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Hide details for StartupStartup
AYAVCGNCEMMac - Startup - Fixed an issue on MacOS Ventura where Notes would crash during startup when displaying the password prompt.
Hide details for To DoTo Do
KWAECBQ9KQiNotes - Fixed an issue where the captions of the radio buttons on the Changing Repeating Entry dialog box displayed by group ToDo operation were...
KWAECBQ9Z5iNotes - Fixed an issue where the date picker on the Reschedule dialog of group ToDo was truncated in some language settings.
KWAECBQB6FiNotes - Fixed an issue where unexpected scroll bars would appear on the deletion confirmation dialog box for the group ToDo assignment...
KWAECD345YiNotes - Fixed an issue where the title of the Repeating Entries dialog box from group ToDo were folded in some language settings.
KWAECD34LYiNotes - Fixed an issue where unexpected scroll bars appeared on the reschedule dialog box of group ToDo in Arabic or Hebrew language...
KWAECEQ8JHiNotes - Fixed an issue where an unexpected vertical scroll bar was appearing on the propose new time dialog box for group ToDo when date picker was...
KWAECER8W4iNotes - Fixed an issue where the title of the Repeating Entries dialog box for group ToDo was folded in some iNotes UI languages.
KWAECER948iNotes - Fixed an issue where the radio button captions were folded on the Changing Repeating Entry dialog box for group ToDo in some iNotes UI...
KWAECEW5L5iNotes - Fixed an error where no warning was being shown when DueDate was earlier than StartDate on the rescheduling todo dialog
KWAECEW5Y4iNotes - Fixed an issue where the warning dialog could not be closed on the rescheduling ToDo dialog
Hide details for View IndexView Index
JCUSCDHQH4Server - View indexing - Added a log message when using DEBUG_SORTED_REBUILD_FAILED=1 to log the transition in view building to the...
Hide details for ViewsViews
JPKRCEWNVY Server - Views - Fixed an issue where NIFLocateNote operation against a permuted view would time out with error Operation time limit exceeded. This...
Hide details for Web NavigatorWeb Navigator
HNAKBZDPT3 Client - Basic- Fixed an issue in the Basic Notes client where clicking on a url or hotsport for a file or folder will open the url in MS Edge...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
ASHECCY97EDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where opening an XPage with a view or folder control on it would throw an exception...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
EMUZCCTJGF Programmability - XPages - Fixed an issue where images that had double quotes around src=cid component are not displayed.
EPORC23S46HCL Domino & Notes XPages is susceptible to multiple Dojo vulnerabilities
(CVE-2020-5258, CVE-2018-15494). See KB0109956 (Notes),...
Hide details for 11.0.1 FP511.0.1 FP5
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
KKOOC8K9EYServer - Fixed a crash that could occur in adminp during "Rename In Shared Agent" request in admin4.nsf, This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for APIAPI
WDCABHFPYMFixed a problem where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
Show details for AttachmentsAttachments


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