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Hide details for MIME to CD conversionMIME to CD conversion
KRED76JMS3Fixed parsing of MIME Directory for conversion that resulted in the loss of some of the message body.
Hide details for My Widgets and Live TextMy Widgets and Live Text
DMDD97KMGEIn Notes 9.0 the concept of 'approved' widgets was introduced as administrator approval is needed to use OpenSocial widgets. After installing a...
DMDD97DHDQPrior to this fix, when a user opened a Feed Widget, there was no way to refresh the view with updated feeds. There is now a refresh button provided...
Hide details for Native Launcher and Platform ServicesNative Launcher and Platform Services
PANN8MSLN2Fixes issue where calendar documents are off by one hour in the views at the start of DST change for Jerusalem
Hide details for Notes App SupportNotes App Support
PALT97BH4DFixed Notesuiworkspace Picklistcollection to allow opening the mail database inside the piclist dialog.
Hide details for NotesSQLNotesSQL
RWAH96LJ5TFixes the incompatibility of NotesSQL 8.x.x versions with Lotus Notes 9.0. IBM ODBC Driver for Notes/Domino 9.0 was released on June 14, 2013.
Hide details for PolicyPolicy
PJON96GTG3Fix problem when applying mail policy to user's mailfile by setting $PublicAccess="1" on inotesprofile note,
NKEY96LLV3Fixed a problem that prevented iNotes users from opening their archives if the user has a locked down UI Mode policy setting...
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
LMOA8NLKN7Fixes issue where If a user changes their Notes ID Password through iNotes, iNotes tries to close the Preferences panel afterwords
PJON96CUK9 Fixed interoperability issue with Notes and iNotes for mail and calendar delegation by ensuring the iNotesProfile is correctly configured when the...
XMEG99J5VBFixed error when opening Preferences for a mail file that was not created by the Dominio user registration process.
GKLA95JTEUProvided updates to TimeZone table and DST definitions for Jerusalem and others.
Hide details for PrintingPrinting
ADEE8N7H4XFixed a crash issue when printing or print preview a specific document that paragraph is not inside a cell.
DWON6NBK3BFixed a defect that print preview or printing calendar view clipped the words when calendar entry subject is long. This regression was introduced in...
KKIL96FLHJFixed an intermittent crash issue when attempting to print on Macintosh
JADS7P8QJGFixed an intermittent issue that nothing was selected as the default printer in the printer dialog on Citrix.
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
NNBN93YKGGFixes the issue where users receive the error "Field length stored in document is incorrect." when opening certain calendar entries.
GMAA7ZUKUPNotes Client enhancement where replica entries from the replication page are not deleted if the replica does not exist on workstation. This is...
MDIY95HRTGAddress issue where triangulation could result in replication missing some updates.
Hide details for Roaming UserRoaming User
PJOK959J24Fixed a potential security issue with IBM Lotus Notes Multi User Code Execution


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