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JCOL8LBJEFFixes Domino Server Crash On SMTP during TNEF Conversion. This crash occurred when invalid records were found in the TNEF stream; now we skip the...
PJON97QVQNFixed problem with a forwarded message where internet style recipient names were not being displayed correctly in the message...
KRAU978N42Fixed an issue where plain text signatures are formatted improperly when a numbered list is included in the content.
TKOA7Q2BWXFixed problem where the Add Sender To Contacts action was storing incorrect information when the sender has an internet style name...
SDOY986CYTFixed an intermittent issue where a message "An Error has Occurred" appears and text is lost when deleting a bullet in messages with a specific...
SJCN7T5TLYOn mail send, if addressee name is AltName@domain it will be replaced with Primary Name@domain if possible.
SDOY8KSTRLAn encrypted mail, once removed from the sent view, can be read by a delegate in the All Documents view
SFBI8WYM6SDelays sending mails to many people using nested groups
YGAO978E9A Do not include "sent by" user to to recipient list when doing a 'Reply to All'
SFBI96MP7CDrag and Drop of documents as .eml files fails when the 'Begining of Message' option is enabled. This is fixed in 9.0.1
PBAO97CJ8EIn the Create Archive Criteria dialog, If the archive database path is too long, its not possible to scroll to the end of the text field to view the...
TMDS97VTJZSPR# TMDS97VTJZ -When the mail file is opened and the Inbox is configured to 'Show Conversations' a client crash may occur. This crash is avoided in...
JPMS97BQLAFixed HTTP task reliability issue when processing a malformed recipient email address.
KSSH7ZUELSAdded ability to Auto Save mail messages being edited.
KRAU95HG4Y Fixed possible interop issue between iNotes and Notes, due to "MailOption" item being set on sent messages
NNAI9885TBResolved problems with the Folder and Quick Star actions do not work correctly from Home Page Inbox view
LRWW97H8DPResolved navigation issues when deleting mail messages from the Home Page Inbox view.
WRAY8QKLTQFixed issue where when opening messages in iNotes Ultra Light Mode, that have mixed case mail file names specified in the URL, the mail message fails...


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