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Hide details for Data ConnectionData Connection
ARANBGSN7QDesigner - Fixed a problem with Data Connection Shared Resources where Isolation level was not being set, causing the feature to...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
JMANBHNKQMIf Cluster Symmetry (Repair) is enabled, when a person was deleted via the Delete Person dialog in the Admin client with the option "Delete mail...
CDUTBLARPLFixed an issue in Verse and iNotes where re-authentication was broken when deletion logging was enabled on a mail database. This regression was...
HPRHBLBDJQFixed a Server Panic issue
SPPPBCLCX6Fixed a crash that occurred when deletion logging was enabled under certain circumstances
CSAHBJGQHPFixes some deadlocks during the trash cleanup of documents contain file attachments stored in DAOS.
BSPRBK5NP8DAOS - Improved error messages being logged to console for DAOS Tier 2 errors. Prior to this fix a generic message "DAOS Tier 2 storage services are...
DANOBKPSFCDAOS - Fixed a bug where DAOS resync could fail to report errors from scanning .nlo files in the local filesystem (Tier 1)
MIAS899T5UFixed an issue with "insufficient memory - database list pool is full" when many databases are on the server.
MWVOBLVQW8repaircleanup tool has been renamed rprcleanup on all platforms to fix a start up error - Repaircleanup.pgm for IBM i
Hide details for Database Transaction Logging/RecoveryDatabase Transaction Logging/Recovery
RJTOBM6SRSServer - Fixed an issue where the log file gets full due to an agent doing stampnotes.
Hide details for DECSDECS
SSHEBGSHJUFixed a server crash that would sometimes occur when creating a file connector in DECS or HEI. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for DesignerDesigner
AGUDBEDK7RDesigner - Fixed a problem where opening Domino Designer after Notes had been auto updated would result in a crash. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNBHQNXJThe server will no longer crash when certain SSL failures happen with Directory Assistance LDAP connections
MDLSBHHKDV Memory leak fixed for Directory Catalog task.
JBUDBHMT89 Dirsync will now successfully remove documents as configuration options change, such as filter definition.
MOBNBHQQUH You can now register Active Directories on other secondary address books and non Admin servers
MOBNBHUHCHRunning Dirsync in "test" mode now removes the "resync" request document once completed
MOBNBHUHGD If the database name is empty in a Dirsync config document, the task will now continue to process other documents
MOBNBJ2QZM Dirsync will now remove attributes like MiddleName if they have been removed in Active Directory
MDLSBJ3UJF If Dirsync is configured not to sync "contacts" then it will now sync all fields except internetaddress for the registered users
MDLSBJ6PXJ You can now have multiple Directory Assistance documents with the same LDAP host name for multiple Dirsync docs configured for same Active Directory...
MDLSBJGMFN Dirsync now reports the skip count in stats and summary lines
MOBNBL9R2P If you change the Dirsync option to NOT sync contacts, they will not be removed if you have already synced them


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