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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for 12.0.2 FP212.0.2 FP2
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
CSAHCQJLATAdmin Client - Live Server console - fixed an issue where when using the Live Server console with the W64bit Admin client, the client would sometimes...
Hide details for APIAPI
WDCABHFPYMProgrammability - Rest API - Fixed an issue where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
Hide details for ArchivingArchiving
ASAECMTH9EServer - Archiving - Fixed an issue where after design task was run on the archive server, the quota of mail databases got applied to the archive...
Hide details for Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore
KKRYCRF7B2Server - Backup & Restore - Fixed an issue where restoring a database to a path that includes a directory link folder was not working...
Hide details for Client AccessibilityClient Accessibility
TSAOCCSF8PClient - Accessiblity - Fixed an issue where JAWS would not read out the letter when user moved the caret with the right or left keys. This...
ADEECSQJ8MClient - Accessibility - Fixed an issue with JAWS 2021 where not all characters of the subject field in a mail message were being...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
NVENCPPKYUAdmin Client - Fixed a crash that could occur on 64 bit Admin client during organization or organizational unit certificate...
Hide details for Composite ApplicationsComposite Applications
JJARCQRD6SProgrammability - Composite Applications - Fixed an issue with Composite Application and XPages around integration wiring changes, JSON wiring...
Hide details for DAS (Domino Data Access)DAS (Domino Data Access)
TJJNCGSR2QProgrammability - Domino Data Access - Domino Rest API - Fixed an issue where Domino Rest API was not working as expected for multi value fields when...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
ASHECP5JNVClient/Server - Views - Fixed an issue where an embedded view was failing to display data if the embedded view was using values from Computed for...
DANOCP9QLDServer - Database - Fixed an issue where Cluster Symmetry was erroneously recreating a user's mail db after an admin had used the Admin Client to...
GRHECQKSF7Server- Database - DAOS - Fixed an issue where compact -c (or DBMT) failure could cause DAOS to go out of sync, requiring a "tell daosmgr resync" to...
HYZGCQZBPBClient - Views - Fixed an issue where a view column containing @Now formula is not refreshing. This regression was introduced in...
JPAICN2P4NServer - Database - Fixed an issue where two threads had incompatible locks on the same database
RMAACJWEEVServer - Database - Transaction Logging - Fixed an issue with transaction logging that was causing intermittent crashes in nlogasio task. Workaround...
SPPPCRF9MAServer - Repair - Fixed an issue on Windows where filename comparisons were being done case sensitive when repairing a database.
KBRNCRYNPZServer - Linux/Unix - Fixed an issue where attempting to read or write > 2gb in a file would give a truncation error.
Hide details for DebuggerDebugger
PSHECMAHQLDesigner - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where expanding array or global variables for a second time would not show any...
Show details for DECSDECS


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