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TPAE5RYNKNThe Notes client shows several public groups as "loading" within the Instant Contact List.
YHNN6VKSLGChanged all toolbar icons and text that relate to Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
CSMH6N6QBR Fixed an issue that prevented folders with the same name in different parent folders, from displaying in the mail navigator.
JSHN6N3QY8Prior to this fix, hidden tables were exposed when exporting to a Microsoft RTF document using @Command([FileExport];"Microsoft RTF";filepath). With...
JSTH65VUXSFixed cases where users were seeing "No secondary sort column" error when finding names after a categorized search.
SANN64LNZ4Invalid document identifier after several changes to the Folder Options. The "Alias" name of a folder was corrupted. Each folder name normally has...
HNAA6LYHHDFixed a Notes client crash which occurred when viewing a document property. This problem occurred because the infobox buffer was a little too big...
GMAA6MEJ2CThis fix allows users delegated to mailfile access with edit privileges to manage shared folders for the user who delegated the...
ATHS6UFJCEFixed a memory leak which occurred when a view was opened in a server database.
RHON6DMGFPThis client side fix prevents potential 30 second hangs when databases are full text indexed locally.
JPIK6SBHLCWith this fix, the limit of 100 tabs has been enforced. Prior to this fix, there was a client crash when opening the bookmark.nsf when "Save Window...
NGRT6YDAP7If a Seamless Mail Upgrade (SMU) is triggered while a user already had their mail database open, the mail application might not function properly,...
EFEN6WER7XPrior to this fix, memory map files in /tmp directory were periodically deleted. Also, the /tmp directory was changed to ~/Library/Application...
FCDL72FBA3With this fix, users can now open other views and continue working with other Notes windows until the sandglass icon disappears.
DXJA7284RNFixed a problem where an error dialog was displayed while clicking the Table Select-->Rows/Columns in the right-click menu of table.
KBRT679K5QPrior to this fix, selecting a Save Window State tab for a database that opened to a navigator opened a new Notes program window.
KKOO6YGAP4DBCS character strings were not displayed correctly . This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
JLLU6V55K4On the Mac platform, the default Modal dialog is in application Modal style, which on the Windows platform, the default Modal dialog is in window...
JLLU6W29N6In the text editor area, if a user inputs a lot of text (more than 1 page), sometimes the text view does not scroll to the right place, so the user...
NCTN72ERWFWhen mouse cursor is pointed to some UI elements in the Notes client, a tool-tip will be shown. Sometimes, when the tool-tip is shown or cleared,...
LBLU6V5D3DFixed a problem where the Help button (?) would not resize.
YQDG6VU93YPrior to this fix, users could not rename a folder when the folder was a subfolder in bookmark. The root cause of the problem is that the right...
JFRA6DFC8GFixed a problem where Workspace and Search bookmarks were missing from bookmark.nsf.
SHHW6W8486Conditional statement added to template to hide certain menu choices from Mac and Linux clients.
TLEE73GC2AWith this fix, if the IME window is open, ESC will work as expected and not as a hotkey.
LBLU6UV9J2If the control's parent is dialog, we no longer process the message.
VCIA6W34HZFixed an API problem where the SetUserFocusWindow process is not in the foreground. The problem will result in that Notes loses keyboard input...
EECC72FFYNTo handle keyboard input, Notes has higher priority than IME, in another word, when user press UP/DOWN, if Notes decide to handle it, IME will have...
JLLU6ZXEVAFixed a Notes client crash.


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