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Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
CCHE9ZYR4XFixed an issue when accepting a counter with a different time zone using the acceptCounter API reschedules the meeting for the wrong...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
RDSRAAWQ6UUpdated the time zone table for Libya, Chile and Georgia (Tbilisi)
FPAIA9PMCXC&S API calls (such as GetUnprocessedNotices) can end up setting the owner item on the calendarprofile to a server name. This happens if the...
FPAIA9WNDP A calendar meeting invitation was sent to an invitee who uses Notes/Domino
The invitation was sent with an application/ms-tnef MIME part (as opposed...
GKLAA82MMUFixed an issue where different messages are displayed depending on whether the room/resource is nonexistent or restricted.
NKEYA6ZCM4Disabled the "Skip Name" button for a restricted room or resource.
NRBYAB7LS4Fix an issue where as a meeting organizer using IMSMO (or the Notes/Domino calendar APIs) to update non-time details for a repeating meeting series,...
YJSI9TC43MUpdated the iNotes time zone table for Libya, Chile and Georgia (Tbilisi).
Hide details for ClientClient
ASAO9QK5Q2iNotes: Fixed an issue where meetings cannot be rescheduled if they contain an entry in the Rooms or Resources field that are not in the Rooms and...
TOGA9Q3GG5Fix a message display issue in IE
TMDS8U5R2KFixed a Notes Client delays issue when copying/pasting From IE Using A Proxy Server
NNAI8WK737When performing a copy and paste in a view (vs. with the document open) in a database where the user didn't have replicate/copy access, pasting...
SFIK86WR26Fixed an issue where launched programs do not get focus
SSSS9GACRKAllow "Advanced Menus" option to be controlled via Policy. This fix requires server-side template changes for names.nsf as given in Technote...
MPAEAB58UTFixed an issue where clients saw the error "No Sitemap Found" error on Windows.
PSWYA8QKU8Fixed an issue where the combo box items on Linux were ignored when changes were done with a cursor.
TOGA9ZSC3BFixed an issue when copying and pasting a DB title containing brackets.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
YGAOA3FJ8CFixed an issue where a user was not able to open documents after searching "All Mail And Archives"
Hide details for Common Inbox FrameworkCommon Inbox Framework
AYAVA6YLUHFix added to scale PIM Inbox icons in high resolution mode.
SSSS9BE4H3Fixed issue where unread marks were not displayed when categories were collapsed.
RCCYA2DME6Fixed focus switching issue while working with mails.
Hide details for CompactCompact
ANIA7SAHV4Continue processing compact operations on a list of databases in an indirect file even if one of the files triggers an error. Prior to this fix,...
FABN9WMMW9Addressed a potential Domino server hang condition caused by a deadlock between compact and update tasks.
JMDK9S6A9HFix issue causing "Database is currently in use by you or another user" when notes.ini variable MIMECheckGroupOnServerConfigEnable=1 is...


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