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WTON7UCJMSWhen an Internet address is entered or returned from a selection, a final lookup is now done to try to retrieve a Notes address from an internet...
SFBI7Y3LCXWith this fix, double quotes will not be added when a field value is empty or it contains a comma. This regression was introduced in...
RRAL7X7RSNIn 8.51, we introduced service side window; if the Enter is pressed quickly when the droplist doesn't appear, the Domino server would not be selected...
DBRO7WCJL2SPR# DBRO7WCJL2 -Fixed problem where "Operation Failed" error was occurring when using Add Sender to Contacts with "Include x.509 certificate"...
YGAO7QQHPDModified Recent Contacts to compare first FullName field on server note with Recent Contact note. After deleting the Recent contact note, there is a...
JLAE7TXQ68Replace all hover help i's with ?s on export/import dialogs.
ALAS7VYUJSFixed problem where contact sort option was not brought forward to user's Mail contacts
AGUD7SQJQFMail template Group form: fixed the formula in the Save & Close button. Now behaves like the same button in Contacts.
AZHN7YX9CVFixed bidi problem in Collaboration History dialog.
AZHN7YLCYGFixed sort issue in Contact view (Turkish version)
MJBN83VNKJPrevented showing an error in log file when opening Recent Collaborations.
RRAL7VSLHKFixed problem where vCard can not be imported from a read-only directory.
RCFE7WWSCXAdded the capability for a mail delegate to print contact records as labels or business cards.
ASCR7VSNHRFixed problem where Comments field was not being retained when exporting contacts.
ASCR848RYAFixed problem in Import vCard where some duplicate contacts were not marked with an asterisk in the vcard dialog.
ASCR85FJ8TFixed the issue where the Next/Previous button in the Import Contacts dialog box lost focus when they are disabled, thus users can't keyboard to move...
KLSG7STCPRFixed the issue where a business card is not dismissed promptly when users moves the cursor out of the Livename area
LMAN7QHPVNFixed ctrl-click and cmd-click selection problems in Mac OS, which occurred in the business card view
MCHG7Z2ACQFixed the issue in Export Contacts where the popup infomation dialog (with some help text) is not placed at the correct position when using BiDi text...
ASCR85FHSXFixed problem where screen reader did not read field labels in the Append Vcard dialog
DWON7L2T78Changed the column formula of name column in iNotes_Contacts view and added UI to preference for default format.
HNAA6YVFTJFixed problem in Location form where wrong user name was entered in "only for user" field if a password was set on the proxy
JCAL836RK4Fixed problem where long Internet address appeared truncated in File/Preferences/Location box. This is because some of the address had fallen to a...
MBRN7VBHPQChanged wording of "Enable synchronize contacts" preference to match the new name of the Replication & Sync page
LMAN7X3PD3Fixed problem where mail delegate received an error when trying to save a new contact in Manager's mail db
LMAN7XPJF5Fixed right-click menu on mailfile Contacts views to match the right-click menu on the corresponding pernames Contacts views
RDJS7VCLTQFixed problem where Name Helper dialog sometimes appears unnecessarily when editing a contact which was created prior to R8.0.
RMAN83LNP2Fixed error "Object variable not set" when moving recent contact with non-standard rfc 822 address
MCMA7SHMVDFixed problem where Copy to Address Book (initiated from Domino Directory) neglects to copy Internet address, if available


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