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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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AABSBM5NYT11.0.1Domino Directory Assistance template - Fixed an issue where the 11.0 Domino Directory Assistance template, da.ntf, was getting ovewritten by older...
AAKI83P8UU8.5.2 Fixed handling of unexpected HTML when we encountered a format we did not handle well and now we do.
AALZ7E9QX58.0.2Fixed policy initialization of certificate expiration warning days.
AALZ7NXTM38.5.1Delete document in Trash folder is now greyed out with Editor or below Access level. Removed ability to change soft delete expire preference, if user...
AALZ7QAJWU8.5.1Additional information has been added to the Domino Administrator Help to indicate what the administration server should be for users' mail...
AAML5XKSZF6.0.5Fixed problems saving changes made in the mail tab from Domino R5 Servers using the Domino Plug-in.
AAML5XNTZD6.0.5Fixed a problem where changes on the Network Configuration tab were not saved correctly. When a configuration was deleted, the first one on the list...
AAML68KURS6.5.5If you are using Domino Plugin version 6.0.6 or 6.5.5 and configure a Domino server from a system where you have installed Multiple Domino versions...
AAML68LT3J6.5.5Error message was not displayed after the Local TZ field was changed to an incorrect value.
AAML69GMMC6.5.5Fixed copyright date in the Domino Plug-in.
AAML6CQQW97.0.1Making copies of ID files is not working for Additional Servers.
AAML6CWLAE6.5.5Messages sent during Server Setup no long make reference to "OS400", but to "i5/OS".
AAML6CZTXT7.0.1After running domwzd.exe using the following option "domwzd -playback", users should be able to use any pre-configured setup profiles to configure a...
AANA5SZKQP6.0.5Fixed a problem in the spell checker code where we assumed the string was in LMBCS, while it was a native string. This caused the spell checker to...
AANA5TEDF26.5.5This fix provides users with the ability to change the title of their archive database.
AANA5XRDNA6.0.4Fixed the error "Error encountered fetching data" received after opening the Domino Web Access inbox.
AANA5YHDPJ6.0.5Roaming users who have Manager level access to their mailfiles no longer have a problem accessing their mail on a clustered server.
AANA63HHPH6.0.5Fixed a problem in folder replication where documents in the folder show back up in the inbox.
AANA647HE76.5.5Beginning in V6.5.5, the Notes Client Import and Export of RTF will be capable of using either the current V605/6.5.4 RTF conversion code or the new...
AANA658EUT6.0.5Changed the code to prevent the BlockUser rule from overriding the last existing Rule in the mail file.
AANE4VJTGF5.0.9This fix allows Adminp to update changes when multiple domains exist.
AANE5REPW86.0.4Fixed a crash which occurred after deleting a repeating Calendar and Scheduling entry created using Notes 4.6.
AANE5RMKL66.0.4Fixed a crash when pasting an RTF table.
AANE63SQUR6.0.5,6.5.2 FP1,6.5.3 FP1This fix will prevent a crash in the client mailer lookup code caused by a badly formatted subject. When an OutOfOffice agent ran in a user's...
AANE6HBPPP6.5.6,7.0.2Fixed a problem where a senders address was truncated after downloading to DAMO.
ABAI6TTT5W7.0.3Added the Notes.ini parameter, HTTPDisableServerHeader=1, to disable the Server header from being sent by the HTTP process.
ABAI7DRTP88.0.2Fixed an HTTP crash when viewing MIME messages with a large URL map on an image.
Exclamation Point IconABAI7K3Q5G7.0.4,8.0.2 FP4Check code was added in order to avoid passing an invalid value to a function.
ABAI7PDLGW8.5.2Prior to this fix, clicking on "Attach file" jumped to the top of the page in the 8.5 Discussion database.
ABAI7QWLE68.5.1Fix problem that error "Invalid or nonexistant document" occur when try to add assigned user to repeat group todo.


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