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SHEZ8GPCGZResolved issue where creating a Notes Link like notes:// to a newly created database used to result in an error until the database was opened by the...
OIHZ893RHKFixed a problem when using @Command(EditProfile) or the NotesUIWorkspaceEditProfile method in a button. When a Notes basic user clicked on the...
RHOE88VLLKAn issue has been fixed where dragging and dropping bookmarks from the Bookmark Bar to a Workspace tab results in a blank Workspace...
IFAY8ADBDLFixed an issue on Redhat where some menus would display the wrong language after uninstalling 8.5.2. The fix prevents the 'Send To Lotus Notes'...
OIHZ7R7QCQThe issue has been resolved where the first time you click the view button it may update the view but if you continue to toggle between the views,...
JPKR8BFPMGFixed a problem in the Notes Client where the Categorize dialog box would not resize correctly. This regression was introduced in...
SFBI88VRLWFixed a Notes Client crash which occurred after clicking the launch button on the calendar. This regression was introduced in...
SHEZ883ED4Fixed an issue where upgrading a corrupted bookmark.nsf resulted in duplicate toolbar icons and inactive options in toolbar preferences. Added code...
HHIE8A72AVFixes a problem in which the Notes client would occassionally crash after the icon for bookmark.nsf was removed from the workspace.
JBAR7Y4UPPFixed an issue where delegated calendar users on the Basic client get an "A menu item was not found " or "Invalid Menu Handle" when right-clicking on...
HDAN8C4M6EFixed an issue in Notes Standard Client Java views (inbox etc), that prevented awareness showing for sametime user names due to the name not being...
MKRT8E4LZPChanged accelerators for open launcherfrom Ctrl+Alt+B to Alt+B
SRKM8ES7Z2Customers whose location document contains bad data for "location type" such as a string rather than an integer, receive a "getting all locations"...
YPHG89G6M9Fixed an issue where message icons become Black and White color when "Use System Color " was selected in Basic Notes client preferences "Additional...
PALT8B3S9RFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash when making a call to Uidoc FieldClear method
SKAI8AK9JN Fixed an issue where upgrading from 7.0.2 to 8.5.2 on the Japanese Notes client would result in duplicate toolbar icons.
KKOO8C6EH4Fixed a bug that users could see deleted folder in Notes Basic client when a user deleted a folder.
HYAI88VCKZIn 8.5.3 a change has been added to the "New mail pop-up" dialog to enable it to appear in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop, whether Notes...
YGAO8GHD8XFixed a display issue that caused the menu bar of memos to display wrong information on a widescreen notebook 64-bit Windows...


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