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LQIU9KSBNWThis fix adds the ability to specify the font used by the business card.
LQIU9GUCJBFixes issue where words that start with "lol" (such as lollipop) show the smiley face emoticon instead of the word in Sametime
JFCG9JWTQVFixes a crash that occurs after switching emoticon palettes and scrolling for an emoticon.
LQIU9JT5XFFixes an issue where the embedded Sametime chat window's size does not 'stick'.
CDLL9L68QJAdds ability for users to suppress Offline Service error messages. Setting com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.chatwindow/suppressOfflineTextErrorMsg=true...
YGDN9KD6N3Fixes issue where after configuring the files transfer policy via the server, disabling p2p and setting VPMX_THRESHOLD_INTERVAL=0 in the...
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PPOR92UMM6 Fixes issue when sending SMTP over SSL with: SSL handshake error: 1C7Bh and SSL bad peer certificate. This error occurs when an SSL implementation...
NEKO9HHQQJWith this fix, the password requirement settings from the security policy ("Required Password Quality" and "Password History" count) are...
NEKO9HSKGAFixes issue where the password history count was not being checked during ID vault password reset
MKEE9HLJ9WFixes potential security vulnerability in iNotes
YGAO95HFP9Fixes password reset failure when the required password quality for a user has been changed in the security policy but not yet updated in the ID...
KLYH9URNJHTLS 1.2 Notes / Domino as a TLS client rejects handshake with server if no common signature algorithm available
DKEN9KPTEWFixes a potential security vulnerablility in ID Vault
MKEE9JEEAQXPages Extlib security fix for old browsers
MKEE9M8KYBXPages security fix for some error page content
LHEY9BMHZLXPages core security fix for old browsers
PEDS9ABHACXPages fix for issue reported by security scan tool
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GFAL9JGHGPFixes issue where when message tracking is enabled, reports.nsf no longer generates a chart for the mail usage report for the top users by size, etc...
RREN9GWKVX Fixes issue where document locking doesn't work if the group name is a substring of the name of the person doing the locking. This is a regression...
MNGA9FSRGVFixes Server crash on IMAP with the error message "PANIC: OSVBlockAddr: Bad VBlock handle (0\0)".
CSAO9FR9ZSFixes error message: "Amgr: Console Command 'xxx.nsf' is unknown" repeatedly being logged to the Server console after amgr is...
BCOE8WTKWU Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash with: PANIC: ASSERT(wNumBytes || p > lastPossibleMatch) failed at line 1519 in file cstr.c. that occurs when...
JPAI9JHKURFixes Domino Server crash with PANIC: ASSERT(_tept->curStackEntry == _RmStackEntry+1) failed at line 1502 in file dbclose.c. This is a regression in...
SKJI98ZLR6Fixes issue where when Notes 8.5.3 is used with a Domino 9.0 server, calendar delegation adminp request fails with error "Document has been modified...
MKIN9LTSRLTurns off intermittent debug meesages such as "GenerateTEKey: Vec 0: size = 32, pText = 3F7ADF06" that are logged to the Server...
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MYAA9JAARG Fixes Notes Browser Plugin hang when opening a database if the navigator has a trailing space.


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