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Hide details for AlarmAlarm
JKEYB7MMCWiNotes - Fix problem that some of the alarm notifications don't appear if the user doesn't close the previous notification and multiple alarms are...
JKEYB7MM59iNotes - Fix problem that snoozed alarm notification doesn't appear at the expected time if multiple alarms with same alarm time are continuously...
Hide details for AppDevAppDev
JCUSB8HMLEDQL - Fixed a problem where DQL query terms that begin with single quote and many that have embedded quotes weren't handled...
JCUSB83QUFDQL: Fixed a problem where running updall -e against a database with a default view defined (no selection criteria, no columns) would fail to run. ...
JCUSBA8HVPDQL - Fixed a crash when doing load domquery -? command. Help text will now be output.
JCUSB97QL5DQL: Fixed a problem where precedence order of terms was not being honored. ANDs are now applied before the ORs.
JCUSB9DQEEDQL: Fixed a problem where an IN clause following an OR or an AND would result in a compile error.
JCUSBBWNL9DQL: DQL queries with datetime substitution variables from the domino-db Javascript API can now use substitution values within the @dt construct,...
JCUSBA7LMWDQL: Fixed a problem where time-only comparisons were not working correctly. Example: TimeDateFixed = @dt('20:03:51.3900') will now find correct...
JCUSBBGNS6DQL: Fixed a problem where DQL syntax error messages cited bad view names when it was actually the column name that was erroneous (e.g....
SRSOB8MPTYDQL: The maxdoc parameter used to limit query processing will only count each NSF-scanned document once instead of once per query...
Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
CSAOBAU7NBFixes display issue of Japanese six day secondary calendar from Jan 6 2019 onwards
Hide details for CD to MIME ConversionCD to MIME Conversion
OABAB6VL65Fixed a potential rare CD to Mime conversion crash in RenderNoteEnum when routing a message over SMTP.
Hide details for ClientClient
TSAOB4GCDHAdded support for new Japanese Era Reiwa
RKHAB7TAFZFixed a problem where copy and paste of a Notes table containing doclinks resulted in the doclinks disappearing in a draft when using "Copy Selected...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SVROB65556When using grouped tabs, if a db is opened by restoring a tab, opening documents in the db opens a blank tab. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
RRENB97MT6Fixed a problem in the translate Mac client where the IBM Notes drop down menu was showing a mix of english and the translated language. This...
Hide details for CompactCompact
MNGAB89LXAFixed a Domino server crash that could occur during compact of a NIFNSF enabled db.
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
GRHEB8YG4KFixed a problem where compact -c -ZU and -ZD failed when attempting to recompress DAOS objects.
HPRHBA2FVPFixed a problem where the Domino server would crash with error Insufficient memory - NSF folder pool is full.
HYZGB6KA5SFixed a Domino Server crash in Router when deleting the existing database due to a concurrency issue between database delete and database...
SOKEB8YJARFixed an error where database open failed incorrectly complaining that a consistency check was required.


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