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BRGDA7PAXECCM Fixes for 901FP9 in the Mail Template
MLAT9J9QSRUpdated the Mail Template Change for CCM Connector for Notes
BLEE9P9K9JUpdate the template for CCM changes for action button for the Mac OS
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CSYL9P8N6VFixed an issue where users are unable to import an *.ics file while the Notes Client running
MLEYAK4FQAFixed an issue with the IMSMO Client where the Swedish characters do not display correctly after opening a truncated mail
KJEG9QLRHXFixed random Notes Client crashes on Citrix
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
CSMHAG9M5KFixed numerous display issues with Notes client on 4k Hi-Res (High Resolution/High Definition) displays.
JBGMANFB58Fixed an issue where a specific font will not allow the Notes Client to startup
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BYAGAMM4G8Fixed a misc. server crash when using a third party backup software.
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SWAS96DSGGFixed concurrency issues between NIF & NSF on high usage shared databases. To realize this fix, databases must be ODS52 and Transaction...
TOCL9CKHN2Enhance error message to have a better DB identification to be included in DbUpdateAllUnreadTables error message "Error on Update All unread tables -...
GHAN9TLRHLAdded a Domino Server Console Command Line to list unencrypted databases only, using 'show dir -unenconly'
SWASAKELQ8Fix a performance issue where when NIF/NSF is enabled on a database, the read time (returning more than a single entry) of views is up to 2 times the...
KBRNAGMQG6Fixed a concurrency issue in soft delete than can cause a crash
MHAN987HQWFixed a memmove crash in IMAP thread when converting CD to MIME
JXBIAGSC4KFixed an issue for when the database is approaching it's quota the mail get lost and DAOS count/size increased unexpectedly (for an IMAP and DAOS...
JXBIA8SHJPFixed an issue where the Database DAOS count is incorrectly increased when a database is over quota and the message is not delivered
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KKOOALD8DNFixed an issue in the Japanese mail template where in the action menu of a draft view, the folder is duplicated.
SSSS9DT8WUFixed errors that are seen during the Design Task because the design tempalate is not seen (Japanese Only)
IISA9F36GXFix an issue where the "Owner Actions" in "To Do" form is separated into two parts (Japanese Only).
SRKM9XQMDDFixed an intermittent error "Save Failed, Cannot Save With Syntax Error" while saving Java Script.
RGAUA4SHWEFix a Domino Designer crash when the option "Use Binary Dxl For Source Control Operations" is unchecked.
RGAUAMFPU4Fix an issue in the Domino Designer where umlauts are scrambled.when opening a server side JavaScript Library, then pressing CTRL + Z...
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