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Hide details for InfoboxInfobox
SBLEBN2HGNClient - Fixed an issue where certain infobox fields would result in a crash when clicking on the dropdown list of choices - section border styles...
Hide details for JavaJava
ARUIBNGGLPServer - Fixed multiple Java SDK and Java Runtime vulnerabilities - See KB0084794
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
VRARBM4H2VLotusScript - Fixed a crash in NoteJSONElement that could occur when setting its value.
Hide details for LDAP ServerLDAP Server
JPAI8EYGXJServer - LDAP - Fixed an SSL semaphore hang on semaphore 0x2B1F involving Directory Assistance.
Hide details for LoginLogin
CRPOBPDAYFiNotes - Fixed an issue where the login form would show a Submit button in addition to the Login button when using Session based authentication. ...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
JPMS8T4QNLLotusScript - Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during navigation of a DocumentCollection.
TSAOBLXCQLLotusScript - Fixed an issue with RichTextRange.FindAndReplace where data was incorrectly being removed when calling...
TSAOBN4FWBLotusScript - Fixed an issue where text in a table cell was being removed incorrectly under certain conditions when using...
PJONBPBUCQLotusScript - Fixed an issue where NotesHTTPRequest.SetHeaderField was not accepting long string values for headervalue parameter
JCORBQPQFHLotusScript - Fixed an issue in CreateJSONNavigator function where some multi-byte characters were not being correctly handled. Also fixed an issue...
PSHEBMRFE7LotusScript - Fixed an issue with NotesJSONNavigator class GetElementByPointer method where some multi-bype strings were getting truncated. This...
Hide details for MailMail
DLIMBMMNSLNotes - Fixed an issue where Notes client was crashing on a specific mime mail.
SKUEBJBE9YMail - Fixed an issue where contacts that were saved by a delegated user would not be visible to the user after saving. This regression was...
PDARBQXF7WClient - Mac Catalina - Fixed an issue where user was not able to add a gmail calendar - would get a security dialog box. This regression was...
FPAIBLYKGNiNotes - Fixed an issue where meeting attendee received a duplicate invitation when the chair added an optional attendee to a signed and encrypted...
ASATBNEH4FiNotes - Fixed an issue where incorrect error message displayed when navigating to a mail message that had been deleted from another client. Now,...
FPAIBQFK2SiNotes - Fixed an issue where an attendee who was removed from an encrypted meeting did not receive the uninvite notice. This regression was...
ARUIBPMLYBClient - Fixed an issue where HCL Notes was susceptible to a Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2020-4097) - See KB0084796
Hide details for Networking & DialupNetworking & Dialup
MPDSBQLDM4Client - Fixed an error where switching VPNs would result in an error message "Notes Port Driver unavailable" due to IPV6 network related messages...
Hide details for Notes Single LogonNotes Single Logon
SAHNBKVANNNotes - Notes Single Logon - fixed an issue where Notes Single Logon feature (SLO) was not working. This regression was introduced in...
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