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EYAI5YXMG9Fixed a problem where all day events were scheduled from 4am-4am in the recurrence dialog, and 4am-8pm in the meeting dialog.
CTOI67VCS3Fixed a router crash when processing a mail message containing iCalendar with the date of "00000000".
APAI5ZJP43Meeting invitees can now see the online meeting password.
ZRWG6BC4ABThe first sentence of text in the "Access to Your Mail & Calendar" Preference dialog is truncated. The word "groups" was not...
CPEA6BWQ5TFixed a bug where reservations were being double booked in the Resource Reservation Database. The Scheduler was slow to respond so it left room for...
FSIZ66JRDZFixed a problem where the flag for Reminder does not remain set for an invitee or in a chair's calendar. Changed code to pull reminder flag and...
MALZ5PSKPJThis fix allows tabs in the iCalendar stream.
SBOR6B6PECFixed a problem where the "Decline Counter with Comments" message appears in the DAMO Inbox with no text in the body. Microsoft Outlook does not...
EKUO5LGQ69All calendar entries now display correct slots when the day has conflicting calendar entries, or there is a mix of various entries on a particular...
JHLU5YF8PVThis fix allows Microsoft Exchange users to receive iCal attachments from Notes.
APAI5WHQWPFixed a problem where the message "Are you sure you want to change the date/time of this entry?" was displayed after using drag and drop to change...
DCAL5XNPHAConflicting calendar entries span multiple columns even if there is room to display them on top of each other adjacent to the longest meeting...
VADM5Y9VGMAdding Invitees to an existing meeting caused a crash when the Invitee field was null (" ").
CGAA6CRTSKRepeating meeting sent from Microsoft Exchange was not added to the calendar when accepted in Notes Client. This problem has been fixed in...
DWHR6CNFB6Calendar entry appears on the wrong day due to different CalendarDateTime, StartDate and EndDate fields. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5 and...
FSIZ65QRLZWhen a chair sends an invitation with three lines in the location, checking the location field in the backend, shows all of the 3 lines. However, if...
HNAA67YG2VRephrased a console message used for a failure to shutdown during startup.
JCAL635SSWWhen a delegate added an invitee to a meeting that was in Manager's calendar, the Chair became the delegate, not the Manager. This problem has been...
JBIE5WSRQCFixed a backward compatiblity issue with rescheduling repeat meetings using an Release 5 template in Release 6.x.


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