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ATHS67APDMChanged the default value of AdminPLogSetting to "0".
ASCR68ZRZ6When the Administration Process checks disk space for a new replica, it might match the wrong physical directory statistics and thus the wrong disk...
DTEI5QVCLYFixed a problem where AdminP reported 'Set Password Field has been performed' even if no change occurred in the person doc.
EDOE6D5NERAdministration process can spike CPU when a large number of "batched" requests require processing on a system in which memory resource is...
HTAA69W4TBThis fix provides a workaround for an IE problem which mishandles the character set of cached contents. A workaround to this problem would be to...
JDST6ATT89The Administration process incorrectly fails to report that a change has been made to the domino directory when a name is either deleted or renamed...
PHEE5ZK786With this fix, the code won't look in the Directory Catalog when looking up the person whose http password is being changed. Prior to this fix, an...
MWHN5Z6J52Fixed flooding of messages about authorization on the TSO/MVS console, while gathering disk statistics.
ETHU6D7KVNIn situations where only a user's alternate name had been changed, opening certain databases with private design elements may be slow. This fix...
ETHU6DESWFNew AdminP requests originating in another domain, may not run in Cross domain with an error indicating the request "cannot
be executed in a domain...
JVEK622FRMThis fix prevents the loss of ACL data during adminp processing of create replica. Before this fix, the ACL history of the replica could be lost...
MBOD66UQ6LWith this fix, admin requests for group delete of default group names which exist in non primary directory, will not be created.
DSCK67ANEKDuring a new installation of the client, multiple "Update Client Information in Person Record" requests would be generated by the client. One of...
PBIT5WYB9CIn an xSP domain, the catalog task would create a nightly request to create the LocalDomainCatalogServers and adminp would create a duplicate group. ...
JIMS63RJFKThis fix makes the creation of admin process requests to modify design elements "full time". This submission
requires that the admin4 template be...
ETHU6A3U8TAdministration process may leak database handles and/or memory if an error occurs while attempting to obtain a user's security rights to perform this...
CSAH65QGZDChanged the security model for move mail requests which must change a person document. In 5.0x, the Administration process would allow...
JNON66D2CKFixed the error message "admin process: file name: mail\a_jacks1.nsf: Adding entry will cause text list to exceed 64K. Entry not added" which...
RCAR6DDLY4Fixed a floating point problem.
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