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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigurationInstall/Setup/Configuration
APAR99FE92If user setup skips over the server configuration screen while configuring user at setup time, the iNotes icon on Notes Browser Plugin noes not...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
JMIL94PRYNFixed an issue where MUI registry keys will remain in the registry if NICE is used. At the same time, the MUI Pack won't be shown in drop down list...
IKHN96TTTHFixes an installation issue where templates would install even when the No Templates option was enabled. This regression was introduced in...
SHEZ99FBXE Prior to this fix, MUI Pack can't be installed when user data is on a mapped network disk on Citrix, and the error message is "Muipack installer...
Hide details for InternationalInternational
MNAA969AKGFixes Japanese translation issue on the default results page for Searchview were parts of the page are not translated.
NNAI6Z9A42Fixed Japanese tranlsation issuse with "according to..." on status bar of a signed message
Hide details for Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
SAIA9A5CWMIf the user enabled Pop-up blocker on Win 8 + IE 10 and then launches Notes Browser Plugin (NBP), then the user won't be presented with the alert...
Hide details for iSeries SpecificiSeries Specific
MMIL96FBNEFixes issue where a GA build is permitted to be installed on the same machine as a Beta build. Having both a Beta & GA installed on the same...
MZHO97G7YGPrior to this fix, OSGI will not be installed on non english primary language systems. This regression was introduced in 9.0.
Hide details for JavaJava
OABA8ZKCNPWhen Java Agents bring up a dialog, the Notes client can appear hung until the dialog is dismissed. This is fixed in 9.0.1.
APAI8F6HX3Fixes a crash that could happen when an error occurred on a Java call to DirectoryNavigator.getFirstItemValue.
LAMY94WNP6Fixed an issue in the Domino directory that could cause Domino to crash when registering, renaming or deleting new users using the Java...
KLYH95CMCJIBM JRE / JVM in Notes and Domino upgraded to 1.6 SR14 to address a series of java security vulnerabilities outlined in technote 1644918 covering CVE...
NRBY9BMMEHFixes issue where DBCS characters are unreadable in the body of a calendar invite,
Hide details for LCULCU
CTSI99WKQFFixes issue where web triggered agents/webservice do not run and error out with "LotusScript Error - Bad API Argument". This regression was...
Hide details for LEILEI
DWHL8VYVFAFixed a hang issue that lead to crash while transferring attachments from notes to other databases.
KKOO8T2DJSFixed the issue where error message 'No Such Database exists' was thrown for scheduled activities. This was a timing issue and was solved by...
RWAH8SDPSXFixed the problem where valid NULL values from database tables are not getting replicated to notes nsf
TAIA8QE47NFixed a hang issue that lead to crash while transferring attachments from notes to another notes nsf.
KKOO8ZBESGFixed the issue where transfer for multiple records from notes to database was failing due to incorrect statement attribute value set for sql...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
SSCT962QYJFixes Domino Server crash that occurs when Lotusscript C Api calls on 64bit platforms use types as arguments. This is a regression in 8.5.3...


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