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SRKM8DN8GEFixes issue where the $NAME field was not being updated properly, like is done for $TITLE when a folder is moved.
NBYE97PLMUAddressed a defect that Discover Page was still in English after installing langauge pack. Starting in 901, users will see Discover page in a...
ACHG8STC6TFixes intermittent Notes Client crash when the user hits "send" on a large email (also, the email is lost ).
ADEE972JCJFixes a crash of the Notes Browser Plugin at startup, first time after install.
APAR98GF3QThis fix allows user to specify a server where the help file exists so that users of the Notes Browser Plug-in can use F1 to display help. This is...
CAML6VBLL7This fix restricts users from creating a folder with the same name when they are using separate clients and the same mailfile.
RPAL96UMQLUser can now specifcy which brower to use as their perferred browser to run the Notes Browser Plugin by setting the new notes.ini: ...
RPAL97YM43If the default browser is not on the supported list for the Notes Browser Plugin, Internet Explorere with be used as the browser to open the Browser...
DWON93QNUKFixes issue with the Notes Basic client, where when there are a large number of folders, after the user opens some of them, all folders are no longer...
MBLT9BTHXK Fix restricts users from creating folders with the same name when they are using separate clients and the same mailfile.
MNAA99R937Fixes an intermittent Notes Browser Plugin crash when the Notes Broswer Plugin is started.
SNIR92YEZ5Fixes Notes client crash occuring when user logs off operating system and cancels out of the Notes log off action to discard or save the unsaved...
PSIH994A9GFailover support is added on initial Notes client configuration for Multi-User installation when primary server is down.
MLAT93ZW4KClient - Fixed an issue where the spell check dialog went behind the Notes window giving the impression that Notes was hung. This issue is seen...
CSAO97GCV7Fixes issue where If there are more than 2 servers in a cluster, and there is only a replica file on 2 of those servers, Notes Client does not step...
CLUG97QKV2The Business Card cache default timeout intervals have been increased for performance reasons.
- refreshing Business Card data: 1 day --> 1 week...
MMAS95LPEXThe Chat History view in a client mailfile that displays your saved Sametime chats was not showing names in the Who column. The Who column should...
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