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Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
MOBNCJETFXServer - Fixed an issue where full text indexing could crash with handle out of range when indexing an encrypted MIME document
JBUDCK7TEEClient and Server - Full Text Indexing - Upgrade Tika to 2.x as 1.x is out of support
NNAICLEE5HServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where domain index searching failed to find attachments which were indexed using Brute Force. This...
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
MOBNCE5N54Server - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where FT indexing errors of 3351 would cause full rebuilds.
MOBNCGWPWMServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where GTR error 223 would cause occasionally corruption rebuild of FT indexes
Hide details for GeneralGeneral
JPKRCNEN27Client - Mac - Fixed an issue where OS version check was incorrect and could cause memory leak on macOS Ventura.
Hide details for JVMJVM
MAVAC8EL8ZServer - Java Agents - Fixed an issue where running a java agent that utilizes icu4j.jar will result in the java agent throwing an error of "Invalid...
ASHECJ9GYKServer - JVM - icu4j.jar - Fixed an issue where icu4j.jar file was failing trying to parse JVM version if JVM version was a build number greater than...
Hide details for LaunchLaunch
HNAKCLP57FDesigner/Admin - Fixed an issue where Designer and Admin client cannot be started due to error "Notes is still running but not responding". ...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
MOBNCACU9QProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed a potential hang that could occur when using LotusScript method ANVNGetCount.
Hide details for MailMail
KSAUCD7PJHiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where an error message "A problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation to fail." appeared or an...
SKUECGBEX4Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where emails sent to Outlook recipients that contain numbered lists with blank lines results in misnumbering of the...
RBIP6C4LUZClient - Fixed an issue where trying to open Mail.box from Admin or Notes client failed when Notes.ini Mail_Enable_Mailbox_Compatibility=1 was...
Hide details for MIMEMIME
TSAOCHU3NHServer - Mail - MIME - Fixed an issue with incorrect handling of encoded phrases that were followed by an empty address field, <>. This regression...
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
SGHHCKXLG7 iNotes - Archive - Fixed an issue where there was no way to show the archive menu if hte archive policy to prohibit private archive was...
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
KSAUCH5LKGiNotes - Calendar - Delegation - Fixed an issue where trying to add a user with name containing "Anonymous" would result in failure of the delegation...
Hide details for SearchSearch
AYAVCG39J2Client - Search - Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when searching for a string that is contained within a large file.
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
RPAICHJHK2Server - Fixed an issue where the notes.ini SETUP_FIRST_SERVER_PUBLIC_KEY_WIDTH should be limited to 4096 for certifiers, 2048 for users and...


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