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Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
ADOS8NHLDKWhen using the Find Room or Find Resource capability, iNotes will now use the last selected site by default.
IFAY8T3BMQ Calendar view in Rooms & Reservation database displays a user name sometimes in the header area.
DCAL5UAUUP Add support for allowing a meeting invitee to invite other users to the meeting rather than delegating
TAIA9A52V5Fixes the 2AM data purge logic to no longer always expect a handle to a cluster database so that non-clustered R&R servers can now purge old entries...
CSYL9DG26XFixes issue where iCal PUBLISH events were not being converted properly by the Domino router. This conversion issue resulted in the inablity for the...
MBAS96UK4TFixes Domino Server crash when an invitee of a team calendar opens a team calendar meeting from within the invitee's calendar, and presses the...
ASAO9K5CRCiNotes - Removed the ability to create or reschedule an entry for greater than 24 hours or less than a minute, as this is not currently...
FPAI9TDLAKFixes issue where the default timezone in the Notes Client is incorrect when running on a Russian localized windows operating...
PFIE9P2P6AUpdating a single instance of a repeating all day meeting from Outlook results in updates not propagating to the attendee or to the chair's calendar...
XZHU9HJDEGFixes issue where if the Chair of a meeting updates a non-time field for the second time from Outlook, the invitee's meeting doesn't...
PFIE9NVKLA Fixes issue where after a meeting is delegated from Notes, the invitee can not accept the meeting from Outlook
DCON9GYK5Y Fixed the issue that a calendar entry is not displayed if the start date time of the entry is out of the date range of the calendar view after the...
JPAIAH9Q4BA mail server crash can occur when a user receives a meeting invitation from a Gmail user.
FPAI9MJRETFixed an issue where an Outlook meeting changes its recurrence settings, and Notes does not change the duration of the meeting.
BKANA9CVLFRecent improvments to the compatibilty mode in Notes result in a large number of responses being sent back to a non-Notes chair. Depending on the...
Show details for CD to MIME ConversionCD to MIME Conversion
Show details for ClientClient
Show details for Client UIClient UI
Show details for CompactCompact
Show details for ContactsContacts
Show details for Core ServicesCore Services
Show details for CSICSI
Show details for CSI ViewpartCSI Viewpart
Show details for DaosDaos
Show details for DatabaseDatabase
Show details for Database Transaction Logging/RecoveryDatabase Transaction Logging/Recovery
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Show details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
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