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Hide details for EditorEditor
AKURBPAFZJClient - Citrix Workspace on iOS - Fixed an issue where client would crash when accessing Notes through Citrix Workspace on iOS and trying to send...
NNAIBPT6TGiNotes - Fixed an issue where hitting enter on a blank line would not create the extra line break but would just insert "<p>".
NNAIBPD5BViNotes - Fixed an issue where hitting enter within a bold blank line would not create an extra line break but would instead insert...
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
SHJRBCGEX4Server - Full text indexing of attachments - Introduced an INI - TIKA_FORCE_PDF_SORT=1 to work around an issue where full text index attachment...
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
MOBNBQ6J2AServer - Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when indexing a document with attachments but with the option set to not index...
MOBNBLVNPE Server - iSeries - Fixed intermittent crash when full text indexing involving MIME documents, likely due to memory overwrite.
Hide details for HTTPHTTP
MKENBN7K93Domino - HTTP server - Fixed an issue where the HTTP server was returning error 500 instead of a Login page
PCHNBPWG73Domino - Fixed an issue where some user names with international characters were not translated from LMBCS to UTF8 in the http access log...
Hide details for HTTP ServerHTTP Server
CTOEBP4JVCServer - Fixed a problem where a user's Profile was being created with CN=... components after their name when the HTTP Sessions setting for Session...
SPPPBMDGUFDomino - HTTP server - Classic Web Applications may no longer work because of the X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff http header that is always included...
EPORBQWPAKFixed an issue where HCL Domino was susceptible to a Login CSRF vulnerability (CVE-2020-4127) - See KB0085409
Hide details for ID VaultID Vault
RPAIBN3NMNFixed an issue where archiving of a user in IDVault after multiple days of password mismatch was sometimes causing the archived name to change...
Hide details for ImportImport
RKHABPHDV9Notes - Excel Import - Fixed an issue where after import & view operations some properties were missing like Text color, hyperlink, underline,...
Hide details for InfoboxInfobox
SBLEBN2HGNClient - Fixed an issue where certain infobox fields would result in a crash when clicking on the dropdown list of choices - section border styles...
Hide details for JavaJava
ARUIBNGGLPServer - Fixed multiple Java SDK and Java Runtime vulnerabilities - See KB0084794
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
VRARBM4H2VLotusScript - Fixed a crash in NoteJSONElement that could occur when setting its value.
Hide details for LDAP ServerLDAP Server
JPAI8EYGXJServer - LDAP - Fixed an SSL semaphore hang on semaphore 0x2B1F involving Directory Assistance.
Hide details for LoginLogin
CRPOBPDAYFiNotes - Fixed an issue where the login form would show a Submit button in addition to the Login button when using Session based authentication. ...


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