks were sent from the Notes client to a DAMO client, the links did not remain inline in the body of the email. Instead, a numerical notation was made, which referenced the notes doclink that was displayed at the bottom of the document. This notes doclink was also displayed as the string of characters describing the Note and View, as opposed to a nice icon. Now, doclinks are left inline in the body of the document, and the words "Notes Link" are used to represent the doclink.
JavaAHOE6MWRUG SPR# AHOE6MWRUG - NotesFactory.getIOR() will hang in HashTable.get() under a heavy load. This problem exists on all platforms and there is no work around. There are no error messages, the client app will just hang.
JavaBKOH6HBGFQ SPR# BKOH6HBGFQ - Fixed a problem where the item value was not refreshed when it was changed by @SetField in the evaluate method.
JavaFHEN6MAHFH SPR# FHEN6MAHFH - Fixed a problem that could cause the DXL Exporter to emit invalid content within a <pardef> element, which would subsequently cause an error if the DXL was imported using the DXL Importer. The DXL Exporter now correctly generates a <pardef> element to contain the content.
JavaFMEG6H5GLM SPR# FMEG6H5GLM - Prior to this fix, Notes R5 Clients could get a corrupt SSO token from a ND6 or ND7 Server using getSessionToken(). This regression was introduced in 6.0 and was fixed in the Server code.
JavaFMEG6H5GLM SPR# FMEG6H5GLM - Prior to this fix, Notes R5 Clients could get a corrupt SSO token from a ND6 or ND7 Server using getSessionToken(). This regression was introduced in 6.0 and was fixed in the Server code.
JavaHRON6LZMXK SPR# HRON6LZMXK - Fixed a concatenation problem with property specified using JavaUserOptionsFile.
JavaHRON6P8PAQ SPR# HRON6P8PAQ - Fixed an error message displayed if 1.4 version of the JVM wasn't found on iSeries.
JavaHRON6QRKZ8 SPR# HRON6QRKZ8 - Fixed the JVM EXT path for iSeries.
JavaJCOR6LKUWG SPR# JCOR6LKUWG - This fix prevents a hang on the Webserver when a heavy mix of LotusScript and Java agents are run, especially on a multiprocessor system. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
JavaJMAZ6HWVKT SPR# JMAZ6HWVKT - Fixed an HTTP crash when using the getDatabase Java method.
JavaKMUR6JPHZ7 SPR# KMUR6JPHZ7 - This fix checks for a NULL string array returned from Java and report an error instead of crashing.
JavaMKIA6HG9GJ SPR# MKIA6HG9GJ - A timing problem has been corrected in Domino server networking, on Solaris only, that could cause a single session to hang in the middle of doing useful work. This problem only occured when a single session was active and only if that session was sending large amounts of data from the client to the server.
Java ConsoleCSAH6CHNMG SPR# CSAH6CHNMG - Fixed an intermittent problem when the Domino server is started up with the Java console, the screen in the console will be all gray.
Java ConsoleDDAN6J7QK4 SPR# DDAN6J7QK4 - Fixed the help to be context sensitive in the Group dialog.
LCUDJOE66JFN3 SPR# DJOE66JFN3 - Documents signed by a user with a CN containing "a or i with accent" are displayed with a different character, "·". This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 and 7.0.2.
LDAP ServerKHAN6R8U35 SPR# KHAN6R8U35 - Changed the way LDAP allocates its memory pool under certain conditions.
LDAP ServerKLIN6GLHD2 SPR# KLIN6GLHD2 - Although the Domino LDAP server's schema has supported inetOrgPerson (RFC 2798), it formerly did not return inetOrgPerson's displayName attribute when requested. It now correctly supports the displayName attribute, but with no-user-modification.
LDAP ServerVCAL6HRQJH SPR# VCAL6HRQJH - Fixed a LDAP Full Text search query issue with internet address containing periods and/or underscores not returning the proper results.
LEICYAO6NTQEV SPR# CYAO6NTQEV - The LEIACT task that is run when executing backup or purge activities was initialized without being properly terminated. This makes it appear to Domino that the task is still running when it is not. This can cause a hang or a long wait when ending the server. The initialization/termination process has been corrected for this case.
LEICYAO6QQNCP SPR# CYAO6QQNCP - Uninstaller hangs when a higher release of Domino is installed on the system. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
LEICYAO6QRRJF SPR# CYAO6QRRJF - Updated the install message box with additional text. "**Note: Specify a password between six and eight characters long for the password() and verify() parameters to complete the process".
LEIDGIN6K5RY3 SPR# DGIN6K5RY3 - If the Days of the Month in the schedule is set to -1 (last day of the month) and the schedule is enabled, the CSM (Control Store Manager) will hang and all scheduling and running of activities will stop.
LEIDGIN6MXQDE SPR# DGIN6MXQDE - The default value for a DECIMAL type in DB2 was causing an error. The default for a DECIMAL is a ' ' (space) and should be 0. This problem has been fixed to be the correct type.
LEIDWHL6MNVKW SPR# DWHL6MNVKW - Replication activity would setup for write back on a table/view even if all the Skip's were enabled for that connection. This caused an error if the table/view was read only. This problem has been fixed to not access as writeback in that case.
LEIJDEP6PHMXQ SPR# JDEP6PHMXQ - Join metaconnector (and activities using it) would not reconnect after a loss of connection. This has been fixed so that connections can correctly be re-established.
LEIJDEP6PHNHS SPR# JDEP6PHNHS - Update syncronization in Virtual Document activities can fail on Oracle. This problem has been fixed.
LEIJDEP6PHQ3M SPR# JDEP6PHQ3M - Various semaphore fixes for Realtime that can occur only after an error has occurred.
LEIJDEP6PHQ6Y SPR# JDEP6PHQ6Y - Fixed several errors dealing with support threads for Virtual Docs. Threads now post when they are exiting due to error. Fix Delete thread errors displayed as Update thread, and Delete thread not exiting properly after too many errors.
LEIJGIR6MW34U SPR# JGIR6MW34U - Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred during DECS shutdown when using an ODBC connector.
LEIMJON6LYPL4 SPR# MJON6LYPL4 - Error reported at server startup when LEI opens decsadm.nsf. This is caused by the LEI request to open the database with DBOPEN_FIXUP, which prevents startup problems should the Domino server have crashed. The fix is to add a notes.ini variable EITransLogSystem that when set, will not open the database with the fixup flag.
LEIMJON6LYPL4 SPR# MJON6LYPL4 - Error reported at server startup when LEI opens decsadm.nsf. This is caused by the LEI request to open the database with DBOPEN_FIXUP, which prevents startup problems should the Domino server have crashed. The fix is to add a notes.ini variable EITransLogSystem that when set, will not open the database with the fixup flag.
LEIPALT6JTVSD SPR# PALT6JTVSD - Oracle data type ROWID was not supported in Oracle 8 connector, but was supported in Oracle 7 connector. Support for the Oracle 8 connector has been added.
LEISMOS6L5TC3 SPR# SMOS6L5TC3 - The LotusScript used in leiadm.ntf for Oracle metadata browsing was inefficient, resulting in long delays when the Oracle server would have many tables and or many users. This fix is to have Oracle specific LotusScript that gathers the metadata more efficiently. At one customer site, to display the list of owners went from 15 minutes to 5 seconds.
LEISMOS6LDNCT SPR# SMOS6LDNCT - Oracle is returning 8 bytes of data for dates, instead of the expected 7. This caused heap memory corruption. This can cause random crashes in agents and LEI/DECS activities.
LEISMOS6M4SWG SPR# SMOS6M4SWG - The Notes.ini variable "EIUseOSMemory=1" is now set by the LEI installer.
LEISSHE6L4P6C SPR# SSHE6L4P6C - Realtime multi-value fields could lose data upon an open event. With this fix, fetch data will not be blocked.
LEITDEY63BS4U SPR# TDEY63BS4U - This fix stops excessive CPU usage by LEI as a Domino Addin on Linux systems.
LEITHAN6NJP8Q SPR# THAN6NJP8Q - Added support for the Lotus Connector for ODBC DB2 ODBC driver.
LotusScriptAKOI6HKHFP SPR# AKOI6HKHFP - If XML special characters, such as <, >, and &, are contained in C&S attributes, such as subject of a meeting, the busytime lookup web service was failing to XML quote them causing data loss. This fix solves that problem. In Domino 7, the busytime lookup web service is only used by the Group Calendar Portlet.
LotusScriptAKOI6KYCYK SPR# AKOI6KYCYK - The Busytime web service did not return the Timezone if an invitee's profile had not been updated. This fix defaults the invitee's timezone to the timezone of the server
LotusScriptANIA686C48 SPR# ANIA686C48 - Fixed a memory leak that occurred when executing a scheduled agent. Notes was leaking when reading an array of strings in a scheduled agent.
LotusScriptASHH6SPA6L SPR# ASHH6SPA6L - Fixed a problem in LotusScript where the order in which a character was displayed affected the character size. This problem was reported with Japanese language characters.
LotusScriptBHIR6NUMTG SPR# BHIR6NUMTG - Prior to Release 6.5.5, doc.signer returned null if the doc had been modified since signed. Starting in Release 6.5.5, doc.signer returned the signer irrespective of the doc being changed. This fix brings back the old 6.54 behavior.
LotusScriptBKOH6LBPDZ SPR# BKOH6LBPDZ - This fix prevents memory corruption in NotesRichTextDocLink::DBReplicaID.
LotusScriptCDHR6FZG3Q SPR# CDHR6FZG3Q - Fixed a crash when a view action obtains a NotesDocumentCollection and composes a new document which contains scripted objects, and the view is closed while the document is still open.
LotusScriptCSMH6Q4NPS SPR# CSMH6Q4NPS - Fixed a crash case closing a document in which the PostOpen UI event performs an edit mode change, triggering another PostOpen causing a loop.
LotusScriptDPOL5U5GHB SPR# DPOL5U5GHB - Fixed a problem with RichTextItem.appendTable failing on iSeries.
LotusScriptDQUY495MT3 SPR# DQUY495MT3 - Fix a problem with the password prompt when the user cancelled out of the prompt with the Lotusscript "SwitchToID" method. The error message "Cannot open ID file" was displayed.
LotusScriptEDDN6M4QE4 SPR# EDDN6M4QE4 - Expanded properties for the back-end NotesDocument class were obscured beginning with the Notes/Domino 7.0 release, and existing scripts could then fail to find requested properties at runtime. This has now been fixed.
LotusScriptFHEN6H4CYU SPR# FHEN6H4CYU - The NotesAdministrationProcess AddInternetCertificateToUser() will now work with a CA enabled Internet certifier. Use empty strings for the required arguments and the CA related properties as documented.
LotusScriptFHEN6KXJRK SPR# FHEN6KXJRK - Fixed a problem where the attachment file was lost when the message was transferred by NotesRichTextItem::AppendRTItem.
LotusScriptFHEN6LCM7H SPR# FHEN6LCM7H - Fixed the FormatDocument and RenderToRTItem methods to handle V2 style attachments correctly. Prior to this fix, when opening non Lotus-PDF files, the message "notes item not found" was returned.
LotusScriptFHEN6LKFEF SPR# FHEN6LKFEF - Fixed the FormatDocument and RenderToRTItem methods to handle V2 style attachments correctly.
LotusScriptGFLY5K3PR7 SPR# GFLY5K3PR7 - Prior to this fix, the Dir$ function was not working on the Macintosh platform. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 6.0.1.
LotusScriptGPKS6CFJC2 SPR# GPKS6CFJC2 - This fix is to allow NotesTimer's to work while the dialog box is displayed. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
LotusScriptHSCI6Q2B6J SPR# HSCI6Q2B6J - Fixed a problem where the ACL log was not being updated properly when the -Default- entry in the ACL
was updated using LotusScript.
LotusScriptJBIE6FLTVN SPR# JBIE6FLTVN - Instead of displaying an error that the action was not allowed, CreateReplica was crashing. Now it will return the proper error.
LotusScriptJCDS6NHNA5 SPR# JCDS6NHNA5 - Mail sent through LotusScript (Back-End Classes), that have a very complex group as the recipient could be sending multiple copies to recipients that might appear in different, or repetitive groups. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
LotusScriptJCHN6J9MC9 SPR# JCHN6J9MC9 - This fix prevents a memory leak when querying properties of a site map via LotusScript.
LotusScriptJCHN6QJKMX SPR# JCHN6QJKMX - The Lotuscript functions db.CreateFTIndex and db.UpdateFTIndex do not respect the Update_No_FULLTEXT=1 notes.ini setting. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
LotusScriptJGON636V6G SPR# JGON636V6G - This fix avoids a crash in FSIsFrameAncestorOfFrame() - when running LotusScript and creating a document in a second database.
LotusScriptJJUS6JCDXP SPR# JJUS6JCDXP - RunOnServer method fails if not initiated and number of session is larger than 225. The error message returned was "Notes Error: LotusScript Error - Cannot load resource string or resource file missing (nse*, nsk*, etc)."
LotusScriptKGUT6HWKUZ SPR# KGUT6HWKUZ - This fix prevents an HTTP hang when finishing a LotusScript agent. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
LotusScriptKHIA6HXJW7 SPR# KHIA6HXJW7 - Fixed a regression where the second line in a prompt was cut off if it was separated by a line feed and not a Carriage return. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
LotusScriptKHIA6HZ6BB SPR# KHIA6HZ6BB - Document.CopyItemToNote was behaving differently when the item argument is "". With this fix, the source item is used. This problem was a regression introduced in 6.0.
LotusScriptKKOO6J93UN SPR# KKOO6J93UN - Fixed a case where DBCS characters were in several fields totalling more than 512 bytes, and the last character was split across a buffer boundary. The characters were being misread but are now read correctly.
LotusScriptKMAO6LU6YV SPR# KMAO6LU6YV - Fix for a crash in 3 level nested simple agents. This regression was intrdouced in 7.0.
LotusScriptMDKU6PML4Q SPR# MDKU6PML4Q - Database.db2schema now returns the value NSFSCHEMA from the Domino catalog table instead of the schema of the nsfdb2.
LotusScriptMMAY6LJP8Q SPR# MMAY6LJP8Q - This problem emerges when using the CaretCategory property of the NotesUIView class when the category name is longer than 99 characters. The problem is that when we get the category name in the client code we store it in a buffer of size 100. Any category names longer then this will cause us to incorrectly return NULL. The fix was to increase the size of this buffer to 256.
LotusScriptSTAA6L4DXC SPR# STAA6L4DXC - When exiting a field because of code executed in a form Postopen event, the field's Exiting event did not trigger. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
LotusScriptTTRT6KJTA4 SPR# TTRT6KJTA4 - This fix prevents a server crash when using ViewNavigator.GetEntry() under certain circumstances.
LotusScriptYHAO6LBGRP SPR# YHAO6LBGRP - Fixed a problem where NotesUIWorkspace.CurrentDocument could return the wrong document if called from an event in a new document created by the QueryClose event of another document. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
LotusScriptYHAO6LDB3T SPR# YHAO6LDB3T - Fixed an input statement to handle fixed-length string.
LotusScriptYHAO6MYGU5 SPR# YHAO6MYGU5 - Fixed a problem where when pasting a doc link and then inserting text, inserted the text before the link.
LotusScriptYPHG6RD6EN SPR# YPHG6RD6EN - Fixed an LS2J crash that occurred when deleting a JavaError object, then deleting a JavaSession object.
LS Data ObjectJREN5VN9EJ SPR# JREN5VN9EJ - Domino server will crash when accessing a DB2 database and modify it using LSDO. This had been fixed on Domino 6.5.6 and 7.0.2. The error occurs when the resultset.query is initialized to a query and then repeated resultset.execute() are performed without initializing the resultset.query to a new query (or just using the same query over and over again). Depending on the type of function performed after the resultset.execute(), the crash may not occur. For example if only gets are performed and no updates are performed, this crash may not occur.
LS Data ObjectPALT6MVL6X SPR# PALT6MVL6X - Added the Notes.ini parameter(UseSQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT) to use SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT when making a connection to the database driver. This is needed when ODBCConnectionPooling is on for certain ODBC drivers on W32.
LS Data ObjectSSHE6QGKRV SPR# SSHE6QGKRV - Domino version 5.x for zSeries LSDO successfully managed non-unique table names in the target DB2 database. This behavior was inadvertently disabled in prior Domino 6.x versions, but has now been reinstated. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
MailASUH6LJLR4 SPR# ASUH6LJLR4 - Appended right mouse menu on thread panel.
MailASUH6LKEQB SPR# ASUH6LKEQB - Mail thread is now enabled by default.
MailASUH6MAFG4 SPR# ASUH6MAFG4 - With this fix, a timeout handler was added for submitting forms. This was applied to the mail edit form, mail phone message edit form, appointment edit form and ToDo edit form. This handler was added to prevent the server from not getting back to the client with a response when submitting forms.
MailCXDI6AKD3U SPR# CXDI6AKD3U - A second, unexpected warning box will appear after the expected warning box, when a user creates a new folder, using a Reserved name, such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, etc. With this fix, the second warning box will no longer appear. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
MailCXDI6HP6WX SPR# CXDI6HP6WX - Namepicker on "resend" window did not allow the user to pick multiple names for the recipients field. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 7.0.1.
MailCXDI6JF5SW SPR# CXDI6JF5SW - When using Firefox on Windows32, and dragging a message window to a special size, the "To" field becomes invalid. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
MailDCHR6L8TWC SPR# DCHR6L8TWC - The mail body content filter parses the URL using the position of strings "nsf", but string comparing had been case-sensitive. It's changed to none case-sensitive comparing.
MailDJAG6HSR5Q SPR# DJAG6HSR5Q - Fixed an extra MIME->CD conversion when replying to or forwarding a memo.
MailDJAG6K9JAG SPR# DJAG6K9JAG - When attempting to send an encrypted message to a recipient who doesn't have an available public key, the Mail Encryption Failure dialog was displayed, but hitting Cancel returned a "sending mail" animation and not the original message. This fix corrects the handling of the return value from the Delivery failure dialog.
MailDJAG6L8HV4 SPR# DJAG6L8HV4 - For this issue, the Welcome Page settings were set to display the users inbox. Normally, when opening a message and using the navigation arrows to move to the Next or Previous message, the correct message is displayed. Prior to this fix, if a message was deleted, the window was closed and the display was returned to the Welcome Page Inbox view. With this fix, the next message will be correctly displayed in the Welcome Page Inbox view.
MailDJAG6NRLXX SPR# DJAG6NRLXX - Fixed a problem where Domino Web Access displays two icons for attachments created on a Macintosh.
MailDWHR6JLMTZ SPR# DWHR6JLMTZ - Fixed a problem where mail messages which contained a stored form were not shown completely.
MailDWHR6NSDLG SPR# DWHR6NSDLG - Fixed a problem where the body of a mail message was not where it was supposed to be (meaning the editor) with particular messages. This caused attachments from not being able to be seen.
MailDWHR6QRKV4 SPR# DWHR6QRKV4 - Could not retrieve clientHeight/ClientWidth correctly while resizing an event. Added code for Mozilla 1.4.1 to resize correctly.
MailDYHG6HR8YY SPR# DYHG6HR8YY - Fixed code for retrieving a value from the Domain name input field.
MailDYHG6P9CBC SPR# DYHG6P9CBC - In Domino 7.0, we moved the over-quota check from the DWA client to the Domino server. This was done because the DWA client check was very simplistic (for example, it didn't take into account whitespace in the database) and often prevented the user from sending and saving mail when the quota had not actually been reached. This problem was reported by a number of customers using Domino 6.x, but the change was a fairly large, so we waited for a major release to introduce it. A number of hotfixes and work-arounds were developed to address the problem in Domino 6.x. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
MailEECC6GF4Z3 SPR# EECC6GF4Z3 - Usage indicator will be updated automatically when view is refreshed.
MailFJIG6QBB77 SPR# FJIG6QBB77 - The body of a task request message is no longer lost when the assignee is a Notes user. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
MailFLFL6KA98Z SPR# FLFL6KA98Z - A Domino Web Access warning is no longer displayed when closing an encrypted mail message.
MailFLFL6KGCSD SPR# FLFL6KGCSD - Unable to open the attachment when Reply with history/forwarding an Encrypted mail in mail list view. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
MailFLFL6MJ3V3 SPR# FLFL6MJ3V3 - Domino Web Access warning displayed after clicking "Show Unread Only". This problem has been fixed.
MailFSIZ6QANCZ SPR# FSIZ6QANCZ - Fixed a crash which occurred when replying to messages from the internet.
MailGHAN6MBS8X SPR# GHAN6MBS8X - Fixed an intermittent memory leak.
MailJLJE6JKJJ7 SPR# JLJE6JKJJ7 - Changed the keyboard handler to not emit an error sound.
MailJLJE6KQNXU SPR# JLJE6KQNXU - Open Mail menu will be displayed on RMB.
MailJLJE6LMMEK SPR# JLJE6LMMEK - With this fix, users can now resize the details pane of an appointment for flexibility.
MailJPIK6PWS8X SPR# JPIK6PWS8X - The SendTo field will now be changed correctly. Prior to this fix, resending a message from a non-delivery report did not modify the SendTo field.
MailKRED6M9D42 SPR# KRED6M9D42 - Direction and alignment of mail body had not been set when a user created a mail from the Bidi UI of DWA. These attributes are set automatically after this fix.
MailKYOE6KX9SL SPR# KYOE6KX9SL - A trash document will be removed from the Draft folder after closing an action.
MailLLGO6HJ7X4 SPR# LLGO6HJ7X4 - Corrected the code for converting DBCS entity to DBCS.
MailLMMS6PAQUK SPR# LMMS6PAQUK - This problem occurs because the body of the mail message contained inconsistent tags. With this fix, the body of the message will be reopened in iframe.
MailLORN6LLMP9 SPR# LORN6LLMP9 - Fixed an HTTP crash when re-sending a delivery failure report from Domino Web Access. This problem occurs with the particular delivery failure document on the UNIX platform only.
MailMOSI6NHQ9U SPR# MOSI6NHQ9U - A Domino Web Access user logs in and attempts to send a message to a group, but receives the following error: "The following selected entry does not have an email address". This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
MailMROE6JTTAV SPR# MROE6JTTAV - Extremely long server names must be truncated when represented as a key value in the ini file.
MailMROE6NALAD SPR# MROE6NALAD - Task assigned to users with extended ASCII characters results in an invalid email address that prevents the recipient from responding to the task request from Microsoft Outlook. The fix makes the proper conversion from Native characters to LMBCS and reverses the conversion to ensure that the email addresses in the Outlook message are correct.
MailMSER6HXJVP SPR# MSER6HXJVP - Fixed a problem where when editing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and selecting as an attachment, Outlook would hang. The same thing happened with other mapi enabled applications, such as Word and Adobe
MailMSER6HXLL4 SPR# MSER6HXLL4 - Added HTML BODY and HEAD tags to messages to prevent blank HTML bodies
MailMSER6HXM7H SPR# MSER6HXM7H - Prior to this fix, recipients of messages generated by DAMO were not able to see the text representation of the Body. Internet Mail clients that only supported Body content in Plain Text did not render the Body. This fix allows mail recipients using Internet Mail clients to render the body in Plain Text or in HTML format.
MailMSER6HYQ6H SPR# MSER6HYQ6H - Because the Exchange 5.5 server is not able to handle more complex HTML encoding, the DAMO client will generate simpler HTML when possible, omitting Multipart Mixed, Multipart Related and/or Multipart Alternative sections. There remain more complex messages, for example, with attachments and inline pictures. which will require the DAMO client to include all three of these sections. In these cases users connected to an Exchange 5.5 server will continue to receive messages which include 'untitled attachment'.
MailMSER6J8M9T SPR# MSER6J8M9T - Sending an email from Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook to Blackberry using BIS, the body comes as a multi part attachment. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
MailMSER6JPLKL SPR# MSER6JPLKL - Fixed a problem where a picture was cut off from a forwarded message.
MailMSER6JTRK3 SPR# MSER6JTRK3 - DAMO crashed when sending mail from adobe. This problem has been fixed.
MailMSER6K4K63 SPR# MSER6K4K63 - Fixed a Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook crash which occurred while sending mail from Adobe.
MailMSER6K4PNY SPR# MSER6K4PNY - When forwarding a specific HTML doc, Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook lost the attachment.
MailMSER6LBM3K SPR# MSER6LBM3K - This fix converts message header and footer information and merges them with the body in DAMO.
MailMSER6NTJ6T SPR# MSER6NTJ6T - Messages with Text only body may be truncated. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.5.6 and was a regression introduced in 6.5.5 FP1.
MailNRBY6KYNZL SPR# NRBY6KYNZL - Fixed a mapi spooler error and crash when sending mail from the Microsoft IE menu with Outlook not in the background.
MailOOGE6N5SU4 SPR# OOGE6N5SU4 - With this fix, the trailing spaces of each name will be trimmed correctly.
MailPANN6L7FLT SPR# PANN6L7FLT - Fixed a problem where part of the mail body in an HTML mail message was not displayed. This problem occurs on a particular HTML mail if the style attribute of HTML tag contains CR/LF in HTML mail.
MailPANN6LUJS4 SPR# PANN6LUJS4 - Changed the formula so that the Notes client with DWA template does not cause the sender to appear under "Who" for any folders created.
MailRCFE6PPLQY SPR# RCFE6PPLQY - Fixed a problem where an attachment failed to download. The problem occurred under the following conditions. (1) GZIP compression is enabled. (2) The attachment is an image file created on MacOS. (3) The mail contains both the data fork and other part (resource fork) as MIME parts of an image attachment.
MailSEGN6QQGRH SPR# SEGN6QQGRH - Fixed a crash when sending mail to be signed/encrypted, but no notesid in mailfile.
MailSIHA6Q54JG SPR# SIHA6Q54JG - Fixed a problem where the alternate name could not be selected from the select addresses dialog on the rule edit window.
MailSRKM6HTB9K SPR# SRKM6HTB9K - The contents of the body item will be fetched in iframe to improve performance for parsing body html by browser if document size is large.
MailSTER5PQ8PE SPR# STER5PQ8PE - Fixed a problem of Mozilla/Firefox on Linux platform: mail window comes up over the spell check window unexpectedly when doing spell checking plain text message. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
MailTSUA6AL8UK SPR# TSUA6AL8UK - Users will get their own replies when they reply all to a message where the recipient address is SMTP. This fix forces the content of the SEARCH key to be the Notes address so that it matches the logon user preventing showing the recipients address in the TO field when doing Reply All.
MailVSEN6CZMEU SPR# VSEN6CZMEU - This fix sets the CID for an inline image in a plain text message.
MailVSEN6HWNS3 SPR# VSEN6HWNS3 - Fix for intermittent issues with DWA XML response pages being corrupted.
MailXGLO6MVCLQ SPR# XGLO6MVCLQ - Fixed a problem where the 'Forward' button was displayed when DWA was used to read a mail message in the Notes View Portlet,
MailXMXL6LT9RM SPR# XMXL6LT9RM - Read/Unread status will be updated when the user open encrypted document with password.
MailXQCO6MRCVV SPR# XQCO6MRCVV - Null attachment date will be correctly handled.
MailYHAO6HKBSX SPR# YHAO6HKBSX - Fixed an issue of Mozilla and Firefox on Linux platforms: When a user attempts to search the mail inbox using the Find Entry dialog box by typing a word from keyboard, multiple dialog boxes are opened unexpectedly.
Mail AddressingFSIZ6KYJWH SPR# FSIZ6KYJWH - This fix prevents a Microsoft Outlook crash when scrolling the rooms view of the address book. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Mail AddressingMPAA6JZKAZ SPR# MPAA6JZKAZ - "Contact","Of" and "Phone" fields are blank in Phone Message when "To" field is not filled first and "," is pressed. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 and 7.0.2.
Mail AddressingMROE6NHPJX SPR# MROE6NHPJX - Fixed problems with garbled SMTP addresses and addresses showing as distribution lists.
Mail AddressingPAZR67BRBG SPR# PAZR67BRBG - This fix allows angle brackets in the address phrase. Prior to this fix, the Notes Client was not parsing an RFC822 phrase properly if "<" or :>" appears in the quoted string.
Mail AddressingSJAR6GA3HT SPR# SJAR6GA3HT - New functionality was added SMTPTranslateAddressLookup=2 to allow lookups to the secondary directories to translate internet addresses that are defined in a secondary directory, to their hierarchical name.
The ini is to be used in conjunction with SMTPTranslateAddresses=2 and also requires Router Address Lookup in the Configuration document is set to Fullname Only.
Mail ClientASHH6MHGLN SPR# ASHH6MHGLN - The fix for this SPR fixes situations when a user would add another user to their local address book contacts and the Alternate name for the user would be incorrect.
Mail ClientASHH6MJFWU SPR# ASHH6MJFWU - The fix for this SPR fixes situations when a user would add another user to their local address book contacts and the Internet address for the user would be incorrect.
Mail ClientBRIS5WVPDF SPR# BRIS5WVPDF - This fix prevents an intermittent crash when sending an email via an agent to a group. The crash was seen on Solaris and AIX platforms only.
Mail ClientCSMH6LURFC SPR# CSMH6LURFC - Notification alarms for multiple selected inbox items not working as expected for Follow-up. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Mail ClientDPOL6HRHRU SPR# DPOL6HRHRU - Fixed an instance where HTML table width attributes were ignored by the Notes R6 client.
Mail ClientEHET5TDP2U SPR# EHET5TDP2U - Fixed a crash on the Macintosh client with over 1000 fonts installed. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
Mail ClientGPKS6BPHXQ SPR# GPKS6BPHXQ - Ambiguous and No Names dialogs can be customized by adding additional columns to the $Users view either locally or for the corporate address book, the later being the expected usage.
Mail ClientHIS6BDRCS SPR# HIS6BDRCS - Fixed a problem where html tables could not be sized to fit contents. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
Mail ClientIKIO6J94CJ SPR# IKIO6J94CJ - Fixed a crash when selecting F9 after adding addresses to the SendTo field. This problem occurred because an unquoted phrase name contained a ")" without first having a "(". This caused invalid token parsing.
Mail ClientJKAH6LUMQA SPR# JKAH6LUMQA - This is a fix in the Router to mark emails auto-forwarded by user mail rules as auto-generated.
Mail ClientKSAA6GLASL SPR# KSAA6GLASL - This fix removes the limit of 10 send copy to actions allowed by user mails.
Mail ClientLLGO6HS9ZR SPR# LLGO6HS9ZR - An attachment icon will be displayed when a user with an internet certificate sends S&E mail to a group which includes a user without both an internet and Notes certificate.
Mail ClientMLAT6ABQ7L SPR# MLAT6ABQ7L - Fixed a problem where table borders were displayed as thick/dark lines. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
Mail ClientMYAG6LJLKL SPR# MYAG6LJLKL - When exporting a vcf from Notes and Importing by Microsoft Outlook, the x.509 certificate is missing in the contact.
Mail ClientRDER6PPQRA SPR# RDER6PPQRA - This fix ensures that the scroll bar is recalculated and hidden, if necessary, on resize.
Mail ClientSFPN6FBJGM SPR# SFPN6FBJGM - Fixed a crash which occurred after opening an HTML newsletter. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Mail ClientTMIZ699MB2 SPR# TMIZ699MB2 - This fix makes MailLookupNames drop through local LDAP accounts when retrieving keys for fully qualified internet addresses.
Mail ClientYSAI65CCYZ SPR# YSAI65CCYZ - When saving as draft or saving a document, there were cases where the Alternate name fields would become out of sync with the standard SendTo, CopyTo, and BlindCopyTo fields. This fix ensures that template code does not change these lists during a Save or Save as Draft.
Mail ServerCAOA6J8CK4 SPR# CAOA6J8CK4 - This fix introduces a Notes.ini to limit the number of copies of a message that are journaled for a specific case. When mail is addressed using an internet address in the Router's responsible internet domain and the result of the lookup of that internet address indicates the user is in another Notes domain, the Router will forward a copy of the message to that domain. If the message was selected for journaling, this copy will also be journaled. This fix provides the Notes.ini variable "JournalLimitForwardToDomain=1", which will prevent this duplicate copy of the forwarded message from being journaled. The original message will still be journaled. The Notes.ini variable must be enabled on the server which has journaling enabled, and which is doing the forwarding.
Mail ServerCAOA6J8CK4 SPR# CAOA6J8CK4 - This fix introduces a Notes.ini to limit the number of copies of a message that are journaled for a specific case. When mail is addressed using an internet address in the Router's responsible internet domain
and the result of the lookup of that internet address indicates the user is in another Notes domain, the Router will forward a copy of the message to that domain. If the message was selected for journaling, this copy will also be journaled. This fix provides the Notes.ini variable "JournalLimitForwardToDomain=1", which will prevent this duplicate copy of the forwarded message from being journaled. The original message will still be journaled. The Notes.ini variable must be enabled on the server which has journaling enabled, and which is doing the forwarding.
Mail ServerJALS658T7S SPR# JALS658T7S - Mail is parsed into two separate addresses on a reply/reply with history. This fix prevents splitting of RFC822 addresses caused by unquoted commas and semicolons. This fix requires setting the Notes.ini variable "RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=1".
Mail ServerJBAA6KXQYC SPR# JBAA6KXQYC - SMTP incorrectly itemized 2 attachments when those attachments had the same name but used a different case. For example, test.GIF and test.gif. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 6.5.4.
Mail ServerLMES6HATES SPR# LMES6HATES - Fixed a problem where a message disclaimer did not work when a RFC 822 phrase was enabled and
added by the server. The fix allows the use of both the RFC 822 phrase and the disclaimer.
Mail ServerMJUK5ZDPAU SPR# MJUK5ZDPAU - Prior to this fix, Sh SCOS was indicating "Closed for Delivery" when Delivery Status in the Server document was set to Open for delivery.
Mail ServerRLBC6QXL6B SPR# RLBC6QXL6B - This fix introduces a control to change the Router's DNS Query time-out when dispatching messages to internet domains. Dispatching a message to a valid or invalid internet domain will normally take a fraction of a second. However, sometimes dispatching a message to an internet domain does not immediately fail in DNS. The DNS Query fails, then retries several times, with an increase in delays with each subsequent retry. This can take several seconds. This fix adds support for a Notes.ini setting to control the number of DNS Query retries performed by the Router. For example: RouterDNSQueryRetryCount=1 specifies that the Router should only perform one retry attempt when an error occurs performing a DNS query. A nonzero value must be specified for this Notes.ini. If 0 is specified, the default of 4 retry queries will be performed. Note that the Router will delay for 1 second before attempting the first retry for a failed DNS query, and this time is doubled for each retry attempt of the same query.

Please note: this fix is for the Unix platform only and does not apply to Windows.
Mail ServerSKAI6HG9N6 SPR# SKAI6HG9N6 - Added the Notes.ini variable "POP3MarkRead=3" which will not mark message as read until after it is successfully sent to client. Also added the Notes.ini variable "POP3TOPNoMarkRead" which, when set to 1, and POP3MarkRead=2 or 3, will disable read marking for the TOP command.
Mail ServerTMIZ6ERCJW SPR# TMIZ6ERCJW - Some third party tools that update mail messages in the server may cause the router to leak memory when requeuing. This fix will prevent the memory leaks.
Mail ServerTMIZ6J6CTV SPR# TMIZ6J6CTV - With this fix, the current MIME part will be used when looking for a rich text alternative. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
MigrationKRED6JUD9F SPR# KRED6JUD9F - Fixed a problem where Calendar entries were not displayed in the calendar view after migration.
MigrationLSPR633J2C SPR# LSPR633J2C - The nupgrade wizard migrates Microsoft Outlook 2003 messages WHO column in the Sent Items folder as garbage.
MigrationTMEN6DDKN3 SPR# TMEN6DDKN3 - After migrating an Exchange mail file to Notes, only one meeting document was created for the first day of each meeting. No additional occurrences were created.
MIMEDWHR6LSCUN SPR# DWHR6LSCUN - Forwarding a specific message with attachments resulted in a "MIME Part expected" error. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
MIMEPAZR6KZSN9 SPR# PAZR6KZSN9 - Fixed a problem where Base64 encoded attachments were truncated if an exclamation point existed. This fix makes the base64 decoder ignore illegal characters and complete the decode.
MIMETDOO6LEVGP SPR# TDOO6LEVGP - Fixed a crash on CIMgExport::MimeDirToStream while running DNA Mime test thread.
MIME to CD conversionADEE6L7UX8 SPR# ADEE6L7UX8 - A MIME document failed to open using C++ API, causing MIME to CD conversion error. Changed code to ignore the error when both MIME and Rich Text "Body" items are on the note. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
MIME to CD conversionCMAS6EATAD SPR# CMAS6EATAD - Fixed a MIME to CD conversion crash due to bad GIF images. The workaround for Domino servers is to set the person doc for "Keep in senders' format" or "Prefers MIME" instead of "Prefers Notes Rich Text". Also, it has been mentioned that on RIM Blackberry server's, conversion of MIME->CD occurs and there is no option to prevent this. To ensure this case is covered, you can rename or delete the NIGIF.DLL. It's only used to convert GIF images to Notes Bitmaps. When it's missing, the images are attached.
MIME to CD conversionDWHR6NHCJ3 SPR# DWHR6NHCJ3 - Added a new function to generate in-line style content-disposition for in-line image. Prior to this fix, a gallery image was not received by users with "Prefers Notes Rich Text" set in the Person document.
MIME to CD conversionJCHN6Q5LQC SPR# JCHN6Q5LQC - This fixes a problem where a $Fonts note item was not processed correctly. On big-endian the structure containing the lengths of the fields was in little-endian format. This fix converts the data before using it. With the fix the number of fonts in the fonts table was processed incorrectly and could cause storaged overlays or segment access violations.
MIME to CD conversionMFOR6LGRZ5 SPR# JKEY6LPH4P - Fixed a problem in MIME to CD conversion for bad apple double files. The code has been changed to gracefully handle a null pointer
MIME to CD conversionMPUL6HJLC2 SPR# MPUL6HJLC2 - Fixed a MIME to CD error "MIME parse warning: no tokens (%s)". Users were unable to set formal preferences to MIME. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
MIME to CD conversionMYAA6N7953 SPR# MYAA6N7953 - Fixed CVS to handle all combinations of CR LF. Prior to this fix, "0D" was deleted from a mail message when receiving mail with "Prefers Notes Rich Text". This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
MIME to CD conversionSBON6PNHXB SPR# SBON6PNHXB - Fixed a potential denial of service attack.
MIME to CD conversionXQCO6HA3HC SPR# XQCO6HA3HC - Fixed a problem where simplified Chinese attachment file names in a MIME message were displayed as "-".
MiscellaneousJMAZ6MAU9G SPR# JMAZ6MAU9G - Fixed a problem where there can be a case where Domino Web Access Redirect was performing name lookups for different servers, which caused the redirection to fail.
MiscellaneousVSEN6C426H SPR# VSEN6C426H - Fixed a problem where an unsupported browser screen was not working for Netscape 4.8.
MiscellaneousVSEN6JLPJ8 SPR# VSEN6JLPJ8 - Workaround IE problems with XML islands resulting in "Error encountered retrieving data" errors.
MiscellaneousVSEN6KVSPS SPR# VSEN6KVSPS - Enhance DWA custom tags to remove 100 byte item value limitations for arguments that referenced an item.
MiscellaneousWEBB6AZPW7 SPR# DDES6CJKXT - Fixed a problem where the trash view was not refreshed in DWA.
Name PickerPJON6JTPCY SPR# PJON6JTPCY - Fixed the garbled accent characters in directory titles in name picker.
Networking & DialupCCAY6MXLRQ SPR# CCAY6MXLRQ - To support clean database failover following a server crash, servers keep track of all active network sockets. This fix solves a problem that caused the open socket table to grow without bounds.
Networking & DialupCMCY6M4K88 SPR# CMCY6M4K88 - This fix prevents a RAS crash or hang on the Notes client due to a Microsoft structure change. A workaround to this problem is to make sure that RAS is connected to the server before replicating.
Networking & DialupDDAN6LNTE4 SPR# DDAN6LNTE4 - Removed support for Netbios over TCP/IP for Windows 64.
Networking & DialupGMAA6E2H97 SPR# GMAA6E2H97 - Fixed HTTP proxy authentication for western European characters. German umlauts and eszetts now work, for example.
Networking & DialupJJUS6J6GHB SPR# JJUS6J6GHB - Fixed a problem on Domino Linux, were a serial port name of more than 10 characters, ie /dev/ttySxx, was not recognized.
Networking & DialupJPAI6SARAA SPR# JPAI6SARAA - Asynchronous notifications are used to notify clients that new mail has arrived or a view needs updating. In rare cases, async notifications sent to servers may cause performance problems or hangs. This fix stops a server from sending these notifications to other servers.
Networking & DialupJSCR6LZNBS SPR# JSCR6LZNBS - Our DNS lookup code was assuming that DNS servers always return well formed data. Sometimes they do not. This fix prevents a crash when this occurs.
OtherKYOE6M78HL SPR# KYOE6M78HL - Fixed a sort order problem in the (iNotes_Contacts) view.
OtherMROE6HKN25 SPR# MROE6HKN25 - "Repl_NF_N" is now case insensitive.
OtherMROE6RCNPZ SPR# MROE6RCNPZ - Using the system temp directory may cause the conversion of the body to fail resulting in messages with an empty body.
OtherMROE6RGNE6 SPR# MROE6RGNE6 - Using the system temp directory may cause the conversion of the body to fail resulting in messages with an empty body.
PDAMSER6PHL9L SPR# MSER6PHL9L - For various reasons, Contacts, Calendar items and e-mail were incompletely syncing to the HP iPAQ from the DAMO Outlook client. This fix resolves problems converting Birthdays (anniversaries, all day events in general) from Notes to Outlook, reduces the size of the RTF color table, and assigns a message type to customized e-mail which does not contain a Form field. Not all handheld devices were experiencing problems, so this fix is only required for this particular PDA, although this fix should be an improvement for all DAMO users, with or without PDAs.
PortalHYSI6NJ8B5 SPR# HYSI6NJ8B5 - After adding a folder in the Domino Web Access portlet, the display mode changes to All Area.
PortalVSEN6MR6KK SPR# VSEN6MR6KK - Fixed a problem with the Logout action appearing after a folder action within the DWA portlet.
PortalZYCI6KH7Y5 SPR# ZYCI6KH7Y5 - Fixed a problem where users of the Lotus Notes View portlet were unable to edit a Calendar entry.
PreferencesDYHG67H86D SPR# DYHG67H86D - A delegated meeting could not be accepted or declined via the autoprocess.
PreferencesELIN6PH5YF SPR# ELIN6PH5YF - Fixed a problem where the Alternate Name was unreadable after registering user and disabling "Allow user to choose alternate name display".
PreferencesFLFL6M29V2 SPR# FLFL6M29V2 - Disabled the archive button when archive setting was not saved at preference. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
PreferencesJFEG62X8D7 SPR# JFEG62X8D7 - Fixed a problem where the Mail thread button was missing if documents were displayed as one page at a time.
PreferencesKYOE6QA5KQ SPR# KYOE6QA5KQ - This fix removed monospace style from text area for IE plain text format. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
PreferencesLBIG6H3RYF SPR# LBIG6H3RYF - Unable to save Mailfile preferences through a browser or portlet. Prior to this fix, a name format error was displayed.
PreferencesMHOL6F6KGU SPR# MHOL6F6KGU - Domino Preferences "Access to Other's Mail" could generate an error message which was hard-coded.
The error text has been resourced and now will be translated appropriately.
The English text will now read "Mailserver lookup failed".
PreferencesNRBY6F6MSW SPR# NRBY6F6MSW - Added an address book UI for specified local directories.
PreferencesXMXL6HT9ZC SPR# XMXL6HT9ZC - Fixed a Mozilla/Firefox issue where nothing would happen after clicking Tools -> Archive and opening the archive.
PrintingCSMH6GHPWN SPR# CSMH6GHPWN - Fixed group calendar printing problem and print date range. The Group calendar was not printing all members when the group was selected. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
PrintingHKOA6LYEGE SPR# HKOA6LYEGE - Fixed a crash which occurred when print previewing a group calendar that contained a nonexistent user.
PrintingJBIE5K7RSD SPR# JBIE5K7RSD - Calendar style print options are now saved per user basis.
PrintingKKOO6MY9DK SPR# KKOO6MY9DK - The Alternate name of "From" was lost in the print UI. This fix sets the item on the new memo window.
PrintingKUMA5XLK82 SPR# KUMA5XLK82 - Fixed a crash which occurred when print previewing a group Calendar.
PrintingMLAT6H63B2 SPR# MLAT6H63B2 - Fixed a problem in pagebreak with a paragraph that has more than one line before and after spacing. For this fix to work, the Notes.ini variable "PrinterPixelPreview=1" must be used. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
PrintingMVEO5TMNWD SPR# MVEO5TMNWD - Fixed a group calendar printing problem where 42 days were printed, but 90 days had been selected.
PrintingRGAG5PALGF SPR# RGAG5PALGF - All views that have trash icon or awareness column will be printed correctly.
PrintingRRYN5PJNT4 SPR# RRYN5PJNT4 - Printing checkboxes will now behave similarly to printing radio buttons with all choices displaying. This regression was introduced in 6.0. Prior to this fix, only the selected choice of a checkbox was printed when the field was rendered to the RTF of a new document.
ReplicationANIA6LCE8W SPR# ANIA6LCE8W - Fix for Server crashes on ServerNoteOpen() when replicating a certain database. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
ReplicationBCRY63QP5Z SPR# BCRY63QP5Z - Fixed a problem where mail intermittently stopped replicating. If the user exited Microsoft Outlook and then launched DAMO, replication will restart and mail will arrive.
ReplicationBHAL6L4SMF SPR# BHAL6L4SMF - With this fix, when a client side network buffer is not available, an error is returned.
ReplicationBSPR67HN6W SPR# BSPR67HN6W - Using a server based, Notes.ini variable (ADMINP_EXCHANGE_ALL_UNREAD_MARKS = 1), this fix will allow the exchange of unread marks when the Administration Process based replication is used to create and populate a replica between servers. Please note that the amount of time to perform the initial replication by the administration process will increase due to the additional work required to exchange all the unread marks.
ReplicationBSPR6LDLH9 SPR# BSPR6LDLH9 - Fixed an intermittent problem where if a user has an agent that runs against a database enabled for unread replication, it may cause previously read messages to be marked unread.
ReplicationDCOY6P2PLY SPR# DCOY6P2PLY - For large mail files, with large replication inward, many collatins (16) and the database open, the client freezes for 30+ seconds. This fix is to update all open views of newly received databases as the last part of client replication.
ReplicationDCOY6RKQZT SPR# DCOY6RKQZT - With this fix, all open views of newly received databases are updated during the last part of client replication. Prior to this fix, the client would freeze for 30+ seconds with large mail files, and with large replication inward, many collations (16) and the Db open,
POLL_REMOTE_MAILFILE =1 specified, and a polling occurring during replication.
ReplicationDROO6MQJYX SPR# DROO6MQJYX - Fixed a problem where the replicator performed a full search under certain conditions when it shouldn't have.
ReplicationFSIZ6CXLAQ SPR# FSIZ6CXLAQ - Fixed a problem where the Briefcase, StatusUpdate, Header and Footer fields did not replicate to Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook.
ReplicationFSIZ6CXNW4 SPR# FSIZ6CXNW4 - New mail is displayed in the DAMO inbox, but after then selecting Send/Receive, the mail is removed from the Inbox, and then reappears. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 6.5.5.
ReplicationFSIZ6DTJJK SPR# FSIZ6DTJJK - Schedule errors were automatically displayed in the DAMO inbox rather than in the other messages folder where they should be.
ReplicationFSIZ6MNM7G SPR# FSIZ6MNM7G - Initial replication was not starting after adding a managed user to the mail file. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ReplicationFSIZ6R7K2H SPR# FSIZ6R7K2H - Initial replication crashes when converting message recipients to Microsoft Outlook. This problem has been fixed.
ReplicationJPAI6NZJW3 SPR# JPAI6NZJW3 - Fixed a very rare problem with Replication Logging when "Maximum number of in-memory notes has been exceeded" condition exists on the Domino Server which could result in a variety of logging problems. This regression was introduced in 5.0.1.
ReplicationKHAN6L5QEK SPR# KHAN6L5QEK - Fixed an issue where only a subset of documents were replicated when archiving a very large set of documents.
ReplicationMHOL6J7QYH SPR# MHOL6J7QYH - Failover did not work when the primary server was down. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
ReplicationMJBG6QSK9N SPR# MJBG6QSK9N - Fixed a potential crash when an error occurs while replicating unread marks.
ReplicationMROE6HHNLE SPR# MROE6HHNLE - The initial setup dialog has been revamped to show the status of different sections of initialization to keep the user better informed of its status.
ReplicationMROE6M4T6A SPR# MROE6M4T6A - All folder movements since time zero were being applied (redundantly) to the DAMO inbox. These can be corrupted and are not needed.
ReplicationMSER6HXNWL SPR# MSER6HXNWL - Occasional messages were not getting to DAMO - they were stuck as "associated" messages. This problem has been fixed.
ReplicationMSER6KSM9D SPR# MSER6KSM9D - Initial replication would happen multiple times, resulting in duplicate messages. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 and 7.0.2.
ReplicationMSER6L8QVW SPR# MSER6L8QVW - Initial replication starts spontaneously, re-replicating mail to DAMO. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.5.6.
ReplicationNRBY6JMR57 SPR# NRBY6JMR57 - With this fix, an "Other messages" folder has been added for delegated users.
ReplicationTGBM6AZC9G SPR# TGBM6AZC9G - This fix prevents the replicator from intermittently crashing when changing locations.
ReplicationTHTO6KRUW7 SPR# THTO6KRUW7 - Prior to this fix, selective replication would not work when a note went from matching formula to non-matching formula.
ReplicationWBLD6J9L2X SPR# WBLD6J9L2X - Fixed replication to allow delegate users to be able to delete C&S notes in a local replica and replicate the deletions to the server.
ReplicationWBLD6LYEG6 SPR# WBLD6LYEG6 - Reworded a message in the replication settings dialog.
Roaming userJCAL6KWRVW SPR# JCAL6KWRVW - Under certain conditions, a roaming user that has a password that does not meet custom password requirements was not prompted to change their password when opening the Notes client.
RouterBRIS6GVP9R SPR# BRIS6GVP9R - Some third party tools that update mail messages in the server may cause the router to leak memory when requeuing. This fix will prevent the memory leaks.
RouterCODL4LPJSF SPR# CODL4LPJSF - This fix prevents a potential router crash.
RouterLVAE6H5PAJ SPR# LVAE6H5PAJ - Fixed a potential Router crash when transferring a message over SMTP.
RouterLVAE6JVRUQ SPR# LVAE6JVRUQ - Fixed a memory leak in the Router when journaling a message that was resent by the message originator.
RouterMFIN5MQSVQ SPR# MFIN5MQSVQ - Corrected a problem in the mail router that could result in SMTP sessions being established with remote SMTP servers even when there were no messages to be transferred to those hosts. This fix should reduce the occurrences of "Router: No messages transferred to ..." messages logged by the mail router.
RouterMVEO6HWRJ8 SPR# MVEO6HWRJ8 - This fix provides a fix in the server to try to find a that is not corrupt when multiple mailboxes are in use. Also, it provides a fix in the Router to make a corrupt error when depositing to a destination mailbox a transient retryable error.
RouterPAZR6LM4UT SPR# PAZR6LM4UT - Corrected a problem in the router that could result in duplicate messages being sent to some recipients if the router is shutdown (or paused) after successful transfer of messages via SMTP to some recipients. With this fix, the router properly removes messages that have already been transferred to another SMTP host from during shutdown to prevent them from being sent again after the router restarts.
RouterSHEZ6NMGNC SPR# SHEZ6NMGNC - This Router fix provides additional anti looping detection for users of mail rules who auto forward messages with the send copy to rule action. This fix is to prevent forwarding the same message again by the same person.
RouterTMIZ6FBDGR SPR# TMIZ6FBDGR - Fixed a problem where the postmaster address of an internet Delivery Status Notification was replaced with the the local postmasters, when re-exporting a message.
RouterWMUY6KRVMT SPR# WMUY6KRVMT - Fixed BMP decoder for images with bad header data for 256 color bitmaps.
RulesBLEE6DCNMP SPR# BLEE6DCNMP - Fixed a problem with the correct processing of a particular iCalendar repeat rule. For example: RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;COUNT=5;INTERVAL=1;BYDAY=TU;BYSETPOS=2;WKST=SU

This rule says to generate every Tuesday date within a month and then pick the 2nd occurrence. The DTSTART value is correctly set in the iCalendar property to the 2nd Tuesday of the start month. The problem we had in the code was that we started generating dates from the DTSTART value and then picked 2nd occurrence. When processing this particular Repeat Rule we need to move the virtual start date back to beginning of the start month so that the code generates all the Tuesdays in that month. With this change the code get the correct value when it picks the 2nd occurrence.
SametimeSKAI6J58UL SPR# SKAI6J58UL - Fixed a Domino server hang with 0x0244 database semaphore when the cleanup thread was loaded. Prior to this fix, there was a timing issue with the creation of the osfdg shutdown thread and the process shutdown which can result in a loss of an the OSCreateThread event and thus block any thread creation from then on.
SCOSMPUL6L8KK9 SPR# MPUL6L8KK9 - Fixed a problem where a restored mail file, from a backup that referenced shared mail, could no longer reference mail that other mail files still reference. In release 6.0, the shared mail was improved to delete messages from the shared mail and
the links to the original to avoid the need to run the collect task. This has the side effect of not allowing user mail files to be restored from a backup. This fix allows the relink (load object link -relink) of the users mail file to work properly so they can read their mail.
SCTASHH6HDHNK SPR# ASHH6HDHNK - Fixed a problem where the Convert task failed updating the design, when a mail file was enabled for Single Copy Template.
SDKBBCN6LD9DD SPR# BBCN6LD9DD - Fixed a problem with the LDAP C API which causes ldap_get_option() to return the wrong value for LDAP_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL.
SearchCKHO64FMNB SPR# CKHO64FMNB - This fix prevents garbage characters from populating the SearchSite database. This problem occurs when there is a very large number
of SearchSite databases with long pathnames in a SearchSite environment.
SearchCXDI6JM5XK SPR# CXDI6JM5XK - Fixed a problem where the 'p' character was confused with F1, when using Mozilla/Firefox on "goto" view window.
SearchSDOY6MVFX7 SPR# SDOY6MVFX7 - Lastname space comma space Firstname search will now work in DWA7.
SearchSDOY6PGGYL SPR# SDOY6PGGYL - Character corruption with address picker when using secondary address book. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
SecurityANIA6JVDEX SPR# ANIA6JVDEX - Fixed an HTTP crash which occurred when many users changed the HTTP password concurrently.
SecurityDKEN6LT29N SPR# DKEN6LT29N - When exporting keys from the ID file onto a smartcard, also export an X.509 cert, where one exists. Also use the name from the cert as the CKA_LABEL attribute, instead of somehing along the lines of "Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". The existing C API functions are unchanged, but new opcodes have been added to trigger the new functionality.
SecurityFSIZ6HSNNA SPR# FSIZ6HSNNA - This fix resolves a problem when Microsoft Outlook was already running and Word/Excel/etc unnecessarily prompted for a password. These processes do not need to prompt for a password because Outlook has already authenticated the user.
SecurityHCHU6HH66M SPR# HCHU6HH66M - Fixed a memory leak and some irregularities when locking an ID file with a key on a smartcard.
SecurityJNON6HKPGD SPR# JNON6HKPGD - Fixed menu configuration during recertification via mail.
SecurityKEMG6R8JBF SPR# KEMG6R8JBF - Fixed a potential security issue. See technote # 1248026 for more details.
SecurityKLIN6EEPVU SPR# KLIN6EEPVU - The Domino directory (names.nsf)'s Access Control editor now provides clearer extended access (XACL) Log messages.
SecurityKPAL6NHQBU SPR# KPAL6NHQBU - Fixed a potential security issue. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
SecurityLCDL6DUC8X SPR# LCDL6DUC8X - Adding a Notes cross-certificate by phone no longer displayes a certificate mismatch error when authenticating. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
SecurityLMMS6LRTGA SPR# LMMS6LRTGA - Fixed a grammatical error in a message which was shown for users which had insufficient rights to access Domino Web Access Redirect database.
SecurityLPEE6HRQ58 SPR# LPEE6HRQ58 - Domino AdminP will now retry certain requests (recertify is one of them) at expanding time intervals (retry in 5 mins, if fail retry in 1 hour, if fail retry in 24 hrs) to allow for delays in replication and user registration.
SecurityMMFD6EMSYW SPR# MMFD6EMSYW - With this fix, an event is logged in the Notes client log when a new certificate is accepted into the ID file.
SecurityMROE5YHSHD SPR# MROE5YHSHD - With this fix, if a user is not found due to slow replication, etc., the AdminP 'Recertify Person In Directory' will be retried.
SecurityMSER6NZU57 SPR# MSER6NZU57 - This fix prevents ActiveSync from prompting the password multiple times, and
prevents a crash in ActiveSync.
SecurityPANN6KREBY SPR# PANN6KREBY - Fixed Domino Web Access SMIME, when creating the cross certificate for trust to non leaf certificate, sending back encrypted mail would fail the trust check.
SecurityRAGG6P8QV4 SPR# RAGG6P8QV4 - After receiving a signed and encrypted message from a Microsoft Outlook 2003 user, the body does not open in Domino Web Access.
SecurityRPAI6MHHJA SPR# RPAI6MHHJA - Fixed a Domino Web Access user from trying to change the http password while connected to a server that is not the administrator server.
SecuritySODY6NKFCC SPR# SODY6NKFCC - Unable to move a user to a new OU because the dialog truncated the text. The whole operation of moving to a new certifier failed. To avoid this problem, make a new certifier auto-scrollable.
SecuritySODY6QLDKB SPR# SODY6QLDKB - Fixed ID file recovery from the administrator client setting the password on the current user not the id file selected.
SecurityTTRT6P6TY4 SPR# TTRT6P6TY4 - Fixed an out of memory crash while performing an SSL handshake.
SecurityVCAL6MENEW SPR# VCAL6MENEW - Domino Web Access polling prevented SSO idle timeout from happening. This submission provides a method to determine if a request is a poll
SecurityVSEN6QRM66 SPR# VSEN6QRM66 - For additional security, change DWA document pages to return Cache-control: no-store rather than Cache-control: no-cache
SecurityVSEN6QYKKP SPR# VSEN6QYKKP - This fix enables Domino Web Access to return Cache-Control: no-store even for HTTP 1.0 to deposit less data within browser caches. This fix also enables future Domino Web Access page parts from setting various cache-control values without requiring additional server changes to support specific values.
SecurityXMXL6ENAKB SPR# XMXL6ENAKB - User using Notes client can't process the S/MIME meeting invitation from Domino Web Access. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
SecurityYBER6N6PZ8 SPR# YBER6N6PZ8 - Prior to this fix, users with an LTPA token were seen by the http stack as already authenticated. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
SecurityYHAO6KL92E SPR# YHAO6KL92E - Fixed a signature problem when a chair rescheduled, confirmed or cancelled w/o comments, in a signed meeting and Group todo.
SecurityYHAO6L69UX SPR# YHAO6L69UX - Fixed a problem where a Domino Web access warning message appeared if an unencrypted meeting with encryption was enabled in preferences and SSL enabled and required.
ServerASCR6LVBZ6 SPR# ASCR6LVBZ6 - Fixed a Router crash in Csetmem() when trying to use un-allocated memory. This fix improves shared memory management under low memory conditions.
ServerATHN6DDKTM SPR# ATHN6DDKTM - Various conditions can lead to error paths not properly closing a view container. This fixes bad code paths in NIF that leaks the view containers.
ServerATHS6B5PP8 SPR# ATHS6B5PP8 - In some cases, the poll task was getting bogged down while purging the log file. The potentially long delay between periodic tasks had caused customer issues, so we've moved log purging to its own thread.
ServerATHS6P2HZK SPR# ATHS6P2HZK - All admin types in the server document are now exempt from min/max checks.
ServerBHAL6KWT2X SPR# BHAL6KWT2X - This fix prevents a semaphore deadlock that can lead to a server hang.
ServerBMAD6DUJJZ SPR# BMAD6DUJJZ - Some "invalid" Notes DNs were being seen as OK by DNNotesValidSyntax(). Modified DNNotesValidSyntax() to accept a flag (used an unsigned short for compiler
compatibilty) to say whether STRICT Notes DN parsing should be turned on or off.
ServerBYAG6MN3W4 SPR# BYAG6MN3W4 - Fixed a panic which occurred on local memory allocates larger than 2 Gig.
ServerCAOA6M48EM SPR# CAOA6M48EM - Fixed a problem shutting down Domino while a Veritas Backup was running, and then trying to start Domino. The Domino Server will not start because it thinks it is already running. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
ServerCLEN6JWLNK SPR# CLEN6JWLNK - The error "PANIC: UnlockObject: already unlocked" was displayed on the server console after DAVPOP crashed. The crash occurred when doing "help" and "list" tags and then telling davpop to quit.
ServerCLEN6MWKT8 SPR# CLEN6MWKT8 - Fixed a UDF crash caused by a SQL query.
ServerCLEN6MXPUZ SPR# CLEN6MXPUZ - Internal testing resulted in a UDF crash when Date Range/List fields contained improper data. This problem has been fixed.
ServerCLEN6P9QRQ SPR# CLEN6P9QRQ - Anonymous access view inserts could crash if compute with form was enabled.
ServerCMCY6JUMHX SPR# CMCY6JUMHX - With SERVER_CLOCK=1 in the notes.ini, database tranactions are printed out with the amount of time in milliseconds it took to complete the transaction. The fix adds the timestamp to the output as debugging aide.
ServerCMCY6KBQAR SPR# CMCY6KBQAR - Fixed a problem during namelookups. This problem is observed if you see that the $users, $peoplegroupsflat, and $serveraccess views were getting rebuilt during the day, causing slowdowns. Please note that in all fixes, other than the 8.0 fix, the following Notes.ini parameter is necessary "Debug_Enable_Update_Fix=8191".
ServerCTOI6DVFA3 SPR# CTOI6DVFA3 - Fixed a filter crash when processing Word files.
ServerDBLK6HDLYJ SPR# DBLK6HDLYJ - The Domino server can not be started or stopped because it was created with a dash or hyphen ('-') in the name. No message was displayed, only the Domino server does not change it's status. This happens in iSeries platform on iSeries Navigator.
ServerDBLK6HDLYJ SPR# DBLK6HDLYJ - The Domino server can not be started or stopped because it was created with a dash or hyphen ('-') in the name. No message was displayed, only the Domino server does not change it's status. This happens in iSeries platform on iSeries Navigator.
ServerDFIO6PUNH9 SPR# DFIO6PUNH9 - Fixed an error "CEE3501S The module dbx31.dll was not found" displayed after running NSD -INFO at server startup.
ServerDJAG6K5KQA SPR# DJAG6K5KQA - Improved performance of the server when reading Notes.ini variables.
ServerDJAG6LULS6 SPR# DJAG6LULS6 - Fixed an SMIME recipient certificate validation code to allow a user with a certificate without key usage extension to receive smime encrypted mail.
ServerDKEY4JAGQQ SPR# DKEY4JAGQQ - Fixed an instance of the server crash with error: "PANIC: Lookup handle: handle not allocated".
ServerDOLA6M7P5L SPR# DOLA6M7P5L - Set the SeCreateGlobalPrivilege privilege and prefix shared objects with "Global\" to explicitly create the objects in the global namespace. With these changes shared objects will be accessible from Terminal services. On Windows 2000 without terminal services, the "Global\" keyword is ignored.
ServerDPOS6M846G SPR# DPOS6M846G - Fixed a problem with lost connectivity with DB2.
ServerDPOS6QQKDG SPR# DPOS6QQKDG - Fixed a server crash on iSeries which occurred after enabling the 3 following Notes.ini variables and sending a message containing a WINMAIL.DAT attachment using the Postmail utility. TNEFEnableConversion=1, TNEFAttachRTF=1 and TNEFDebug=1.
ServerDWHR6JFFNZ SPR# DWHR6JFFNZ - This fix sets the UNID to upload control when a document UNID is return from the server.
ServerDYHG6DT8EZ SPR# DYHG6DT8EZ - All recipient names in the recipient field will now be posted to the Server in the Primary Name style.
ServerECLD67EGD7 SPR# ECLD67EGD7 - Fixed a problem where the CompactWithOptions() method did not work when the database was a DB2NSF.
ServerFLII6JGB5G SPR# FLII6JGB5G - The proper extended administration server may not be selected as the "responding server" when the XACL administration server definition for a name space is more than one level of ancestry above the name being acted upon. The standard administration server will perform the action. This correction will target the Extended administration server to act on the name space and all it's ancestors.
ServerGCAR6DDR38 SPR# GCAR6DDR38 - The EventStatus, EventAddinName, EventParameter fields in log.nsf had the same data as the EventList field. This caused 32K errors when writing to the log and was a regression introduced in 6.5.5.
ServerGCAR6K8KMM SPR# GCAR6K8KMM - Prior to this fix, the Event Agent Parameter field was ignored when using the 'Run Agent' event handler.
ServerGCAR6KQ677 SPR# GCAR6KQ677 - Prior to this fix, TotalOpenTime was longer than actual session elapsed time when Activity logging was on.
ServerGHAN6KQQD4 SPR# GHAN6KQQD4 - Fixed a Server crash on function ServerPathlinkCheck. The log file reported the crash when the calling function OSGetSignalThreadData(OS_SIGNAL_PATHLINK) returns NULLHANDLE.

ServerGHAN6MBPPG SPR# GHAN6MBPPG - Fixed a memory leak for BLK_OPENED_NOTE which caused a server crash.
ServerGMGM6H5BJ5 SPR# GMGM6H5BJ5 - The files WRKDOMCSL and DSPDOMCSL have changed their behavior. Prior to this change, those two commands were going to read an IFS file. A new enhancement had changed this IFS for a USER SPACE, now the *X authority is not needed. The only change made in this release was in the "help" for those two commands: *X help authority has been removed.
ServerGMGM6MUCB6 SPR# GMGM6MUCB6 - Fixed a server crash which occurred when Teraspace was enabled and using Teraspace storage.
ServerGRCE6EJKU3 SPR# GRCE6EJKU3 - Replaced a panic with a graceful error return. Prior to this fix, the panic would return "PANIC: OSAddressInVARRAY: VARRAY element index is too large (1748 > 174.
ServerGRHE6NDGUH SPR# GRHE6NDGUH - The DB2 access server became unresponsive due to a memory leak.
ServerHSAO6M2N3G SPR# HSAO6M2N3G - This fix allows ICM to redirect a request when Referrer header is longer than 1024.
ServerJCHN6G6MMV SPR# JCHN6G6MMV - Fixed a server crash that could occur when multiple notes are being updated in the same session and
one of the notes has an error during the update.
ServerJGIR667UNJ SPR# JGIR667UNJ - For DWA there is a codepath where we could get a NULL handle back when getting the unreadTable for a DB and crash when dereferencing this handle. The fix is to test for this condition and exit if we detect it.
ServerJGIR6BPPDX SPR# JGIR6BPPDX - Fixed a crash which occurred when running a lsxodbc agent due to memory corruption.
ServerJGON66YSCF SPR# JGON66YSCF - Fixed a problem where the opening of a collection stored the error "No documents modified " in the collection
structure and subsequent collection opens obtained that value erroneously.
ServerJGRP6QM2RE SPR# JGRP6QM2RE - Modified the Domino Web Access stylesheet url so that it uses the "short url argument names".
ServerJPAI6HHLLZ SPR# JPAI6HHLLZ - An NSD crash would cause us to miss crash data collection. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServerJPAI6JWTJS SPR# JPAI6JWTJS - Fixed the error "File does not exist" in nupdall when using an indirect file that contained filenames that didn't have .nsf extensions.
ServerJPAI6RUKRA SPR# JPAI6RUKRA - Fixed a Domino Server problem that caused the creation of too many BLK_OPENED_NOTE pools without first utilizing previous pools created, which can cause memory utilization spikes and out of handle crashes.
ServerJREN67HR7Z SPR# JREN67HR7Z - Fixed an incorrect invocation of setlocale() in iSeries specific LotusScript code.a
ServerKBRE5MJGEX SPR# KBRE5MJGEX - A prompt will no longer appear with an NT service, on server startup, if parameters are used.
ServerKEMG6SRKEM SPR# KEMG6SRKEM - Fixed a potential security issue on Linux operating systems. See technote #1249173 for details.
ServerKJON6M8TQP SPR# KJON6M8TQP - Fixed a problem where the purge interval was not being calculated properly.
ServerLHQI6HJEKR SPR# LHQI6HJEKR - If a Domino server's Collate parameter includes '-' when using command CHGDOMSVR, it must be filled with capitalization. e.g. DA-DK-AA, E2-ES, ET-EE, PL-PL, SL-SI, SQ-AL, ZH-CN, ZH-TW. Otherwise, the error message "- not in expression enclosed in parentheses" will be prompted a workaround could be enclosed the expression in quotes. This fix allows expressions with "-" in Collate parameter when using CHGDOMSVR command.
ServerLHZO6PN5JT SPR# LHZO6PN5JT - Added WriteHtmlArgument to File Group for OS/400.
ServerLXUU6BN47D SPR# LXUU6BN47D - Fixed an error with command CFGDOMSVR/CNTRYID. The issue occurred when the client inputted an invalid CNTRYID and no error message was displayed.
ServerMALR5M37Y6 SPR# MALR5M37Y6 - Some of Domino OS's (Windows and Solaris) have limits to I/O using FILE'S that do not apply to file descriptors. FILE's were being used to read the SSL keyring. This could cause transient SSL connection failures. These connection failures have been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServerMIAS6LYLLS SPR# MIAS6LYLLS - When the TASK table is full, the code doesn't release the semaphore when trying to create a new task, leaving the server hung.
ServerMIAS6N3Q2K SPR# MIAS6N3Q2K - If the SMF or RMF facilities are misconfigured and the systems values are not available for the CPU utilization, the code that gathers the Platform.System statistic will wait and poll the interface 10 times trying to get a good value. We have found that the polling doesn't help and just delays the gathering of other data. The retry code has been removed.
ServerMIAS6R8GBU SPR# MIAS6R8GBU - This fix corrects a problem seen in the schedule running in low memory conditions. The code fails trying to free an already free handle. The fix zeros the handle the first time it is freed preventing the failure.
ServerMKIN6FZRES SPR# MKIN6FZRES - Fixed a crash that could happen during auto-recovery after another crash. The crash is in OSChangeNotify due to OSStatic(TLA) returning NULL.
ServerMLUR6LDRSF SPR# MLUR6LDRSF - Fixed a structure alignment problem which could cause a crash on the Unix platform in some situations. The server crashed in the function "compValue*ODSToCompValue". This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.
ServerMMCL6J5NHF SPR# MMCL6J5NHF - Fixed a crash in the trust policy code utilized by SSL during a multithreaded, multiprocessor and under load situation.
ServerMTMY6HYSFD SPR# MTMY6HYSFD - Fixed a server crash which occurred after a DB2 users password expired.
ServerMXDG6FJJXB SPR# MXDG6FJJXB - This is an iSeries specific problem that results from a boundary alignment issue. The root cause of the problem actually occurs when the dictionary object that is attempting to access was created with an offset value. This offset value causes the memory alignment to not be on a 16 byte boundary, which causes problems on the iSeries.
ServerMZHO6JC3HV SPR# MZHO6JC3HV - There was a problem when trying to launch WebAdmin.nsf from the WebNav, because it didn't find a correct HTTP port. This is only for WebNav environment and was fixed.
ServerPMAO6K8P4M SPR# PMAO6K8P4M - Fixed a problem where DB2NSF view column subtotals were incorrect.
ServerPPET6E2LVE SPR# PPET6E2LVE - Error "Server Error: Your certificate has not yet been signed by the Certificate Authority. Please try again later." was encountered by users who are registered by an RA on a server other than the admin server and replication of the names.nsf does not precede admin4.
ServerRBRE6BLJQG SPR# RBRE6BLJQG - Fixed crashes in the NAMELookup cache due to queue corruption.
ServerRBRE6QWLKL SPR# RBRE6QWLKL - Fixed a problem where Sametime servers running on a Domino server stopped working after installing Domino 7.0.1. This problem occurred on the iSeries platform and was a regression introduced in 7.0.1.
ServerRCAR6LTJLS SPR# RCAR6LTJLS - When a DDM event report includes a double error, the severity of the root cause error is used as the severity for the report. This provides more accurate severity representation at the ddm.nsf view level.
ServerRMAA6N3829 SPR# RMAA6N3829 - Fixed a server crash while "load runjavaRMEval".
ServerRNOG6HWSTA SPR# RNOG6HWSTA - Fixed a problem where the nserver would not shutdown correctly when a Program Document was used to shut down the server and run a task. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
ServerRWAH6HPQ8B SPR# RWAH6HPQ8B - This iSeries specific fix allows daylight savings time and standard time changes without recycling the Domino server.
ServerSBRN5PGPCN SPR# SBRN5PGPCN - This fix extracts attachments from TNEF streams. TNEF streams are sent from Microsoft Outlook users when the sender tells Outlook to send "rich text" to the recipient. The TNEF stream is a formerly proprietary Microsoft method for "tunneling" Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) data over the Internet. Microsoft has published the specification for the TNEF stream format. We now can decode TNEF streams (almost always sent as an attachment named 'winmail.dat') and extract any embedded file attachments. Any embedded file attachments are then attached to the message which is delivered to the Lotus Notes' recipients mail database.

This feature is off by default. To enable this feature, you must set TNEFEnableConversion=1 in the Notes.ini on the Domino Server and restart the server. For more information about this feature and options available, please see the document:"Configuring the TNEF converter" in the 7.0.2 Release Notes (readme.nsf).

Related info: There have been additional fixes for crashes with TNEF enabled in 7.0.2 FP1 (spr DPOS6PVLFC) and the upcoming 7.0.2 FP2 (spr MGAN6VCQLT and KTIS6VZHYR)
ServerSFPN6GNLPG SPR# SFPN6GNLPG - Memory allocated when a note was opened, used to perform execution control list checking, was not being freed causing note opens to take longer if many notes were opened in that database.
ServerSMAI6E4L5A SPR# SMAI6E4L5A - A race condition continues to exist when the domain indexer(s) quit (and server assuming domain searches
were made against the server). This problem is intermittent --- but the solution is for each process other than the last process to use the memory resource --- to deallocate it's reference to that memory resource. This way, once the last process is ready to perform the actual removal of the resource, then an
other process will be accessing it (regardless of where in the termination the processes are).
ServerSVRO65YAJS SPR# SVRO65YAJS - Fixed a thread race condition within a process where OSInit and OSTerm were called almost simultaneously by two different threads.
ServerTBOD6MYL9S SPR# TBOD6MYL9S - Enabled non-production update stats.
ServerTCHL6N5TP7 SPR# TCHL6N5TP7 - When using the Keyview filters for Domino 7 there is a chance of an out of memory crash when indexing attachments. This fix resolves the out of memory crash.
ServerTMIZ6MGNQ9 SPR# TMIZ6MGNQ9 - Fixed a problem where an SMIME signed mail message without any internet certificates in the ID file was giving a false verified even if the document had been tampered with.
ServerVSEN6QPUCT SPR# VSEN6QPUCT - This fix allows Domino Web Access to have greater over Cache-Control values, to avoid using default Domino Web Engine logic of disallowing Cache-Control:no-store for HTTP 1.0.
ServerWRAY6KYLYE SPR# WRAY6KYLYE - Fixed an http failure to load SSL if the keyring file has all the CAs roots deleted except for the CA that issued the site certificate. Also fixed a memory leak in SSL.
ServerYBYB6DEAPU SPR# YBYB6DEAPU - Fixed an issue with the command CFGDOMSVR RPLCFG(*YES). The issue occurred when the command was used into an existing directory, and there is a mail message with the same short name of the new administrator mail the server will fail because it can't write the new administrator mail.
ServerYBYB6J8EME SPR# YBYB6J8EME - Fixed a problem where only the ID files from a first Domino server could be saved, and the ID files of additional Domino servers were ignored(no saved). With this fix, the ID files of additional Domino servers can be saved.
ServerYFYF6J9CW3 SPR# YFYF6J9CW3 - There are some enabled options that can be changed when the Domino server is started from the green screen, and the Domino plug-in stopped the server after a change in these options, now with the fix the server is not stopped. This issue only occurred in iSeries platform.
ServerYFYF6JC4EJ SPR# YFYF6JC4EJ - When a user is using a Notes.ini file from green screen, any other user can not see or work with it from iSeries Navigator, and no message about what has happened was displayed. With this change, a pop message was displayed to indicate that the Notes.ini was used by other user, at the same time the Notes.ini file was displayed in the text area field.
ServerYPHG6L4A9A SPR# YPHG6L4A9A - On AIX 5.3, if /etc/resolv.conf is missing Domino can crash. This fix prevents the crash.
ServerYXIG6DEN4G SPR# YXIG6DEN4G - This fix enables the creation of log.nsf with transaction logging turned off when using the Notes.ini parameter "LOG_DisableTXNLogging=1".
Server AdministrationATHS5XFRKN SPR# ATHS5XFRKN - Fixed a memory leak in the policy cache that is on the server, if using policies.
Server AdministrationATHS6HXQH3 SPR# ATHS6HXQH3 - Resize is now remembered for the DDM Corrective Action dialog box.
Server AdministrationDDAN6F6KFP SPR# DDAN6F6KFP - The Admin client was displaying the new IPV6 network addresses and ports incorrectly. We now properly parse and display these address types.
Server AdministrationETHU6JUMFY SPR# ETHU6JUMFY - Fixed a problem where a mail file move may fail after an owner's name had been changed, and an archive setting had been
specified pior to the name change.
Server AdministrationGCAR6LT4EW SPR# GCAR6LT4EW - Fixed a problem where some Admin Client lists could not be printed.
Server AdministrationGFLY6MFVKS SPR# GFLY6MFVKS - The first column in the Notes Users, Database Users and Internet Users views in the admin client, can now be resized.
Server AdministrationHNAA6JUCWR SPR# HNAA6JUCWR - The Admin Client person registration UI may at times revert the internet domain to the client machines internet domain. With this fix, the client will always use the configured internet domain unless it has not been set. The client will not revert to the machine domain unless preferences are unset.
Server AdministrationHPES6GAJH2 SPR# HPES6GAJH2 - Corrected an intermittent crash related to interactions between DDM and the AdminP task.
Server AdministrationJPAI6M4LCT SPR# JPAI6M4LCT - The "show alluser" console command incorrectly displayed HTTP help. This only happened if the HTTP task was loaded. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
Server AdministrationJRED6PDM7D SPR# JRED6PDM7D - Fixed an Adminp request to update the http password. When trying to open the directory with a network name, even though the database was local, caused an error.
Server AdministrationJZHG6MB38W SPR# JZHG6MB38W - Fixed a problem where the original setting could not be changed when setting the new db2 access path to connect to a remote db server.
Server AdministrationKLME64FL5Y SPR# KLME64FL5Y - When registering a user and adding that user to groups, there are times that no error will be reported. Failure to add a user to a group during registration will now always cause an error, including if the group was not found.
Server AdministrationKLME6L6M6A SPR# KLME6L6M6A - Error "You are not authorized to use the remote console on this server" was displayed after connecting to a server that you do not have access to, and clicking on the Live Console button.
Server AdministrationKMCL5XSNQU SPR# KMCL5XSNQU - This fix addresses two separate issues: 1. Agents that run in the background, like OOO, will be disabled from running in the archive database. 2. Added a new Notes.ini variable "disable_archive_default_mod" which prevents "Default for Last Modified" criteria from being automatically created in new mailfiles.
Server AdministrationMBUY6K4C6Z SPR# MBUY6K4C6Z - Fixed the displaying of certificate request key length when opening a certificate request in the admin4 database.
Server AdministrationMCMA5ZBRME SPR# MCMA5ZBRME - Added an error message during archiving when quotas are reached.
Server AdministrationMDKU6L6KPZ SPR# MDKU6L6KPZ - The Administrator Client crashed when accessing the Remote Server Console
Server AdministrationMJON6JUKBF SPR# MJON6JUKBF - When working with resource balancing database move plans, some Domino Change Control entries can include time constraints (i.e. time/date windows inside which it's okay to move the databases). Including a time constraint can sometimes cause the Domino Change Control document to become much too large. This fix reduces the amount of information written to the document so that the document can be opened in a reasonable amount of time.
Server AdministrationMJUK6GXHKK SPR# MJUK6GXHKK - Fixed an Admin Client crash during when deleting a DB2 database.
Server AdministrationMMEF6KYMN8 SPR# MMEF6KYMN8 - Replication conflict created when Trusted Server was already DB2 enabled and DB2 access was enabled after the fact. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
Server AdministrationMROE6HHP8T SPR# MROE6HHP8T - Fixed a potential Admin Client crash which occurred after refreshing the Server Bookmarks on Startup.
Server AdministrationNMPI6KXG44 SPR# NXLE6QD9ZU - This fix allows the first column to be resized in the Admin client.
Server AdministrationPMIA6HRPTX SPR# PMIA6HRPTX - ISpy will no longer run out of handles when the Domino Directory has a large number of servers (several thousand.)
Server AdministrationRBUE6J7TH2 SPR# RBUE6J7TH2 - Fixed a problem which occurred after a user Cancelled out the password prompt from LotusScript "SwitchToID". This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
Server AdministrationRCAR6LTJ9D SPR# RCAR6LTJ9D - The event severity icon now represents the severity of the 'Root Cause' error, if available, instead of the 'higher' severity if both the 'Root Cause' error and the 'Additional Error' are reported.
Server AdministrationSPRT6HRSSQ SPR# SPRT6HRSSQ - Added help text in DB2 enablement prerequisite to explain the fact that the user supplied must also be owner in the DB2 instance and also be in the DB2 SYSCTRL_GROUp.
Server AdministrationSWSN6PXW29 SPR# SWSN6PXW29 - Fixed a problem where the Server thread ID buffer was too small on the SUN platform. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
Server AdministrationSWSN6Q7Q5Q SPR# SWSN6Q7Q5Q - Fixed a problem where server statistic intervals were not saved on exit.
Server AdministrationSWSN6QCVWL SPR# SWSN6QCVWL - When using a Collection Server with Server Monitoring, and "generate server health statistics and reports" is enabled, exiting the Domino Administrator can cause a hang.
Server AdministrationTBAE5VWKY7 SPR# TBAE5VWKY7 - Allow decommission server analysis tool to process a large number of databases.
Server AdministrationTBOO5YPKGS SPR# TBOO5YPKGS - Fixes a bug with display of duplicate administrator names in the lower left Sametime-enabled awareness list.
Server AdministrationVPRS6TYRQ9 SPR# VPRS6TYRQ9 - Cumulative fixes to reduce the number of updates to the NAB.
Server AdministrationWBLD6N4GD2 SPR# WBLD6N4GD2 - Fixed an issue where documents could become truncated in the archive database on subsequent archiving runs.
ServiceabilityDCOY6MQL7X SPR# DCOY6MQL7X - NSD now uses an alternative method of mapping addresses to function names in system modules so issues with sym files are avoided. Prior to this fix, Notes/Domino would sometimes crash attempting to generate sym files for system modules. With this fix, sym files are no longer created.
ServiceabilityDFIO6Q4S3Q SPR# DFIO6Q4S3Q - Improved the first failure problem diagnostics capability by including program and data directory listings with NSD -info log. Also, a failure will not occur if the Notes.ini contains multiple ServerName entries. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
ServiceabilityDFIO6Q4S3Q SPR# DFIO6Q4S3Q - Improved the first failure problem diagnostics capability by including program and data directory listings with NSD -info log. Also, a failure will not occur if the Notes.ini contains multiple ServerName entries. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
ServiceabilityEDOE6MJULB SPR# EDOE6MJULB - Hard links are now deleted when an NSD crashes.
ServiceabilityHNAA6JNLZX SPR# HNAA6JNLZX - Fixed a problem where NSD failed to collect stack info.
ServiceabilityJBAA5PWP8V SPR# JBAA5PWP8V - Fixed a problem which caused NSD to fail to collect complete diagnostic data in some circumstances.
ServiceabilityJBAA5PWPER SPR# JBAA5PWPER - A newer version of NSD was added in this release and fixed the error "ERROR (0): failed to Map thread static object h=f0104003,t=10171/0171 BLK_TGCB".
ServiceabilityJBAA6CXMRP SPR# JBAA6CXMRP - Fault Recovery log file displayed the message "ERROR: Cannot execute external script". Top level NSD wasn't returning exit code properly. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServiceabilityJCHN6HBPB4 SPR# JCHN6HBPB4 - This fix allows live mode memcheck on AIX if APAR IY80724 is installed.
ServiceabilityJCHN6MFJXL SPR# JCHN6MFJXL - Added the Notes/Domino versions that have been affected by a specific crash, when processing
documents in the fault reports database by the Fault Analyzer task.
ServiceabilityJCHN6P3SM6 SPR# JCHN6P3SM6 - Filter additional functions when ADC parses stacks on W32.
ServiceabilityJROU6JLP3J SPR# JROU6JLP3J - This fix provides more reliable time limits for NSD execution. Failed NSD does not hinder server restart.
ServiceabilityJROU6M2V6Y SPR# JROU6M2V6Y - The order of sections has been changed to put the process list immediately after the NSD version header and before the Notes process summary.
ServiceabilityJROU6MWPEN SPR# JROU6MWPEN - NSD enhancement to include information which may be useful for diagnosing some issues.
ServiceabilityJROU6N5PR8 SPR# JROU6N5PR8 - Prior to this fix NSD might occasionally hang and/or consume lots of CPU. This problem has been fixed as well as a potential infinite loop.
ServiceabilityJROU6NDU3M SPR# JROU6NDU3M - When an addin program crashes it causes NSD to be run. NSD uses the pid.nbf file to determine which processes should be dumped. But under certain circumstances the process that crashed may not actually be in the pid.nbf file. If an addin process calls NotesTerm and continues to run, and then crashes then it will not be included in the NSD process list. NSD has to be enhanced to ensure that its parent process is included.
ServiceabilityJROU6QXP36 SPR# JROU6QXP36 - If the number of Domino processes reaches about 63 or more, then a memory overwrite can occur. With this fix, a data structure that is capable of containing more information is used.
ServiceabilityJROU6R8J4T SPR# JROU6R8J4T - This fix improves first failure problem diagnostics capability by including program and data directory listings with NSD -info log. A failure will not occur if the Notes.ini contains multiple ServerName entries.
ServiceabilityJROU6RFTKP SPR# JROU6RFTKP - The NSD parameter -p allows NSD to capture information about a specific process. This regression caused NSD to fail to collect this data.
ServiceabilityMKIN6NYSJQ SPR# MKIN6NYSJQ - Core dump files now have a .dmp extension. This fix improves/simplifies problem diagnostic procedures.
ServiceabilityMKIN6P8TKJ SPR# MKIN6P8TKJ - Prior to this fix, the error "AllocMemHandle: OUT OF PRIVATE HANDLES!" printed the wrong values.
ServiceabilityMSAN6GTR3A SPR# MSAN6GTR3A - This fix prevents NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
ServiceabilityMSAN6GTRFT SPR# MSAN6GTRFT - Fixes for NSD hangs, memcheck reporting errors, and an NSD timeout bug.
ServiceabilityMSAN6LY5VU SPR# MSAN6LY5VU - This fix prevents NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
ServiceabilityMSAN6LY63N SPR# MSAN6LY63N - This fix provides a backup method for determining which processes NSD should include.
ServiceabilityMSAN6LY6H7 SPR# MSAN6LY6H7 - Fixes for NSD hangs, memcheck reporting errors, and NSD timeout bug
ServiceabilityMSAN6LZ4UF SPR# MSAN6LZ4UF - Fixed a code merge problem which caused NSD/Memcheck to fail to access and report shared memory information on Unix Solaris. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
ServiceabilityMSAN6N53CX SPR# MSAN6N53CX - Sometimes memcheck fails to match open documents and generates bogus errors. This is because memcheck memory processing does not follow dependencies correctly. This fix addresses this issue.
ServiceabilityMSAN6NDPAC SPR# MSAN6NDPAC - This fix prevents NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
ServiceabilityMSAN6QJUBB SPR# MSAN6QJUBB - NSD/Memcheck failure to map virtual threads with outdated SYM files. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.5.6.
ServiceabilityNORK6MER85 SPR# NORK6MER85 - This fix enables http thread logging information in memcheck by default.
ServiceabilityOMAI6Q5GD4 SPR# OMAI6Q5GD4 - There is currently a bug in SLES10 that affects fault recovery's auto restart feature. This fix provides a workaround so the server will auto restart after a crash.
ServiceabilityRGET5RQSFA SPR# RGET5RQSFA - Diagnostic Data Collection improvement. This regression was introduced in 6.0.1.
ServiceabilityRGET693VEY SPR# RGET693VEY - Diagnostic Data Collection improvement.
ServiceabilityRGET69LTYD SPR# RGET69LTYD - NSD diagnostic data collection improvement.
ServiceabilityRGET6CQN6M SPR# RGET6CQN6M - Under certain circumstances, the TLS Mapping section for a particular process contained bogus entries, where we see a Native thread ID, a primal thread ID, but not virtual thread ID. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServiceabilityRGET6E9RSE SPR# RGET6E9RSE - Improved NSD diagnostic data collection integrity.
ServiceabilityRGET6HGT2A SPR# RGET6HGT2A - NSD diagnostic data collection improvement. All known output to STDERR is now routed through the normal output functions. Affected errors and warnings now appear in NSD log file as well as console.
ServiceabilityRGET6HZ5HJ SPR# RGET6HZ5HJ - NSD diagnostic data collection improvement.
ServiceabilityRGET6LVRXP SPR# RGET6LVRXP - Added timestamps to the nsd section headers.
ServiceabilityRTOA6HQMFT SPR# RTOA6HQMFT - This fix adds -ver to nsd help.
ServiceabilityRTOA6LLRCK SPR# RTOA6LLRCK - The error "ERROR (0): EnumProcModules failed...(299) Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed" was fixed in 7.0.2.
ServiceabilityRTOA6LLT38 SPR# RTOA6LLT38 - NSD on the Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition did not report that the server version has support for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServiceabilitySCOS6KBT4L SPR# SCOS6KBT4L - On XP and 2003 Server, NSD now automatically detaches and quits instead of entering console mode unless monitor mode is specified.
ServiceabilitySCOS6M9R8F SPR# SCOS6M9R8F - With this fix, a file now conditionally deletes the nsd directory contents in such a way that user prompt is avoided.
ServiceabilitySCOS6MGVEG SPR# SCOS6MGVEG - Disassembly output changed to avoid simple linefeeds that trip up ADC
ServiceabilitySCOS6NQQJB SPR# SCOS6NQQJB - Several minor changes were made to get NSD common source to build on all support NSD versions.
ServiceabilitySMAI6HHLG7 SPR# SMAI6HHLG7 - Misleading information was reported in the ADC report indicating that there are multiple fatal errors when there are not. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
ServiceabilitySMAI6LEQQ3 SPR# SMAI6LEQQ3 - Diagnostic files were not cleaned up after the
specified amount of days. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
ServiceabilityVDES6K27FZ SPR# VDES6K27FZ - With this fix, Notes will not try to demangle function names on Linux when a version of c++filt, older than 3.3.3, is installed due to a bug in that code that improperly translates some non-C++ function names.
ServiceabilityVDES6KWM5G SPR# VDES6KWM5G - NSD now displays an error message when a command is more than 255 bytes. Also fixed minor
problems with handling REPEAT commands invoked from command files.
ServiceabilityXJXJ6QCDBY SPR# XJXJ6QCDBY - Fixed a problem where the Notes version and base info was not displaying correctly in the NSD header section. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1 FP1.
ServletsSLED6PQQVZ SPR# SLED6PQQVZ - When the HttpRequest is a PUT, and there are a query string arguments, a servlet can get the entire query string from the HttpRequest but can't get the individual parameters via HttpRequest.getParameter(). REST uses http PUT; our servlet engine was only handling querystring arguments for GET and POST.
Smart UpgradeLJAS6HDP37 SPR# LJAS6HDP37 - The Smart Upgrade feature was designed to allow administrators to launch any application they desired to configure. An assumption was made when coding Smart Upgrade Tracking that the application launched would only be used for Notes Client upgrades so the lotus install.log file should be modified after successful execution of the application launched. Because self-extracting executables built with Package for the Web for Smart Upgrade, will return a success indicator even if canceled during the unpacking of the files, the initial design made an assumption that if the lotus install.log file was not modified, even though the application launched returned a success return code, the user must have cancelled the Smart Upgrade attempt. This assumption has caused a few support calls to be generated so this code change conditionalizes that assumption which is now disabled by default. If an administrator wants the old behavior described above they need to set CHECK_LOTUS_INSTALL_LOG=TRUE in the end user system environment before attempting any Smart Upgrade.
SmartcardsDKEN6LC2VU SPR# DKEN6LC2VU - PKCS#11 libraries were failing when they attempted to use the mutex callback functions provided by Notes/Domino to implement thread locking. Those callbacks were mis-defined, resulting in some Smartcard packages that attempt to use them either failing or crashing. This regression was introduced in 7.0 and has been fixed in 7.0.2.
SmartCardsHCHU6K3UY9 SPR# HCHU6K3UY9 - When using a non-configured Activ card, or a newly configured Activ card on ActivClient 5.4 software, the Notes client sometimes failed during SmartCard configuration. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
SmartCardsHCHU6K4SYY SPR# HCHU6K4SYY - When using a new Activ card on ActivClient 5.4 software, the Notes client sometimes failed during SmartCard configuration. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
SmartCardsIBAN6NLR93 SPR# IBAN6NLR93 - PKCS#11 libraries were failing when they attempted to use the mutex callback functions provided by Notes/Domino to implement thread locking. Those callbacks were mis-defined, resulting in some Smartcard packages that attempt to use them either failing or crashing. This regression was introduced in 7.0 and has been fixed in 7.0.2. Please note: ActivCard 3.0 is not supported with Notes as it is not currently supported by ActivCard.
SmartcardsJPIK6J8PVM SPR# JPIK6J8PVM - PKCS#11 libraries were failing when they attempted to use the mutex callback functions provided by Notes/Domino to implement thread locking. Those callbacks were mis-defined, resulting in some Smartcard packages that attempt to use them either failing or crashing. This regression was introduced in 7.0 and has been fixed in 7.0.2.
SMTPNRBY6NLNNH SPR# NRBY6NLNNH - Fixed problems with garbled SMTP addresses and addresses showing as distribution lists.
Spell CheckBLED6RPPTS SPR# BLED6RPPTS - Added a new German and Hungarian dictionary.
Spell CheckPANN6FTJDG SPR# PANN6FTJDG - Fixed a problem that spell check using French dictionary returned corrupted suggestions if the server platform was Linux.
Spell CheckXMXL6Q6ABT SPR# XMXL6Q6ABT - Fixed DWA warnings on Firefox when trying to do any style change in rich text editor (eg. font size, color) after closing spell check window by "x" button.
SSIMKIN6JPV6C SPR# MKIN6JPV6C - Old-fashoned server side include (SSI) variables taking the form &index; were not working correctly. The new standards do not have a semicolon at the end of variable names, so the variable now would be just &index. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
SSLDMEA6LLTGJ SPR# DMEA6LLTGJ - Fixed a memory leak in SSL. Prior to this fix, customers might see a crash while running SSL heavily and for a long time without restarting.
SSLDMII6PDMGN SPR# DMII6PDMGN - Fixed a problem with the Trust Policy when SSL was running in multi-threaded, multi-processors and under heavy load.
SSLHSAO6KVPLY SPR# HSAO6KVPLY - This fix sets the correct port number when SSL is off in redirection.
StatisticsASAN6FBJZ2 SPR# ASAN6FBJZ2 - This fix prevents a server crash when loading platform statistics.
StatisticsDDAN6DRPTN SPR# DDAN6DRPTN - Fixed inappropriate negative numbers in the MinAvgTransTime statistic. The MinAvgTransTime stat was going negative on very long transactions. The code now has the correct logic to handle duration conversions and timer wrap.
StatisticsGCHN6EEQYN SPR# GCHN6EEQYN - Fixed a zOS PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range (from PDTerm).
StatisticsGGRD6KSRAS SPR# GGRD6KSRAS - The Event Handler no longer creates duplicate log documents for the Statistic Event Generator.
StatisticsGGRD6MNTTX SPR# GGRD6MNTTX - With this fix, correct event information will be passed to the second event when an additional error exists.
StatisticsHPES6PAR34 SPR# HPES6PAR34 - Fixed a problem where Tell HTdump was not displaying the correct output. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
StatisticsJMAK6JPKM4 SPR# JMAK6JPKM4 - Network statistics were showing no values on AIX. This fix ensures that a variable is initialized.
StatisticsMJON6J7R4E SPR# MJON6J7R4E - Fixed a problem where Event was not caching statistic events properly.
StatisticsSKAI6HDHTG SPR# SKAI6HDHTG - Prior to this fix, the event handler could not recognize enabled time. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.5.6.
SystemXMXL6HK9FZ SPR# XMXL6HK9FZ - Fixed a problem where the calculation of a dropped date was wrong when a user tries to drag and drop a calendar entry in a calendar timeslot view.
TemplateAKOI6MVGL8 SPR# AKOI6MVGL8 - The Group Calendar portlet has been fixed. Prior to this fix, if XML special characters, like < and > appeared in the meeting subject, the web service would fail.
TemplateASHH6QTHFZ SPR# ASHH6QTHFZ - The Fullname is no longer stored in the order of "First name - Last name" even when you set the name format otherwise. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
TemplateCBOE6H2LYU SPR# CBOE6H2LYU - Fixed a problem in the contact record, where an edited contact name was not recognized when composing a new memo.
TemplateDPOL6RSJQK SPR# DPOL6RSJQK - Fixed a grammatically incorrect message in the German mail template when opening a rescheduled invitation.
TemplateDSLL6LZ5PP SPR# DSLL6LZ5PP - The wrong scroll object had been set at virtual list. This fix sets the correct scroll object at virtual list.
TemplateDSLL6LZDLY SPR# DSLL6LZDLY - The wrong scroll object had been set at virtual list. This fix sets the correct scroll object at virtual list.
TemplateHYAI6T7BZY SPR# HYAI6T7BZY - Fixed a problem where the Middle Name was not included in the Full Name of a Contacts document in Japanese pername.ntf. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
TemplateJKEY6PVJYM SPR# JKEY6PVJYM - Fixed a problem where the scrollbar would not work perfectly when dpi was 120dpi. A workaround to this issue is to change to 96dpi.
TemplateKJJG6MCA2Z SPR# KJJG6MCA2Z - Error "Illegal circular USE: DocExpProcessing" was displayed after trying to Send and File a new memo.
TemplateKKOO6TB9ED SPR# KKOO6TB9ED - Fixed the incorrect translation of the "Edit My Work" button on the Welcome page in the Japanese bookmark.ntf. This regression was introduced in 7.0.
TemplateKRED6U2GRN SPR# KRED6U2GRN - Corrected the wrong translated words 'mes courrier' to 'mes courriers' in DWA7.
TemplateKSAA6QX9NU SPR# KSAA6QX9NU - The DocumentAccess field of a Group document was Summary, if a group doc was created via DJX.
TemplateLJAS5UYPMQ SPR# LJAS5UYPMQ - Fixed typos in the hide/when formula of the Edit Group action.
TemplateMHAC6QSR4X SPR# MHAC6QSR4X - Prior to this fix, the menu choice for "Add or Edit" flag when right clicking a mail document was not available in the French language version.
TemplateMMQN6FDLB5 SPR# MMQN6FDLB5 - Removed the @Text call from the column formula in column 1 of the "All Errors By Date" view.
TemplatePANN6SAC2L SPR# PANN6SAC2L - Chair was not presented in the scheduler list in the Dutch mail template. With this fix, the Chair can see his own free time in the scheduler list.
TemplateSCAA6HU266 SPR# SCAA6HU266 - Fixed an issue with ActionInProgress being left on the memo when sending via reply/reply with history. Added code to the QuerySend event in both "reply" and "reply with history" forms to check if ActionInProgress exists, and if it does, remove it.
TemplateSTAA6HJ846 SPR# STAA6HJ846 - On the $PersonInheritableSchema subform, changed ClntDate field to Date/Time type. On the $RouterSMTPSettings subform, removed hide\when formula for ActForm and added Override Session Authentication as keyword to (Web Site) and (Web Rule) forms & update Internet Sites view.
TemplateXFJI6QG59K SPR# XFJI6QG59K - Removed extraneous sig_data from the end of pop-up help in several places.
TemplatesGMAA6TCBKM SPR# GMAA6TCBKM - Corrected the wrong translation for the Import Menu in the German DWA template.
To DoFLFL6HR9AN SPR# FLFL6HR9AN - A repeating group ToDo was still displayed on the calendar, after an invitee proposed a new time. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
To DoFLFL6HZCKK SPR# FLFL6HZCKK - When rescheduling a group Todo notice, actions will not be available, if the assigner doesn't accept the original group Todo. This was fixed by adding a message that says "You cannot act on this notice, because you have not accepted this To Do." and erase all action into it.
To DoKJJG6MF5KQ SPR# KJJG6MF5KQ - Fixed a problem where an error message was displayed in the Duration field when the user set a repeat setting [Monthly(Days)] - [Every month on].
To DoMROE6NCKLL SPR# MROE6NCKLL - Replies to task requests do not show the content of the body in Microsoft Outlook. The fix copies the value of the item StatusUpdate from the Notes document to the MAPI PR_BODY property. This issue only applies to task requests.
To DoMROE6PLKLD SPR# MROE6PLKLD - Task requests sent to user's with an e-mail address containing extended characters could not be accepted or declined.
To DoTMDL67P25F SPR# TMDL67P25F - After choosing "On" for the ToDo alarm and reopening the todo, the alarm field displayed a meaningless decimal string. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
To DoWSCN6MER32 SPR# WSCN6MER32 - Fixed an "Entry not found in index" pop up message when using Domino Web Access 7, and a To-Do contains no Start or Due date.
ToolsLBRD6K4STA SPR# LBRD6K4STA - Made a correction to the "Update Mail Db ACLs" agent in NAMAGENT.NSF, which is used to set up a Server.Load test environment. The agent does not allow the user to get past the "Number of Mail Databases to be Updated" prompt.
ToolsWWHG6K35WF SPR# WWHG6K35WF - Fixed a problem with "child stagger" on the Unix version of NotesBench.
UIFLFL6KZCLN SPR# FLFL6KZCLN - Grayed out unavailable sign/encrypt options.
UIMHAC6QSRUR SPR# MHAC6QSRUR - This fix corrects translation in the French Notes Client. The correct translation for "Do not prompt when closing a document with edited attachments" in the "User Preferences" UI.
UIPBAO6RDKEW SPR# PBAO6RDKEW - Prior to this fix, French shortcut keys (Ctrl+E and Alt+I ) were not working as expected.
Unread MarksRMAS6KALCR SPR# RMAS6KALCR - Deleting parent docs can cause a situation where if the unread table contains a deleted note, it causes the unread count to be wrong.
View AppletMNAA6K3JA9 SPR# MNAA6K3JA9 - Fixed a problem where the View Applet displayed the document's row incorrectly by scrolling vertical scroll bar.
ViewsJCHN6NUR8P SPR# JCHN6NUR8P - Return code from updall is non-0 when 'tell updall q' is issued.
ViewsMCHG6JN4B3 SPR# MCHG6JN4B3 - Function title, view title and drop menu are now aligned to the right. This regression was introduced in 7.0.1.
Virtual ListASUH6LJ7MK SPR# ASUH6LJ7MK - A disabled scrollbar no longer appears on the Pages View (LiteList).
Virtual ListFTRI5VDFQC SPR# FTRI5VDFQC - Workaround for Microsoft Internet Explorer problems with XML islands, resulting in "Error encountered retrieving data" errors.
Virtual ListVSEN6MH3YD SPR# VSEN6MH3YD - Moved <?xml> block to top of response of setting profile. Prior to this fix, resizing columns in iNotes Web Access views displayed a JavaScript error.
Web NavigatorJEIN6RKNLN SPR# JEIN6RKNLN - Support Internet Explorer's new click to activate ActiveX behavior when running Internet Explorer as "Notes with Internet Explorer"
Web ServerBKOH6H9HTZ SPR# BKOH6H9HTZ - Some URL links in documents created with older (e.g. 4.6) notes clients were not working properly when used from the web.

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