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MLAT93ZW4KClient - Fixed an issue where the spell check dialog went behind the Notes window giving the impression that Notes was hung. This issue is seen...
ANIABX2CGRClient - Folders - Fixed an issue with newly created folders in outlines whose name contained Japanese Katakana were sometimes being replaced with an...
PCHNBYYKG9Client - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where the Search toolbar was not being shown upon restart of Notes when using Operating System theme. This...
AYAVBZDA6WClient - Search Bar - Fixed an issue with View search bar where the search button was not displaying as disabled when no text was entered in the...
ASIAC4HRF6Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue were Workspace pages were being duplicated after updating to 12.0. This issue would occur when user has...
MAVABWBK4YClient - Fixed an issue where trying to open a databases on a Linux Domino server using the File -> Open Application dialog, a path containing double...
PCHNC3TLMEClient - Locations - Fixed an issue where enabling Proxy Setting in location document and then switching locations with the Discover page open would...
RKRYC49NBRClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash that could occur during dialog box create in function DefSetText.
PCHNC5AJ5DClient - Security - Notes Shared Login - Put back the Notes Shared Login feature - Preferences - User Security - Log in to Notes using your operating...
AYAVC3TELBClient - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue where Mac Notes client failed to launch after Password dialog if launched from then Notes app shortcut.....
AYAVBSMMHGClient - Mac - Fixed an intermittent hang that could occur when doing Switch ID or Switch Location. Intermittent issue was seen with Mojave 10.14.6...
AYAVBTGFFTClient - Mac - Monterey - Fixed a UI issue with drop down controls display on Monterey.
HHIE9FMFWCClient - Fixed an issue where Notes client would not fully exit when user's current password did not meet the requirements set by their...
AYAVC3SEHDClient - Mac Monterey - Fixed an issue where Notes fonts looked blurry on Mac Monterey.
SANEC3VFZ6Client - Fixed an issue where Italian Notes client had wrong translation for the "Open" button. It was "Aperto" but it should have been "Apri". This...
SAHNC5KE9DClient - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue on Mac Big Sur where there was no initial focus in the 'To' & 'Mail body' under Mac OS Big Sur...
ANIAC66CXBClient - Failover - Fixed an issue where failover was not working for some user's mail databases. This regression was introduced in...


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