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Hide details for NetworkingNetworking
CRPOBA8ANDServer - Update Task - Fixed an issue where the number of Update tasks could get doubled after restarting the update task.
KBRNC8CKRJServer - Networking - Fixed an intermittent server crash in PortDriver_EnqueueNetBfrOnSession function.
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
SVAIBYCMRUClient - Dutch - Fixed an issue in Dutch Notes client where File - Preferences - Fonts, Colors and Themes was showing all themes as Notes Theme...
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
BSPRC5LM32Server - Replication - Fixed an issue where quota changes were replicating to server archives
RKKKC5SK49Server - Database - Increased the default NSF folder pool size to reduce errors of "NSF folder pool is full".
Hide details for Rich Text EditorRich Text Editor
HGARC4WDM2iNotes - Editor - Fixed a problem where the default font size was not being applied correctly
THIOC6WE68iNotes - Fixed a problem where the cursor was not set or was set to incorrect position in the editor when replying with history on Chrome or...
Hide details for Roaming UserRoaming User
SMOYC7PPR6Client - Roaming - Fixed an issue where if RoamingIDIsInNAB="0\0\0\0\0" vs RoamingIDIsInNAB="0" on the local NAB, then NFL would...
Hide details for SearchSearch
CSMHAX2PPSClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit (backspace or overwrite) the value in the Search toolbar.
JBUDC36HZXServer - Search - Fixed a performance issue with full text indexing involving databases with a large number of attachments.
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
AFIL8WXGNUTemplates - ID Vault - Fixed an issue in idvault.ntf where "Vault entry created on:" value was empty.
RKKKC2XCLFTemplates - ID Vault - Fixed an issue in idvault.ntf where the view column "PW modified Date/time" was empty.
SNISC3YGZ9Server - Security - Fixed memory leaks in keyfile manipulation APIs used by Domino.
CTOEC4Y2CMServer - Fixed a memory leak under heavy load.
SSARC57LCCServer - Security - Fixed an issue where importing a Keyring.kyr file through certmgr would result in the following console error message : Error...
DNADC5BLF4Server - Security - Fixed an issue where specifying more than one host name in the server document Internet Protocols / HTTP / Basics / Field Host...
UMAKBSEETPServer - Fixed an issue where Domino Single Sign authentication was not working due to " HTTPPassword" field missing from users' person...
SMOYC57FR6Server - Security - Fixed an issue where the number of SAN entries for a server was not being correctly calculated.
RPAIC67RVMServer - SMIME - Fixed an issue where SMIME processing could crash during possible memory overwrite condition.
MSKAC6NNK2Server - Security - ID Vault - Fixed the QVault tool to locate the user to update in the Administration Server directory instead of the local...
YYUNBEN923Server - HTTP - Fixed a crash that could occur with Http thread in nsslplus.SSLAESGCMDecrypt function.
RKKKC85AHXServer - Security - Fixed an issue where the TLS Cache expected the "servers with access" setting to match the exact case of the server name. The...
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