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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for CD to MIME ConversionCD to MIME Conversion
DADS7TQLV2Fixes Domino Server crash on nBes Crash during conversion when using the function call: ICConvertInlineFiles
Hide details for ClientClient
PESA6X6Q3UFixes issue when AD Sync is installed on a Windows 7 workstation, along with a full Notes client and Domino Admininstrator where if Active Directory...
HANA9MVK4KNotes Client Mac is now signed with version 2 signature
ADEE9UCDQ2Fixes issue that could result in duplicate INI parameters for cases where the notes ini exceeds 64 bytes
TOGA9Q3GG5Fix a message display issue in IE
MPAEAB58UTFixed an issue where clients saw the error "No Sitemap Found" error on Windows.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SAIAATXDA3Client - UI - Fixed an issue where the tab icons where displaying as red squares.
WHAM7ESERK Fixes issue where temporary attachment files from the system temp directory were not deleted when Notes was closed/restarted.  Additionally, an...
RHAN8CUMJEAdded a check to avoid a client crash when working or searching in the calendar.
ADC8R6A8XFixed an interermittent Notes client crash in CLSIDocument::RemoveHolderToNotify
SFBI96NRSQFixes intermittent Notes client crash when the Admin client is opened from within the Notes client
CSAA9FBEJXFixes issue where when moving an icon on the notes workspace to a new place, it doesn't stick to the new location, but moves to an unexpected...
TMDS97JVZ9Fixes an intermittent "Cannot create window (Insufficient Memory)" error that would appear in a user mail file.
TMDS9B9LSEFixes Notes Client crash when attempting to use the Print Preview feature in Group Calendars.
YLJA9J98NSFixes Notes Client crash on Mac when opening certain documents with embedded views. This is a regression in 9.0.
SKAI9G2EDPFixes databases not opening correctly when opened from Notes Broswer Plugin. As a result, the Notes Browser Plugin is left with a blank tab and or...
ADEE9KQBEWFixes Notes Client crash that occurs when the column text length is '0'.
SHEZ9DCEWPClient - Fixed issue where the 'All Mail and Archives' search did not work when sever based archived policy was in place.
CSMHAG9M5KFixed numerous display issues with Notes client on 4k Hi-Res (High Resolution/High Definition) displays.
YGAOANDKR5Client - Fixed an issue where drag and drop mails creates EML file in the workspace folder when program and data folders are on different...
Hide details for CompactCompact
RSTN9XDEZPFixed an issue where during an inplace compact error condition, the error message was displaying a numeric value instead of database...
MSKAARYPADIf the MT store daily compact does not appear to be reducing the size of the database, set MTC_ENABLE_DAILY_PURGE=1 in the server's notes.ini. This...
PMGYAKWECAFix crashes involving nifnsf enabled databases following compact -c leaving the database in a bad state.
Hide details for ContactsContacts
CKUA9HA7Z4iNotes: Fixed ability for calendar only administrative assistant to pick a name from the executives contacts
RREN9WVHGQFixed an issue in Notes web local contacts, where a user might see a script error when trying to edit a very large group in Internet...


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