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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
SAPLCG3ENQClient - nsd - Fixed an issue with nsd not working on Mac OS platforms Monterey and above
Hide details for UIUI
JPKRCJJ2Y6Client - Mac Monterey 12.6 - Fixed an issue where some bitmaps were not being displayed and some were putting up error dialog when trying to be...
AYAVCL7CM4Client - UI - Basic Client - Fixed an issue where some child windows were not receiving paint message because they were wrongly marked invisible...
Hide details for UltraLightUltraLight
HGARCL7AS4iNotes - Ultra-light - Fixed an issue in Ultra-light mode where selecting an address from type ahead list results in invalid mail...
Hide details for Web ServiceWeb Service
MAVAC4WT6WServer - Web Services - Fixed an issue where Web Service would throw an error after upgrade from Domino 9.0.1 to Domino 11.0.1 or above when...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
VGAECGGKNFHCL Domino is susceptible to multiple Dojo vulnerabilities. See KB0109950.
Hide details for 11.0.1 FP611.0.1 FP6
Hide details for AccessibilityAccessibility
APHECBY8M6Client - Accessibility - Fixed an issue where JAWS was not announcing rich text for address fields
Hide details for APIAPI
WDCABHFPYMProgrammability - Rest API - Fixed an issue where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
Hide details for AppDevAppDev
JCUSCBYQ4PProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where complex boolean queries with double-nested ANDed terms were returning incorrect results. This...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
JPAIC5CHNJClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where $CSTrack item was growing too large.
KWAECBGAYNiNotes - Fixed a problem where the "Edit my calendar" dialog box showed overlapped element and buttons in some language settings on Chrome or...
KWAECBH7L8iNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and elements were overlapped on Rooms dialog box and Resources dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECBMALZiNotes - Fixed an issue where some elements at the bottom of the Set Repeats dialog box were overlapped in some language settings on Chrome, Firefox,...
KWAECBMBVZiNotes - Fixed a problem where description text and buttons were overlapped on the "You have Unprocessed Notices" dialog box in some language...
KWAECBU2MQiNotes - Fixed an issue where filter calendar by chair dialog box shows truncated buttons.
KWAECBU2YHiNotes - Fixed an issue where the width of the select box on Filter Calendar by Type dialog box and Filter Calendar by Status dialog box was not wide...
KWAECBX7QKiNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and elements were overlapped on Remove Rooms dialog box and Remove Resources dialog box in some language...
KWAECBY4MLiNotes - Fixed an issue where an unexpected vertical scroll bar was displayed on then conflict check dialog box on Firefox in Japanese...
KWAECBY7URiNotes - Fixed an issue where an element and a button were overlapped on the repeating meeting dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECC3A4MiNotes - Fixed an issue where there was no sufficient height on the Double Book dialog box when drag and drop a calendar entry on Chrome and Edge in...


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