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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2)


Hide details for Roaming userRoaming user
MFGS9QSP57Fixed an issue with Roaming Settings not applying during the first launch of Notes
Hide details for SametimeSametime
MKINAHWW2PFixed a Server crash in iSecDoF
Hide details for SearchSearch
GMAA99RDMMRecipient Name search improvements
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
EPORAM7QV6[iNotes] Fixed a vulnerability with cross-site scripting
EPORALRQUE[iNotes] Fixed a vulnerability with cross-site scripting
PPUEAHRDF7Fixed a Security Vulnerability with zlib
TCLE997LVE[iNotes] Fixed a Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
SLODAMNDM4[iNotes] Fixed a Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
DWON9PYRHZSupport the OS Name mapping with Notes Federated Login
SKAIALJE9NFixed an IBM Domino server IMAP EXAMINE command stack buffer overflow (CVE-2017-1274)
DKENA6RUGBPerformance improvement in SMIME processing
RPAI9Y8G4NCorrected an excessive logging of mismatched roll over certifier certificates during authentication
MSAIAC3558Fix an issue where SAML authentication for SmartCloud does not work after enablement of IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes.
PPUEAMNDJ4Fix a Denial of Service Vulnerability in IBM Domino (CVE-2017-7957)
JMAS9DPR9LFixed an issue where if the password reset API is handed a name in LDAP format which does not contain CN= as part of the name, there may be a...
MKINAKWSM6Fixed an issue regarding SAML with TFIM 2.0 IDP not working
GFALAN5G7JFix an issue with the Web Federated Login where users cannot use the ID in iNotes to read or send encryped and signed mail.
PPUEAJ6C3NFix a denial of service vulnerability in Notes
Hide details for ServerServer
MKINAJ8VB3Fixed an issue where the notes.ini TCPIP_ControllerTcpIpAddress is no longer ignored on Unix platforms.
CEBS9B9RWEFixed a Traveler shutdown issue where the shutdown is causing a hang which results in QOS kills.
NPEIALDEWWFixed an issue where the user can't setup offline in Verse On Premise due to the lack of domino secret key
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
DAGL9X6JNUFixed a Notes Client crash in Asyncreceivepoll where the session goes away and the session block is freed which causes the crash
Hide details for SMTPSMTP
TMIZ6T6EB6Fixed an issue where the Inbound SMTP Internet Site document is not working with a Language Pack (All langugages except Kazakh and...


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