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JBUDC36HZXServer - Search - Fixed a performance issue with full text indexing involving databases with a large number of attachments.
RFIDBYSPTVServer - Search - Fixed a performance issue with search.
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JPAIBYWLANiNotes - Fixed an issue where debug output was output when it shouldn't have been - warning about "GetSAMLNotesID(): username=<CN=...> NOT...
DLIMBSMS4EServer - Add Notes.ini to allow Domino to import internet certificates to the directory that have extensions marked as critical that Domino does not...
RPAIBZGND2Server - ID Vault - Fixed password reset in the Vault to use the new password digest calculation to update the person record in the directory when...
CTOEC4Y2CMServer - Fixed a memory leak under heavy load.
RPAIC67RVMServer - SMIME - Fixed an issue where SMIME processing could crash during possible memory overwrite condition.
NVENBY3LX6Client - Security - Fixed an issue where upgrade to 11.0.1 Client would not add the new Domino Template Development id to Execution Control List...
RDRAC2RL5CServer - Security - Fixed an issue where ServerKeyFileName Notes.ini was being updated with an in memory ID file name. Also added debug tracing for...
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DVDI9XS9RCServer - Fixed a crash that could occur in BPoolAutoDeleteDestructor function.
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JBAIBKMBDZServer - Logging - Fixed an issue where some semaphore timeout messages in SEMDEBUG.TXT were truncated.
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ATHNBXVH7ZClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where nsd would not contain callstacks if username was too long.
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ECRAB8USGYClient - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where customized toolbar settings were reset to default setting when restarting Notes. This regression was...
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RTAJBD2DKBClient - Fixed an issue with blurred text displaying on Windows 10 when gdiscaling is enabled for notes2.exe and dpiaware is false. This regression...
AQNNC4RJMADesigner - Fixed an issue where '\' character in product strings was not being read in correctly. This regression was introduced in...
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SSARBW4PAW Server - Views - Fixed an issue where view indexes were being discarded after being left open for greater than 45 days.
STAAC3E3DKServer - Full Text Index - Domino server update tasks will no longer be limited to a single inline indexer thread. Each instance of the update task...
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KMOAC4396LiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the iNotes calendar form in Verse was not handling a high availability environment which could have multiple...
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CPONANRCDEClient - Views - Fixed an issue where using Copy as Table with greater than 255 rows then pasting as text into Excel would result in lines being...
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