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Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
SRAAC2YAL5iNotes - Fixed an issue where iNotes server would sometimes hang with message "Database server task exited: Insufficient memory - server executive...
HHIEBZLBRFiNotes - Verse logout - Fixed an issue where Verse users were being redirected to iNotes page as default after the logout on Verse is clicked. Now...
KWAEC7CAW9iNotes - Fixed a problem where subject field would get taller than one line when user typed in one character in To Do and Notebook form with Firefox...
STAACAC95WiNotes - Fixed an issue where some buttons on the Import Holidays dialog box appeared as corrupted in some UI languages on Chrome and...
KWAECBQ35XiNotes - Fixed an issue where the caption of the Cancel button was truncated on the Folder dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECBR4YUiNotes - Fixed an issue where unexpected scroll bars appeared on the Create Folder dialog box opened from Phone Message form if there are many...
KWAECBUA4XiNotes - Fixed an issue where a very long custom warning message for certificate expiration and password expiration was not correctly...
KWAECBUBG4iNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and input field were overlapped on the password expiration dialog box in some language settings on Firefox,...
KWAECBX4M5iNotes - Fixed an issue where the title of the Edit Status Message - In a meeting dialog box was folded in some language setting.
KWAECBYBZMiNotes - Fixed an issue where the description on Deleting Calendar or To Do Entries dialog box didn't contain sufficient space in some language...
STAACD67ZGiNotes - Fixed a issue where attachment icon on action bar wasn't working.
SGHHCDABAZ iNotes - Fixed an issue where a cross origin exception would occur when another user's mail file on another server was opened as delegate and the...
Hide details for Name PickerName Picker
MNIAC6EAGCiNotes - Name picker - Fixed a problem where the select addresses dialog box became corrupted if the primary or secondary directory's title contained...
FPAIC55QZKiNotes - Fixed a problem where a group having the same name as another user could not be expanded
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
CIMECAR7LBiNotes - Fixed an issue where importing Holidays using the Import Holiday button in the Calendar preference tab shows "undefined"...
Hide details for Rich Text EditorRich Text Editor
HGARC4WDM2iNotes - Editor - Fixed a problem where the default font size was not being applied correctly
THIOC6WE68iNotes - Fixed a problem where the cursor was not set or was set to incorrect position in the editor when replying with history on Chrome or...
Hide details for SearchSearch
JBUDC36HZXServer - Search - Fixed a performance issue with full text indexing involving databases with a large number of attachments.
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
RDRAC9KS2PServer - Fixed server memory leak that could occur after enabling Single Sign on.
EPORCCJNGQMultiple Open Source vulnerabilities in the OpenSSL library affect HCL Domino and Notes (Domino KB0106874, Notes KB0106803)
Hide details for ServerServer
VGAECCXDT7HCL Domino is susceptible to multiple Dojo vulnerabilities. See KB0109950.
Hide details for To DoTo Do
KWAECBQ9KQiNotes - Fixed an issue where the captions of the radio buttons on the Changing Repeating Entry dialog box displayed by group ToDo operation were...


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