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Hide details for AccessibilityAccessibility
APHECBY8M6Client - Accessibility - Fixed an issue where JAWS was not announcing rich text for address fields
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
THIOCDM65AAdmin Client - Fixed an issue where the Assign Policy Tool in the administration client was not correctly clearing users and groups from dynamic...
MSKACEGHXNAdmin Client - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where if a user's vault was on a different server than the server that the admin client was connected to, it...
AGUD5PK4RQHEI - HEI Administrator - Fixed an issue where error "Type Mismatch" was given when trying to create a new Direct Transfer activity using TEXT...
TKAACDNFMXTemplates - mail - Fixed an unnecessary error in user registration with no email template required by Registration policy in DJX Administration tool...
Hide details for AdminPAdminP
YBJG9J2BEYAdmin Client - User registration - Fixed an issue where no warning was given when trying to register a user with the same name as a...
ANIACATHVDDocumentation - Fixed an issue where the default value of ADMINQ_POLLING_SECS was incorrect in the documentation.
Hide details for Agent ManagerAgent Manager
MAVAC4G228Server - Agents - Fixed a crash that could occur when running a java agent.
Hide details for AgentsAgents
EMUZCCYF8UDesigner - Agents - Fixed an issue with Search and Replace within Domino Designer on scheduled agents set to run all day where their run on specified...
Hide details for AppDevAppDev
JCUSCBYQ4PProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where complex boolean queries with double-nested ANDed terms were returning incorrect results. This...
JCUSCCCKH8Programmability - DQL - Fixed an issue where QueryResultsProcessor JSON results would return a legal null array when there were no...
MAVACCJG6JProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where NotesQueryResultProcessor.AddColumn() was not setting Column Header correctly when a formula was...
Hide details for Application PropertiesApplication Properties
ASHECDUEWDDesigner - Fixed an issue where an "(untitled)" form was showing up after setting Full Text Index rules via Application...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
HHIEC9C9Y6iNotes - Added a work around fix for an issue with Safari browser where it fails to handle filename* attribute in Content-Disposition header if the...
Hide details for Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore
SMOYCAYEMSServer - Backup - Fixed an issue with Domino Transaction Log Backup where a TXN file could not be written due to an error "File already...
NBALCHEKL8Server - Backup - Fixed an issue where Domino Backup would crash with > 200-250 backup logs. Work around was to delete the dominobackup.nsf DB and...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
PCHNC7ZDY7Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the FYI field of a new meeting invitation showed to recipients after accepting the meeting. This regression...
JMEACB4N7BiNotes - Fixed a problem where online meeting information was not displaying in iNotes if the meeting was created on Notes using...
JPAIC5CHNJClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where $CSTrack item was growing too large.


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