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HSPR9DKAATFixed a potential Domino Server crash in database code PANIC: OSVBlockAddr: Bad VBlock handle.
JEKY5ARNPASoft deletions are now maintained when creating a new replica. This fix is off by default and can be enabled with the new ini REPL_SOFT_DELETES. To...
DCOE7X7L3WCorrected an issue that would show an incorrect warning that would not go away after running Fixup. The message was, WARNING: Residual form bucket...
MIAS99HP2SFixed a potential Domino Server hang that could occur with databases that were < ODS 51. This would result in a message WAITING FOR WRITE LOCK ON...
MNAO8DELK8Fixed an issue where DAOS Attachments are only listed once in daosmgr calls.
CSCT962QBGFixes an issue where if dbmt issues a drop of the database prior to the compact. and the case doesn't match the file name or the wrong slashes for...
PMAO9C6R9GAdds the ability to validate NLO files in DAOS repository. See technote 1673931. This is a companion fix for , GFAL9AKKJZ and...
JMANAS8HZPFix various crashes involving lock mgr when IMAP is enabled on the database. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1FP9.
YYYY9BN6KKFixed a potential Notes crash opening a database with a mismatched database header flag. i.e. feature flagged as enabled when database is not enabled...
DCKTAYTPVWFixed a problem hwere DAOS Link files weren't being handled correctly which was causing DAOS to go out of sync when a compact was...
SRIO7UTHXLFix crash in logasio (0x200F2010) due to large number of .TXNs needing to be archived
KMUR7HNKAHFixes Domino Server crash on imap task with PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (7B0000) when there are a large set of documents to...
WWHN972KZRFixes Domino Server crash with Panic: Semaphore Invalid Or Not Allocated After Recovery Manager: Log File Is Full.
KHAN8L8W59Fixes issue that could result in a new profile document getting created in a user mail file with the server name as the owner. This would occur...
PALT8WXPLQ Fixes an issue in functon NSFItemConvertValueToText that would return the length up until NULL and not the entire length. if a NULL character was...
JPAI9BLR63Fixes issue where running multiple processes while fixup is running may block processes not working on the database being fixed up and may result in...
PMAO9DDJEBFixes Domino Server perfomance issue when running DAOS prune with a large backlog.
JPAI9BTGERFixes a rare issue when compacting very small databases which results in missing UNKs and database corruption.
JPAI9F2LZ9DBMT, when using an indirect file .IND, would not recognize a filename in the .IND that did not have an .NSF extention. This addresses the problem...
ZKUN9EBJW5Fixes semaphore error messages received on server start, after DOAS is started.
JPAI9G7NP2Fixes issue where under certain DBMT run configurations, the updall processing was not happening because compacts of very large databases were taking...
YBJG9JAAZ5Fixes issue where document locking doesn't work when the group name is a substring of the user name that is doing the locking.
YDEN9JMJEMFixes issue where deletes fail when soft deletes are enabled & the trash is at the 32K limit due to Document has been deleted error.
FTZG7RL8E6Addressed a potential IBM i Domino server crash in joblog raise from procedure CvrtToEbcdic in module PRINT_A.
GFAL9AKKJZAdds ability to validate NLO files during resync, as well as utility to encrypt/decrypt/re-encrypt NLO files. See technote 1673931. This is a...
PMAO9LM3E8Adds ability to validate NLO files during resync, as well as utility to encrypt/decrypt/re-encrypt NLO files. See technote 1673931. This is a...
GFUR9N6LD4Fixes performance issue when running DBMT. This fix adds a new option to DBMT to skip unread update processing. To use: set new notes.ini variable...
YGAO9JUCVJFixes issue where the docuemnt lock is not releases for a protected field if the user has author access. This is a regression in...
TSOE8KCJCPFixes issue where Fixup does not repair corrupt database with UNID index problems. This is a regression in 8.5.1.


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