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DMLI67U95ZTools -> Find cannot find a user with the first name of A. Other names in the address book that have an A in their name were...
CPON67JKR6Fixed a problem where roaming users would not receive bookmarks pushed down via setup settings in a policy.
GPKS63TBWAPrior to this fix, nothing would happen when a Collapse All was used on a view with 'show single category enabled'. The subcategories within the...
TTRT69EUV5Fixed a crash during the initialization of the spell check used by DWA.
MSER64DNN7During the grace period of password expiration, user is prompted to change their period and has local access only. This problem has been fixed in...
MSER66KQ55Superscript and subscript was not working in an email that was created in Notes and sent to an Outlook user.
CSHR6DDLRWAfter synchronizing with "send & receive" and expanding the group, the user names of the group are displayed with special characters, like ΓΏ or...
DMLI6DYDC7In a Required field, all Chair and Invitee's name display as Primary name. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
DMLI6D4F6XFixed a problem where the "To" field displays an invitee's alternate name, rather than the Chair's alternate name.
DYHG6APCRDFixed a problem which occurred after using drag and drop. The dialog box "please select a document" was incorrectly displayed.
FMYL6BP27KFixed a problem where an appointment or meeting name was displayed without encoding in the Notes client calendar view.
FJIG6FECTQAfter opening a new group created on Microsoft Outlook, each group member's name displayed as the primary name and not the alternate...
JDOG6CWK89Fixed a random client crash in RABWindowsMessage.
FSIZ63KNAKWhen a managed user's mail is opened in a separate window via the "Open Managed User's Mail" option, a button is displayed that has that user's name,...
MKIN6CZQB4Fixed the spelling for "Mid-Atlantic" timezone.
NRBY6CBLDZRooms and Resources previously showed in incorrect order and under incorrect sites when scrolling down the list in the address book.


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