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SRDECCLDDFClient - Mail Archiving - Fixed an issue where using a criteria name longer than 25 characters (non English) in Archive criteria could not be saved...
ANIAC43578iNotes - Fixed an issue where a received message that was copied by "Copy to Folder" was not showing in the "All Documents" view
STAAC2K9LNiNotes - Fixed an issue where editing a sent mail with attachments then resending it will create an additional FONT tag in the received...
VSENA4JQ82iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where double vertical scroll bars would be shown when viewing certain MIME messages in reading pane
TMAICAFCGMiNotes - Forward - Fixed an issue where forwarding multiple messages to a user whose email address has a '>' at the end will result in the '>' being...
KWAECBPC3KiNotes - Fixed an issue where date picker was truncated on the Follow Up dialog box opened on Phone message form in some language...
KWAECBR8CPiNotes - Fixed an issue where text and elements were overlapped on the Create Folder dialog box in some language settings on Firefox, Chrome, and...
KWAECBRAXViNotes - Fixed an issue where the height of Confirm dialog box used to save a sent copy was too small and there was not sufficient space between the...
KWAECBUCF3iNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons were being truncated on return receipt confirmation dialog box in some language settings on Chrome and...
KWAECBV4GEiNotes - Fixed an issue where the select box and buttons wer overlapped on the Choose spell check dictionary dialog box in some language settings on...
KWAECBV6AHiNotes - Fixed an issue where the input field and buttons were overlapped on the Starts with dialog box in some language settings on Chrome and...
KWAECBVA4BiNotes - Fixed an issue where the element at the bottom of Mail Encryption Failure dialog box was truncated in some language settings on Chrome and...
KWAECBVALLiNotes - Fixed an issue where the button on the password required dialog box was truncated in some language settings on Edge
TKAACD68TTiNotes - Fixed a problem where the lower part of the string "No conversation history" was missing
RRENBFEKMAClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where some MIME emails were showing incorrect rendering of html content. The text would overlap making it...
SVAIBWAJE2Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where an HTML button's background color would not display in an email.
KMOACCCDGFiNotes - Fixed an issue with incorrect error message "Bad content-type" showing on status bar
TSAOCDL38AiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue with Phone Messages Add sender to Contacts action where a warning dialog about "entry is already in your Contacts" was...
KWAECEQ4WEiNotes - Fixed an issue where the prompt message format selection dialog box for phone message form showed folded radio button captions in some...
KWAECES5PUiNotes - Fixed an issue where the new mail notification window showed unexpected vertical scroll bar and truncated buttons when notes.ini setting...
KWAECFV738iNotes - Fixed an issue where the contents of the Delivery Options dialog box appeared as corrupted on Chrome and Edge on Japanese...


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