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KTOT5YVLTGFixed a crash which occurred while loading a corrupted document. Instead of crashing, we now exit gracefully from the error.

*Please note: This...
CBOE67RUTMFixed a client crash when opening a document with a corrupted table.
BKAN5VZS82Performing a "Copy Selected as Table" operation from the Notes client using a categorized view will now copy all view entries that match selection...
BTLW67E5PZFixed a problem where Mac users could not copy an embedded graphic sent by a Windows user (or via the Internet) and paste it into another...
DVAU66Z4P4Fixed a problem where an attachment was editable even if the script prohibited switching to Read/Write mode.
BLED67NJLECorrected the paste algorithm to keep looking if it encounters a clipboard format it doesn't know about. Prior to this fix, pasting Unicode...
AHUR5J7LDXFixed a problem which appears to be a hang when using the arrow icons to scroll to a document which requires user intervention. This problem only...
JDOG678MCALaunching attachments which have double exclamation marks (!!) in the filename causes a Notes client crash. The double exclamation mark characters...
YSAI5LN883Fixed the positioning of paragraphs and tables in documents rendered to fax. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
BKOH6APFLJHotspot links in access sections were not working. With this fix, we are now correctly passing the information to determine if it's in a controlled...
CSHR6CWFYPFixed a Domino Web Access warning displayed when a document is directly embedded in iFrame.
JJMA66TDEDThe title of a section was not completely displayed. When the stream has null characters in it, we were getting the wrong length and thus,...
JEIN677PCVExporting to Comma Separated Value format with View Titles leaves NULL. With this fix, we suppress the extraneous comma at the end.
AANA647HE7Beginning in V6.5.5, the Notes Client Import and Export of RTF will be capable of using either the current V605/6.5.4 RTF conversion code or the new...
PCOY5WJFQVFixed a crash in pass-thru html when the content is previewed..
BLED66ZKZBSpell Check punctuation buffer overflow. Changed the buffer sizes to MAXTOKENSIZE+1.
MHSU67M4WJRemoved obsolete files, ltecmch1.dic and ltecmzh1.dic, from the server data file and dictionary.exe.
AISL658E3ZGerman Reform was not used in the spell checker. A change was made to use the German (Reform) for the German form when German (Reform) was set as a...
CPON6CWBY5Fixed a problem with the order in which documents are displayed when generated by LotusScript.
DCOE6D5NH8In the client code, we attempt to get a lock on a document when saving the document if it is part of an open collection. This fix is to get a lock...
DCOE6EG5AKPasted doclinks became database links when saved to a computed rich text field. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1, and was a regression...
CYII633UWJFixed a server crash after opening a document with an action hotspot link. The link contained a formula that returned a doc ID.
BSPR5TEMK7When searching backwards in the Calendar view, Notes used to crash when no more items were found. This problem has been fixed in...
GPKS6CKCSPFixed a client crash which occurred after clicking in a tabbed table which contained an embedded view. This problem was introduced in...
JCON6A5L84Fixed a client crash which occurred after double clicking on a memo for edit mode. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
SKAI5HKABXIf filename creation fails because of illegal characters in an extension, we try again with a cleaned up version.
NDTE5VUDBHFixed a Domino Web Access warning when merging 2 empty table cells.
PANN6BFKBLURL links will now work in DWA if signature "www" is not present.
MROE6HHHZCDAMO's doclinks previously only worked in WORD and not in the preview pane or with Outlook's native editor.


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