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Hide details for 10.010.0
Hide details for AccessibilityAccessibility
WLWL9GNC2RFixes issue when in iNotes accessibly when the rich text editor does not load when opening a new message or meeting form.
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
JCDS9LWQACFixed a problem where, when using REGNewPerson, ShortName is broken when it comes to creating the internet address -specifically for Policy...
Hide details for Agent ManagerAgent Manager
JCHS9DDUDKFixed a server crash on amgr when the lsxodbc is initializing
SRKM9FNNET Fixed a crash in a LotusScript agent running on 9.0.x 64-bit Domino server, where the nsd crash stack showed "LSsInstance::LitDup" as the failure...
Hide details for AgentsAgents
PJONAU8KP5Fixed an agent crash when calling FullTrim in LotusScript on 64-bit Domino.
Hide details for APIAPI
RGAU9CYNVBFixes issue where EML files written by the Notes C-api, Mimeconvertcdparts and Mimestreamopen, show wrong time when opened in the Notes...
Hide details for Applet componentApplet component
SODY9FFEYEFixes an issue with the Domino editor applet that prevents it from working in browsers that are running JVM 1.7u51 and higher.
Hide details for Application PropertiesApplication Properties
IISA9KQF7KFixes issue where changes made to the Allow Domino Data Service with a Notes Client that is pre 8.5.3 are not maintained. This is a companion fix to...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
TYITA548NJFixed an issue in iNotes related to auto-save that would lead to either duplicate attachments or multiple attachments beginning with ATTxxx in the...
LNGN9WBQ5PInternet Explorer specific : Unable To Download .Xls/.Xlsx File On IE 11
SDOY8SSNU7Fixes iNotes issue with Windows 7 or Windows 8 where Send File as Attachment doesn't work when using language choice of French. This is a regression...
KWAE9DZ582SPR# KWAE9DZ582 -Fixes a problem where the correct attachment is not opened if multiple same name files are attached to a mail and they have not been...
HOKA9BP794Fixes issue where an attachment is duplicated in a mail if it is edited on IE with iNotes ActiveX file attachment utility. This is a companion fix...
THIO9BU85QFixes problem where a file attached and then deleted from a mail is not removed and the file name is changed after existing file is removed and same...
Hide details for AudioVideoAudioVideo
TMDS952QD5Fixed a problem where Notes Client would crash when logging into Sametime if the audio device driver was inoperable.
Hide details for Browser Cache ManagementBrowser Cache Management
PPET9J3H9XFixes Internet Explorer crash caused by interaction with dwabho.dll, used for Browser Cache Management.
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
ASAO9MG929Notes web: Fixed an intermittent issue that recipients received an error when doing "Accept" or "Tentative Accept" on a specific meeting...
ASAO9L8H3TFixed an issue where schedule information was available for users who had recently set "No one can see your schedule information."


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