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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.1 FP1)


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GFURBLXL2ZServer - iSeries - Fixed an issue where UPDDOMSVR command failed when both Option 10 and Option 11 were installed for 5733D11
NMMMBQ6KWJClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where the Uninstaller button width was too small for some languages. This regression was introduced in...
AYAVBXPHN2Client - MUI - No longer display a popup about "The language specified for the user interfaces is not found in your NotesMUI directory..." when...
AGOLBMRB7JServer - Install - Fixed an issue where Domino As A Service was still present after unchecking the Domino As A Service option during...
TDOOBNFQTHServer - Install - Fixed an issue where custom install panels will not scale correctly (large space on the right side of the panel) if selecting a...
Hide details for Install/ProvisioningInstall/Provisioning
RKRYBXMLCUClient - Fixed an issue where notes.exe did not have large address awareness build flag set. Now, application can handle large (>2GB)...
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigInstall/Setup/Config
ARAYBMNLDEDomino - Install - Fixed an issue where the back option was not working from the last page of the Domino installer
SMOYBV3AFBServer - Install - the Windows fixpack installer now properly handles updates to notes.ini when upgrading a partitioned server with only one...
TSAOBVREMTServer - IBMi - Fixed an issue where Server Language Pack could not be installed to Domino 11.0.1FP1 on IBM i
ARAYBM8MCLServer - Install - Fixed an issue where the Domino Server and Domino Console desktop icons were intermittently not removed after uninstallation of...
SSHIBMSKFLServer - Install - Fixed an issue on Linux where, for a non-default install location, Labels/Text are not displayed on the server setup screens after...
TDOOBNNM4LServer - Install - Fixed an issue where a temporary file dummy.txt was left in the help folder.
MDAABP4M87 Server - Install - Fixed an issue where when installing on Unix with partition option selected and number of partitions set to 1, all the files in...
MKINBP4Q2QServer - Install - Fixed an issue with custom Domino install that would cause the JVM to not be installed if the user deselected Symbol Files. This...
HPALBPDP9LServer - Install - Fixed an issue where Silent install of Domino on Windows was not working due to the registry not being updated correctly with the...
TDOOBR5QS6Server - Install - Fixed an issue where setupType in windows registry and installType in notes.ini on unix displayed an empty value if custom server...
SJAIBS5MALServer - Install - Fixed an issue where server installation was allowing user to install 9 partitioned servers, where correct limit is...
MKSHBSPPCM Server - Install - Fixed an issue where install was not changing the permission on nsf files only (*.nsf) under /local/notesdata
PKURBUKM5CServer - Install - Fixed an issue where Domino Install did not remove the notes.ini CFP_LP_* items during the upgrade.
TDOOBNJMRDServer - Install - German - Fixed an issue in the German 'Choose Install Type' panel where it was incorrectly showing 'Minimal' as the Domino Utility...
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigurationInstall/Setup/Configuration
SAIABLY9AMAutoUpdate Fixed an error with AutoUpdate when both HCAA and Notes were installed - error about "The current user has no permissions to execute...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
ECRABL5ET3Client - Security - Fixed an issue with SAML where SAML no longer worked after the Notes client was upgraded to 10.0.1 or 11 from 9.0.1. NFL was...
ASIABX7AJHClient - Fixed an issue where the registry setting DoNotUseIBMDirectoryInPath did not work correctly.
SVAIBT4GRBClient - General - Fixed an issue where rcplauncher.exe was not signed by HCL.
SAIABTFCMAAUT - Fixed an issue where AUT client wasn't handling the installer being placed within the language folder on Domino server.


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