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Hide details for Genera/MiscGenera/Misc
GMAM9P4BR8Three design elements get added to an NSF each time it is opened in Designer causing Domino to eventually hang.
Hide details for IBM i specficIBM i specfic
BYAG9LD3PSFixes performance issue with DAOS/NLO Restore on BRMS. Restoring some NLO files for Notes is taking up to 1 hour to restore 1 file. This fix controls...
Hide details for InstallInstall
SDOY9NSD8ZInstalling iNotesl.Msi for 901fp2 hangs if you try to install browser cache control (if it had been installed on that machine before). This is a...
XXLI9RGAX9Removes erroneous OS level warning message when installing Open Social Component
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigurationInstall/Setup/Configuration
JSTN9NRV8BNotes Browser Plugin fails to launch under trusted sites zone with error message: "Protected mode is turned on in your Web Browser".
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
CSCT8UCRDCResolved situation where an expired vault password prevents Notes client setup. Users encountering this issue will see the setup program loop...
Hide details for ISV APIsISV APIs
DDEY9N8Q62Change made to allow Domino data service to tolerate database properties changes made by Notes 8.5.2. This is a companion fix to SPR...
Hide details for JavaJava
KLYH9MKHPDUpdated the embedded JVM in Notes/Domino to Oracle July 2014 Critical Patch to fix mutliple vulnerabilies. For more information see:...
BJGY9K5MR4 Updated timezone and DST information for the Notes standard client to include tzdata2014f. Please see this link for details on timezone updates:...
JKEY9J8FLVFixes issue with Morocco DST where a meeting appears to be 1 hour off when viewing in calendar view vs. opening the meeting.
YSAI9CCBYGFixes Domino Server crash when executing notesView.getColumnValues method, if there are many documents in a database.
KLYH9QQL2M IBM JRE / JVM in Notes and Domino upgraded with October 2014 update to address a series of java security vulnerabilities outlined in technote...
Hide details for LCULCU
TAIA9L8ATHFixes a problem where an attachment cannot be opened via the browser if it has Japanese characters in its name. This is a regression in...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
NXLE9FU7XRFixes Domino Server crash on LongJmp Crash that occurs on Error handling
Hide details for MailMail
OIHZ93TRRYFixes an Out of Office issue for non-English Notes template users where the return date and leave dates are switched.
ASAO9LCEJW Fixes an issue where file names were changed when sending a mail message with a re-uploaded file from a sent message.
ANIA8GQFJEFixes intermittent Domino Server crash in HTTP with 'Crashes At Nlsccstr._lmbcstounicodewithoffsets' when trying to open a mail with iNotes. The...
KRAU9DTVF4Inserting inline images in iNotes does not preserve the image's original location and instead displays the image at the bottom of the...
THIO9MJST6Fixes issue where with IBM iNotes ActiveX enabled, an attachment in a mail disappears when the mail is saved. This is a regression in...
SJCE8B7L32Fixes perfomance issue with type ahead user name.


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