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Hide details for  8.5.1 FP5 8.5.1 FP5
Hide details for Activity LoggingActivity Logging
DSAN7XH3LDFix for Session information not written to Misc. Events in log.nsf after upgrade from 8.5 to newer version using Log_Sessions=2
Hide details for AgentsAgents
HSPR7U2BZLFixed a "random" crash when modifying your own ACL via LotusScript and your worker thread doesn't outrun the garbage collector.
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
ALAS84K2CPFixed a problem where attachments became duplicated if multiple messages with an attachment were forwarded at once. This regression was introduced...
SDOY7FZCKHPrior to this fix some attachments were not being saved because it appeared they were not modified.
PTHN874PNWIf the iNotes File Upload Control ActiveX fails to load, the product should fall back to an HTML based solution. This fix resolves a problem where...
Hide details for ChatChat
JCRY876TEYFixed a problem where the main title bar on a tabbed chat was not displaying the name of the correct person involved in the chat.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
JSTN7X8N4APrior to this fix, the mail replica settings were overwritten when Notes copied icons on the workspace.
UKUR7VW976Prior to this fix, focus was lost in an embedded view after opening an embedded doc and then pressing ESC.
THSE77CNCSFixed a Notes Standard client crash which occurred when a user answered "Yes" at the failover prompt with the network cable unplugged. For Basic,...
RGAU86JBYYFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash at opening a view in some application.
XCDL7TJDDEPrior to this fix, if a user changes the ID he is logged in as, the previous user's tabs will remain open. This fix closes prior user's...
YHAO8395CPFixed an issue with Firefox 3.6: When clicking "Details" button on the Select Addresses dialog to see details of a group, no group member is...
ADC6TEKEJFixed an intermittent crash in the routine DocGetWindowHandle.
CSMH838SUGFixed an issue that would hide homepage links to Symphony (Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheet) if Symphony 3.0 add-on is installed on top of...
LJWG84G8BCIf UUID is set as the user ID in the Community server, the username is shown as UUID in chat history in mail file. This change is to use mail...
DWHD87RGZZThe Common Business card started to be the default Sametime business card in Notes 8.5.1. When one brings up a business card (for example hovering...
TDEY89ASGWMinor change to text on the About box for FP releases.
DWHD8ADKYPThe user agent value for Connections Business Card related HTTP requests have been changed to a string that identifies the client down to the...
DWHD8CVSZGAddress several Activities related performance issues, such as:
- load private activity templates by default rather than all public templates
- don't...
Hide details for Common Inbox FrameworkCommon Inbox Framework
MPAA7RD9C2Prior to this fix, the selections were not cleared whenever a Drag and Drop was performed on documents to be archived.
Hide details for Commposite ApplicationsCommposite Applications
JGUO7Y3K5SReloading a composite application will now work correctly. Prior to this fix, the application was not reloaded on a request from...
Show details for CSI ViewpartCSI Viewpart


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