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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.1 FP1)


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DCONBB2KNRProgrammability - JSON - Fixed an issue where JSON wasn't reading in empty values correctly. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1...
JPMS8T4QNLLotusScript - Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during navigation of a DocumentCollection.
TSAOBLXCQLLotusScript - Fixed an issue with RichTextRange.FindAndReplace where data was incorrectly being removed when calling...
TSAOBN4FWBLotusScript - Fixed an issue where text in a table cell was being removed incorrectly under certain conditions when using...
PJONBPBUCQLotusScript - Fixed an issue where NotesHTTPRequest.SetHeaderField was not accepting long string values for headervalue parameter
JCORBQPQFHLotusScript - Fixed an issue in CreateJSONNavigator function where some multi-byte characters were not being correctly handled. Also fixed an issue...
PSHEBMRFE7LotusScript - Fixed an issue with NotesJSONNavigator class GetElementByPointer method where some multi-bype strings were getting truncated. This...
MGUOBQQQ73LotusScript - Fixed an issue where NotesJSONElement returns an incorrect value if JSON type is an integer larger than 32 bits.
JCUSBRSHVAProgrammability - Fixed an issue where LotusScript or Java code accessing the (Notes)DbDirectory class would crash when the current database went out...
PSHEBPBJQAProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where NotesSession.CreateHttpRequest() resulted in an Execution Security Alert prompt despite having...
JCORBURJGVProgrammability - JSON - Fixed an issue where JSON wasn't reading in empty values correctly. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1...
ASHEBVVPGJProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue with NotesDocumentCollection's merge, subtract and intersect methods failing with an error "Invalid...
PALTBUEMLXProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where if you have JavaScript code on an XPage and used the eval() function with a string larger than 62545...
ASHEBSVQ72Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed a crash on AIX. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
JCORBXUP3GProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue with NotesHTTPRequest where ResponseCode property was not working for Put, Post, Patch and...
ASHEBYAHCBProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where JSONNav.AppendElement was not throwing an error for Currency
JCORBYDRDPProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed a memory leak in HTTPRequest request calls. This regression was introduced in 11.0.


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