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Hide details for PerformancePerformance
JPAIBMCNS2Server - Performance - Windows 2019 - Provided an INI (OS_DISABLE_CACHESET=1) to disable manipulation of Microsoft FSC due to performance issues on...
Hide details for POP3POP3
RKURBU6BP8 Server - Fixed a crash that occurred when fetching certain messages using POP3.
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
KMOAAC4AZUiNotes - Fixed an issue where an error would occur when trying to open Notes ID Info in Preferences if user's Notes ID was about to expire. This...
TSAOB8QFYGiNotes - Fixed an issue where some settings were not disabled in iNotes preferences even though they are locked down by the policy...
KMOABC57UCiNotes - Preferences - Fixed an issue where the Delete Notes ID and Export Notes ID buttons on iNotes preferences - Security tab were showing as...
LPEE8B2MQWiNotes - Calendaring - Fixed an issue where policy setting for "Keep me informed of meeting updates when I decline meetings" were not settable by...
KWAEBUSB4ZiNotes - Fixed an issue where Change Internet Password button didn't appear in iNotes preferences when there was a security policy...
HHIEBWAH3HiNotes - Fixed an issue where the OK and Cancel buttons are hidden on the Notes password dialog if user enters the wrong password...
HHIEBWBAFYiNotes - Fixed an issue on IE where Notes ID Info button in Preferences will not show correctly if incorrect password entered.
KKOOBN29UMiNotes - DJX - Fixed a problem that autoprocess of meetings did not work after resaving preferences
KKOOBTR5LYiNotes - Signatures - Fixed an issue where the font size of text in the mail signature would be unexpectedly changed
KMOABC2CACiNotes - Preferences - Fixed an issue where Notes ID Info dialog was not working correctly if Notes ID password was different from internet...
Hide details for Rich Text EditorRich Text Editor
ASATBSCF5QiNotes - Fixed an issue where images pasted into new messages would disappear after auto save when using IE. This regression was introduced in...
MRATBRPAPTiNotes - Fixed an issue where user is unable to insert an image into new mail using "Insert Image" option in iNotes with Internet explore 11. This...
KKOOBTCBEJiNotes - Fixed an issue where a space was being added to a line break in plain text signatures.
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
SSARBTRH9TServer - Archived users in the ID Vault who already have a ~ prepended to their name due to consecutive bad passwords will no longer have an extra ~...
KMOABVB9P3iNotes - Fixed an issue where a delegate could not open a mail signed with an S/MIME signature.
DKENBXPMNQClient - Fixed an issue where Notes ID vault downloads and synchronization were failing if server failover was involved. This regression was...
JPAIBYWLANiNotes - Fixed an issue where debug output was output when it shouldn't have been - warning about "GetSAMLNotesID(): username=<CN=...> NOT...
NVENBXTSXZServer - Fixed some SAML logging not controlled by Notes.ini.
Hide details for ServerServer
MSAIA8Y989iNotes - Fixed an iNotes web issue where a user was unable to download a file with a DBCS name plus additional symbol and numeric...
DVDI9XS9RCServer - Fixed a crash that could occur in BPoolAutoDeleteDestructor function.
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
ATHNBXVH7ZClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where nsd would not contain callstacks if username was too long.


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