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LHAR77EA5EDefensive error handling applied to address 3rd party vendor application failure for attachment processing ( Keyview).
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
YYSN89945BFixed a problem on Ubuntu where when installing the Notes client while an older Notes client was still running resulted in the installation aborting,...
Hide details for iSeries SpecificiSeries Specific
TACN85BKJHProvide BRMS awareness of transaction logging directory location so it can be omitted when saving the rest of IBM i integrated file system...
Hide details for Java ClientJava Client
SRAO83TT7KWhen a user has an account with no name in the PNAB, the Java side was displaying a null pointer exception since the code was assuming that the...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
KKOO86VE68Fixed the inability to see Column data in a View.ColumnValues array to the right of an empty entry.
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KYOE6U49JWFixed a problem where "&brvbar" was displayed in the mail rule condition for DBCS languages when opened after an upgrade.
JFOR88MPFKRemoved the option for marking a subject as confidential. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP4.
KKOO7TZESUFixed a problem where multiple mail addresses were not populated by the mailto link.
ADC7WJPR5Fixed Notes crash issues which occurred when the thread cache database handle became invalid.
DGAO86URSAIn the mail view, when the mail view width is short enough, the view will switch to vertical mode (e.g., each mail item will occupy 2 lines). In the...
KRAU857C4AAddressed problem with French Language Pack on AIX where deleting a document from the Inbox would fail due to server formula evaluation errors. This...
MLEY82YJFKRenamed the Notes.ini variable from "iNotes_WA_ReleaseFocusAfterNotification" to "iNotes_WA_UseChildWindowForAlert". This regression was introduced...
SDOY829BGYImproved client CPU performance for "Show documents one page at a time" mail view. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
XMXL7Z65M6Firefox 3.6 only: context menus shown by iNotes are hidden by browser's default context menu.
SVRO88FMRLFixed an intermittent problem in Notes Standard Client where the email body content was not displaying in the preview pane for mime messages. If the...
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TDOO85RRNMServer crashed on nPOP3 task with the error message "PANIC:
Insufficient memory due to leaks on BLK_MMSTREAMBUFFER" when message was marked...
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NORK862MRLImap and convert -h crashes Domino servers when processing messages with blob (rfc822) objects in conjunction with native mime.
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
KMOA82TB26Resolved problems with Safari 5 during general usage, due to browser security enhancements.
Hide details for Native Launcher and Platform ServicesNative Launcher and Platform Services
DCOY84RR5RFixed a Notes Client hang when trying to access a class from a corrupted shared cache class file.
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