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Hide details for ServerServer
GFAL9JGHGPFixes issue where when message tracking is enabled, reports.nsf no longer generates a chart for the mail usage report for the top users by size, etc...
RREN9GWKVX Fixes issue where document locking doesn't work if the group name is a substring of the name of the person doing the locking. This is a regression...
MNGA9FSRGVFixes Server crash on IMAP with the error message "PANIC: OSVBlockAddr: Bad VBlock handle (0\0)".
CSAO9FR9ZSFixes error message: "Amgr: Console Command 'xxx.nsf' is unknown" repeatedly being logged to the Server console after amgr is...
BCOE8WTKWU Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash with: PANIC: ASSERT(wNumBytes || p > lastPossibleMatch) failed at line 1519 in file cstr.c. that occurs when...
JPAI9JHKURFixes Domino Server crash with PANIC: ASSERT(_tept->curStackEntry == _RmStackEntry+1) failed at line 1502 in file dbclose.c. This is a regression in...
SKJI98ZLR6Fixes issue where when Notes 8.5.3 is used with a Domino 9.0 server, calendar delegation adminp request fails with error "Document has been modified...
MKIN9LTSRLTurns off intermittent debug meesages such as "GenerateTEKey: Vec 0: size = 32, pText = 3F7ADF06" that are logged to the Server...
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
MYAA9JAARG Fixes Notes Browser Plugin hang when opening a database if the navigator has a trailing space.
JPKR9HBRCSThe NSD diagnostic log will now contain the Java path and version information currently being used by IBM Notes/Domino. This is supported on...
XXLI9GR8KV Changes to the sh jvm command so that embedded JVM maintenance release level is displayed.
Hide details for StartupStartup
LMAN7UMNRKFix added to prevent a Notes crash when incorrect section start exists in notes.ini
KTOT9G3SC4Fixes issue launching the Notes Browser Plug-in that results in error message: "Protected mode is turned on in your Web Browser".
Hide details for UIUI
SDOY99HLL8Fixes Notes Client Scrollbar/Mouse slider issues when switching between documents in categorised views
Hide details for UltraliteUltralite
EPOR9CBJ6GFixes issue when using iNotes Ultra-light mode on iOS7 where type-ahead inserts additional characters that will fail to resolve when sending the...
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
MKIN9KDSXYFixed a possible hang bug with IHS (IBM HTTP Server)on Windows
Hide details for xPagesxPages
ANIA9E9FADFixes issue where MIME data is exposed in the rich text control after removing
attachments and saving the document in XPages applications. This is a...
PEDS9KDQPCFixes issue where an XPages iWidget does not generate correct references when accessed over https
KLYH9GGS9WRecommended security fix for IBM Domino and IBM XWork Server
CJON9BVPAMThe XPages session cookie "SessionID" does not have the cookie secure option set by default when in an environment with the option "Require SSL...
TMGN9KJTEBAdds Internet Explorer 11 support for xPages
KHRL9HRTKKXPages, Date Time Picker, times were incorrect by 1 hour when server timezone in summer time and browser timezone not in summer time
TMGN9LMF2JRich Text Control - Provide CKEDITOR namespace API access prior to dijit wrapper construction. Prior to this fix, customization of the CKEDITOR was...


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