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HTAA64S484Fix for a crash which occurs after receiving a new mail message while closing the database. This regression was introduced in...
CRON69MPK7Domino directory Group documents whose group type is "Access Control List only" were previously not selectable for Extended ACLs. This has now been...
DDES69DT2HFixed a client crash which occurred when navigating through unread messages.
ARUI6B7R3PFixed a problem where after opening a doclink in Office 2003 while Notes is closed, the Workspace had an X which allowed the user to exit out of the...
HAN5Q5FDHFixed some sorting problems between the Welcome Page and other open windows in the same view. The mail box in the Welcome Page and other Open window...
CSAO6589VZFixed an intermittent crash and error "Class or type name not found: CSEVENTNOTES" when opening a mail database via the Notes client. A workaround...
PBIT6A2CTUFixed a client crash under rare circumstances when documents with LotusScript event code are displayed in frames and the content of the frames are...
EDDN6C9NAHCalendar Popup will no longer display the "-" column between the start & the end time.
JDOG696BQHFixed memory corruption leading to a crash when encountering a corrupted page zero in a database.
YFUA6CA9HXThe menu displayed after canceling the setup does not include "Start->Control Panel ->Add/Remove Programs". This problem has been fixed in...
BKOH64MCCTFixed an instance of bookmark corruption. The navigation panel was blank and no icons or folders were present.
KHAN6B7LF7In the selection criteria dialog accessed when editing archive settings, the view "All Documents" should
not be in the view/folder list for the user...
ATHS5ANP2NWith this fix, purging of deletion stubs in the log file will be moved to a nightly task on the server.
YMIO5WQ5NJFixed a problem where a linked document remained unread after opening a document from a doc link. This regression was introduced in...
KTOT5XKSM8Fixed a problem where opening the local replica of your mail file from the Workspace would not remember the current replica if the icons were...


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