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NBFOBGH67TFixed a Notes client crash when opening a MIME email due to leading white spaces in an image URL in the MIME email body.
MAVAB9CQ6B Fixed an issue where action button was not visible when mouse hovers over the button. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
PALTB75LHKFixed a problem in the Notes client where Action Hotspots tied to an image generate an Entry not found in Index error. This regression was...
ASHEBKKKVDiNotes - Fixed a problem where Layers in a from were not being rendered properly in browsers. This regression was introduced in...
KKOOBLB85MiNotes - Fixed an issue where the line breaks become paragraphs when copying and editing the mail via Traveler.
SAIABJWCFSFixed the issue to show information on Notes status bar of the file being exported as a PDF document.
JPKRBKBW4Y Client - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to highlight Hebrew text in a table from within Notes documents that were in edit mode via the use...
SSARBM84RJFixed an issue of an incorrect display of the hotspot button (table) in the body of an HTML email via 2 INI's ENABLE_EE=1,...
Hide details for Formula/@FunctionsFormula/@Functions
ASHEBKPEBEYou can now use the ini AllowWildcardLookup=1 on the client and it will not hang and any circumstance
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
JBUDBKTS97Introduced ENABLE_NEW_FTLEXWORD_HANDLING ini to toggle lexical word handling. DISABLE_ATTACHMENT_SEARCH_BY_FILENAMES no longer affects the lexical...
Hide details for GeneralGeneral
VGAEBJ999GClient - Fixed multiple Open Source vulnerabilities in multiple components in HCL Notes - See KB0085481
Hide details for General/MiscGeneral/Misc
IFBTBJP637Designer - Fixed an issue where hovering over a tab title was not showing the tooltip with details about the design element like db name, server /...
Hide details for Help FacilityHelp Facility
ARUIBKFNUSDesigner - Fixed the Designer Help menu Resources links
Hide details for HTTPHTTP
PKURBLAMMWDomcfg database - Fixed an issue where Domcfg database gave error mapping handling (General errors) for a few sites. This was due to a limitation of...
Hide details for HTTP ServerHTTP Server
ASHEBK9BZFFixed an issue with Web Site Rules where a content-disposition custom header with value of inline was being working correctly (value of inline was...
PKURBLBDGFFixed an issue where the Domino server shows warnings when starting HTTP server when the OS locale is set to Latvian. The warnings are harmless and...
Hide details for IBM TemplateIBM Template
HHIEBJAAUUiNotes - Fixed a problem where login mode option for HCL Verse does not work on IE11.
Hide details for iCaliCal
RCCYBBQMRJNotes - iCalendar - Fixed an issue with calendaring interoperability with non-Domino platforms using iCalendar can be "noisy" when adding non-Domino...
Hide details for IEI/LEIIEI/LEI
CPAP9ZLR8UHEI - Fixed an issue where timestamp replication was not working on Linux


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