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TKAAC2AC9TAdmin - Domino Domain Monitoring - Fixed an issue in Japanese version of events4.ntf where "Agents behind schedule" event will not...
NNAIC3JB4JDomino - Admin - Fixed an issue with djxadmin.ntf where clicking on the 'Help' action would give an error "help/jconfr11.nsf cannot be found". This...
KKHOC4KJFHServer - Templates - ipdcat.ntf - Fixed an issue where Domino SAMLwould fail if the IDP.xml file included the single element "<md:KeyDescriptor>"...
SJAIBZZDFJServer - Task Monitoring - Fixed an issue where Domino task monitoring for Traveler task was not working from Domino administrator client under...
ASATC4WFXZTemplates - Mail - Fixed an issue with Alternate From feature in the mail profile for mail-in databases where an error was being given when Domino...
PCHNC56NWDTemplates - Mail - French - Fixed a translation error in the Out of Office confirmation dialog.
SPPPC5UGD5Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue in Dutch pubnames.ntf where translation was not correct for “Notes Shared Login” tab in the Policy\Security...
CSAHC6ML5FTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue with Nomad Federated login where the "Additional settings for Federated Login" was being incorrectly...
JBUDBN2S8NTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue with Directory Sync form where, in the "Fields to sync to Domino" field, some of the Active Directory LDAP...
MSKAC2VHBTTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Cleaned up some "IBM" verbage left in the Security Settings form in the Japanese version of pubnames.ntf
XBYNC2Y9HMTemplates - Mail - Simplified Chinese - Fixed an issue where the font size of words in same line was different in the "Meeting" and "Event...
ASAEC3MA93Templates - Mail - Portuguese - Fixed an issue where the "Forward with Attachments" option is missing in the Forward Menu in the Portuguese version...
NNAIC5Z4W7Templates - djxmail12.ntf - Fixed an issue where the djxmail12.ntf template had the same Replica ID as mail12.ntf. This regression was introduced in...
TSAOC7R48QTemplates - Mail - Fixed the Japanese translation of Online Meeting to be consistent. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1.
XBYNC86A8WTemplates - Mail - Fixed an issue in the Simplified and Traditional Chinese mail templates where the reply/forward response icon did not show up in...
NVENC7LRMPTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where user cannot set the HTTP Sessions Maximum active sessions field for Single server session...
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