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GKLA97ZRJSFixes issue where there is an error printing multiple documents from the inbox on the Notes Client when 'Group by Date' is enabled.
SSDI999D5K FewClix add-on product search fails when the Group By Date option is enabled in Inbox or All Documents view. This is fixed in 9.0.1
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ADOS7PMLJHFixed issue where Accelerated Replica operations fail with 'not supported for DAOS' even if nsf and/or server is not DAOS enabled
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KHAN87ZUTSPrevents excessive InsertPermutations recursion that can lead to a Domino Server crash. The new notes.ini variable MAX_PERMUTE_RECURSE=<number>,...
GRCE8JWMVRFixes issue where Mailfile Preferences become corrupt when the rich text signature grows larger than ~32k.
OIHZ8GZLJYFixes issue where V2-style attachment using Lotusscript with Japanese characters cannot be extracted. This is a regression in 8.5.1.
RDJS8JVMMUFixes issue where database properties And Notesdatabase::size reports incorrect value as negative or unusually large
MIAS7TRRXUFixes Folder deadlock due to server replication and client replication running at the same time, updating the same folder.
MIAS98LR34Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash in NIFViewRegister caused by a name lookup.
BBSZ98UKRVCopy-style-compact creates a new NSF and populates it. If an NSF is created after the DIT is repopulated, while the secondary DOI is being created,...
CSCT962QBGFixes an issue where if dbmt issues a drop of the database prior to the compact. and the case doesn't match the file name or the wrong slashes for...
MLUO96N5D2Fixes Domino Server crash in NIFCloseCollection.
NGRT993CXQFixes issue where Updall was taking a long time to run on databases with large number of unread tables.
DMNL74CH2HFixes issue where Names.nsf ACL gets corrupted and recreated with no access
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CTSI95WSKEFixes problem where Traveler Users get intermittent authentication prompts and are uable to Sync when authenticating via LDAP.
JXBI95ABPDFixed a server crash in Domino LDAP service during database compaction on names.nsf. The error message displayed was "Operation cannot be performed...
HOKA92M4WTFixes issue where group changes in a remote LDAP server, configured through Directory Assiatnce, are not reflected on the Domino...
XQCO7FZ64SFixes intermittent Domino Server crash at LNABGetData.
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JMOY95BN49Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts JavaScript tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
JMOY95BLM6Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts Java applet tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
SHEZ75TA8QFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash opening a certain document with tables.
DJDJ92U96GTranslated Notes UI strings when selecting prefer MIME format incoming Mail will be displayed correctly.
ADEE7RUAPNFixed error received when pasting Microsoft Powerpoint image into Notes mail if the Paste Special option was not chosen.
BJGY93SLLJ With the fix, no cell border will show in Outlook when cell border-width is 0.
NPEI96K82QFixed an integer overflow vulnerability which may be triggered by viewing a malformed PNG image. For details, see technote 1635878.


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