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SPR Recommended Release (14.0)


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MABT9JET6B9.0.1 FP3,10.0Fixes error: "Failed Assert" when using the DXL export functionality of the C API.
MAC46JHSX5.0.1Added International Dictionaries to Notes client-only install.
MACY463P5D5.0a,5.0.1Fix a server crash or the return of an incorrect number of hits when searching against a domain index.
MACY463P5D5.0.1Fix a server crash or the return of an incorrect number of hits when searching against a domain index.
MACY46BRCB5.0.1Fix a problem with Web Domain Search where detailed results did not line up properly.
MAHD4WBFBT5.0.9Fixed a problem which cause the incorrect conversion of 4 specific Arabic letters (Final Seen, Final Sadd, Final Dadd, and Final...
MAHN5PBH8D6.0.3Fixed a text file attachment indexing problem. Prior to this fix, text file attachments were not indexed on Unix Platforms. This regression was...
MAKA757QEZ8.0.1Fixed a problem that occurred during an "edge case user error" where a user put the entire contents of the memo body into the 'footer' section of the...
MAKA76JMF38.0.1Fixed a problem where users were unable to Forward or Reply to a message without receiving the error "Entry not found in index".
MAKA7XVGVC8.5.2,8.5.1 FP4This fix reduces server transactions when creating or deleting folders in a mailfile.
MAKA7Y5H4U8.5.2SPR# MAKA7Y5H4U -In rare cases, a calendar meeting can be created such that the invitee fields (required, option, and/or FYI) will contain an...
MAKA8V7R8Q9.0Fixed an intermittent Notes client client when processing (reading, composing, replying) mail messages
MAKE47YASN5.0.2In web mail, when you close the Preferences form, you are now brought back to the frameset you were in before you edited your...
MAKE4898MZ5.0.3Change the inaccurate wording of what action the user should take after receiving a Non-Delivery Report.
MAKE489AWA5.0.3Post an error message when a delegate presses the Delete button in a mailfile using the Web. Previously "Agent Done" was posted leading the user to...
MAKE4FXFH35.0.5Using Web Mail, the "Special database object cannot be located" error message is received when trying to remove a folder on the Unix platform. This...
MALE72CTTL8.0.1With this fix, we make sure to not overwrite RepeatForUnit if it is already set.
MALE72MRKK8.5.1iCal - in Outlook, their was no way to update calendar of room/resource reservation response. This is a 8.51 server fix.
MALE73XMCS8.5.2When a room is renamed the Chair who has reservations for the room receives an email with a Update My Meetings button so that the room name change...
MALE7C6VWQ8.0.2Prior to this fix, a meeting that spanned midnight was off by 1 hour in the calendar when using the Mail7 template in Notes 8.
MALE7G4RA98.5.1,8.0.2 FP5A mail-in database should not appear in the freetime database if it was named in hierarchical format. This fix extracts more NAB information when...
MALE7JJJDN8.5.2When an online meeting room and physical conference room requiring owner approval are reserved with the same calendar invitation, any invitee change...
MALE7JYNER8.5.3 FP3,9.0This fix reduces replication conflicts in the Resource and Reservations (R&R) database related to busytime purging. Prior to this fix, busytime...
MALE7K2SHM8.0.2 FP3Alarm notification sends focus to Notes when user was working in third party application. Alarm dialogs no longer steals focus from third party...
MALK75FHFE8.0.1Fixed a server crash due to a concurrency issue.
MALK7AGG5C8.0.2Fixed a lookup handle panic during error path in SECImportRecoveryInfo API.
MALK7APJFQ8.0.2NoteIDTable variables will be initialized again in DbFixup in the retry path.
MALK7UVJ888.5.2,8.5.1 FP5Fixed a crash in the Notes client where, under specifc conditions of detaching a file from a remote database, the client could crash. The message...
MALK7WJG2D8.5.3Fixed a rare issue where Notes could crash when removing an image from a rich text field.
MALK7WMGB88.5.2Creating a doucment led to a crash. This was not reproducible so we could not see how we got into this situation. However code was added to protect...


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