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Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SCHI7ZPGPCA search with search history disabled no longer generates an error message. The error message that was displayed was "Searching application has...
MGIN82GM2GIcons would get "cut off" and/or would not completely refresh in some cases. Notes now refreshes the width of the Sametime enabled column of a view,...
RCE5W3VR7Resolved a crash when shutting down the client. The NSD reported an error "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle not allocated in NLNOTES".
YYSN7VRA4FFixed black display issues when Notes is running on Linux with GTK version higher than 217.1.
CJSN84BQ7HSametime awareness in C++ views disappears for all visible live name users when view focus is on a line entry with a blank name. A side effect of...
JHAT84YJJPIn a rare user state, awareness can be displayed for all users in a view. This can be the incorrect status. It can also result in the Notes Client...
VMAA7WDHUBWhen Symphony is launched before the Notes client, loading of an Xpage in Notes fails with a java.SecurityException - ECL Permission Denied. ...
ACHG87X56VResolved issue where in the Notes Basic Client when "use system color" was selected the workspace icons became black and white
RSWG87Z4UEFixed issue so now unread documents color will be red no matter what color you set in the OS settings when using it with "Use system color" user...
Hide details for ClustersClusters
OFFI7WBSV7Fixed a session memory leak which resulted in a high number of BLK_NETBUFFER allocations. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
WBKK7GNJY8Fixed a Cluster Replicator crash which could happen under low memory conditions.
UTOO83VB8ZFixed a Cluster Replicator crash which could happen if the Cluster Replicator task was re-cycled on a running Domino server.
Hide details for Common Inbox FrameworkCommon Inbox Framework
AWAG82SPS9Fixed a problem where the gutter mode disappeared and wrong documents were acted upon for selection. This problem appears to be a timing issue where...
VMAA836KHHFixed a problem that, when in the Gutter mode, various problems occurred for the calendar user. For example: incorrect actions were displayed, can...
Hide details for Composite ApplicationsComposite Applications
MCKD844E4RFixed a problem where the Composite Applications' Remove feature caused an error when trying to remove a feature that was never...
Hide details for ContactsContacts
WTON7UCJMSWhen an Internet address is entered or returned from a selection, a final lookup is now done to try to retrieve a Notes address from an internet...
Hide details for DAOSDAOS
KWON83UQ54Fixed a problem where the resync exited prematurely in response to server shutdown, and incorrectly marked the DAOS catalog as...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
DOLA7YEK44Fixed a Domino crash on NBES with PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle.
DROO82ZJMVFixed a change order of processing in dbdirman to ensure mail.box is not skipped during resync.
YDEN825ENEThis fix restores proper handling of errors from the shared unk table.
JFOR83MJA5Fixed a DAOS resync ticket scan code to scan large databases faster.
JMPR7MW899This fix addresses an issue where requesting documents to archive from a server could overwrite memory.
JMPR7MW899This fix addresses an issue where requesting documents to archive from a server could overwrite memory.


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