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Hide details for  6.5.4 FP1 6.5.4 FP1
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
ASCR68ZRZ6When the Administration Process checks disk space for a new replica, it might match the wrong physical directory statistics and thus the wrong disk...
Hide details for AgentsAgents
HSAO6A3NZ3Fixed an HTTP crash on NqueryAccessRoles. An Agent contained code that returned the roles of the user. The crash occurred if the 'user' had no...
Hide details for ClientClient
TTRT69EUV5Fixed a crash during the initialization of the spell check used by DWA.
Hide details for CompactCompact
WSCN67FJT2This fix allows a bucket position in a bucket descriptor to be zero when freeing buckets in compact. Without this change, the database will always...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
MIAS6AHQ44The system may terminate abnormally and crash while doing a name lookup. This problem occurs if the Directory Assistance ordered replica list...
TMIZ63JAPBFixed a problem where the router was unable to resolve a user in the address book. Namelookup from the Notes client worked fine for this user, but...
Hide details for GTRGTR
THTO64DSZ2Fixed a crash due to a large full-text search result set.
Hide details for JavaJava
GVAS66LMXYHTTP crash caused by concurrently running a Java agent that uses the DbDirectory.OpenDatabaseByReplicaID method.
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
LVAE68YPNEFixed a "PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle" error. The problem was that a pointer field was not being cleared when a buffer had been freed. This...
Hide details for MIMEMIME
TMIZ6BSDLTFixed a problem which caused spaces to be dropped from the subject when rfc2047 encoding was used. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
ESAO62PMKPA NULL value can be potentially returned when calling GetContentItemValue, leading to a crash. The fix is to exit the function when we see a...
Hide details for Networking & DialupNetworking & Dialup
PMIA65JSMCThe server based web retriever was sending hundreds of async notifications to the client to keep the client informed of web retrieval progress. The...
CCAY64CR5SFixed an intermittent "Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time; please retry." error case. Users could successfully retry...
RBEO639H7QBetter recovery from transient low memory conditions. The port driver code which mapped port and platform specific network errors into common...
VDES68DF3JBetter recovery from transient low memory conditions. Domino internally uses a signal handling mechanism to process certain events. The routine...
Hide details for PerformancePerformance
JPAS6ALJQEFixed a problem where the NIF pool ran out of memory. Users were not able to connect and received the error message "Insufficient memory - index...
RGET67JUVBPerformance issues related to long held locks (Lock Manager) on clubusy.nsf, as seen in the console.log. These long held locks occur hourly (to...


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